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30th-Apr-2016 11:28 am - One Step, Two Steps (Hyojung/Arin)
Title: One Step, Two Steps
Pairing: Hyojung/Arin
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, humor
Warning(s): all the high school cliches and tropes
Word Count: 8,669
Summary: From the moment Arin first laid eyes on Hyojung, she was besotted. The only problem is that Hyojung is a senior and Arin is a freshman. And a girl. (Alternately, Hyojung oozes perfection, Arin is persistent, and Seunghee is so done with it all. This is what she gets for hanging out with freshmen.)

Read on ao3.


Arin couldn"t wait to start high school, and she felt like with her good study habits, fresh school supplies, and a plan of action, she was fully prepared. But there were some things that she couldn"t have possibly foreseen- some things that were impossible to plan for.Collapse )

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