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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
Warmth in the City (JeTi) 
19th-Sep-2010 11:58 pm
Title: Warmth in the City
Parings: JeTi (Jessica/Tiffany)
Rating: PG
Genre(s): romance, fluff
Summary: Jessica ventures out at night for just one reason.

a/n: my first time writing for the SNSD fandom- i hope it came out alright!


Jessica tapped the heels of her boots against the sidewalk, waiting for the light to turn. It was chilly- colder than she’d expected- since the sun had gone down, taking it’s warmth with it. She pulled her black cotton jacket tighter around herself as she felt the strong breeze penetrate through her clothes and ruffle her hair, making the stray strands blow around her face. She immediately wished that she’d put on real pants instead of her leggings before going out.
    The light changed just as she heard the above-ground subway go by, loud as it roared over the metal tracks over the street, hastening her gait a bit as she crossed to the other side. Jessica clutched her bag tight against her body as she walked, knowing that she could never be too careful after dark, walking alone in the city.
Just the other night a homeless man had asked for money and when she’d politely refused, he bitched her out- his formerly genial demeanor changing almost instantaneously and making her almost dash across the street, eyes searching desperately for Yuri, who was late as usual, just so she’d have someone else with her. So tonight, she took no chances, keeping her head high and her steps purposeful, making sure not to stop or loiter for any reason.
As the soles for her boots clacked on the ground, she noticed the little sparkles in the sidewalk- pieces of recycled glass or quartz-like rocks mixed in with the cement- and she remembered the day that she’d found little crystal looking things in the rocks in their garden. She was probably only seven at the time and she’d thought that she had discovered diamonds in her own yard. She’d spent about an hour collecting the rocks with the biggest “diamonds” to show her mother, only to be crushed when her mother informed her that they weren’t really diamonds. Still though, she’d saved the rocks, hiding them in her closet for years- clinging to the hope that for once, her mother was wrong about something.
She remembered coming across them when she was maybe eleven and laughing at her naivety. She had no recollection of what she’d done with them though. She’d probably tossed them out along with her old toys since she was almost a teenager.
Somehow, the thought that she’d gotten rid of those rocks made her sad, though she obviously knew that they were worthless.
Jessica turned the corner and watched warily as two men walked down the sidewalk in her direction, talking and laughing together. She was fairly certain that they were harmless, but she couldn’t help but hold her purse against her, muscles taut until she had passed them. Though she could almost feel them turning to stare at her ass as she walked away. She grimaced. She knew that leggings were a bad idea.
The building was close now- the entrance not thirty feet away- and Jessica let out a sigh of relief, hating that the men on the street had the power to make her feel so nervous; so vulnerable. But the light spilling from the windows of the dorm building comforted her, pulling her forward until she was inside, out of the breeze and the dark.
She leaned against a wall, pulling her phone from her bag and sending a quick text, feeling the stares of the security guards on her. It was almost ridiculous how they were eyeing her- as if she could possibly be a threat. Though she supposed that her outfit- all black- was reason enough for them to be suspicious.
Sighing, she let her eyes wander around the lobby, watching the people milling about- groups of friends standing together and talking animatedly, a girl leaving an angry message for her roommate, people streaming in and out of the doors constantly. It was much busier than the smaller building that she lived in.
Jessica eyed the elevators, impatience simmering under skin. There was no reason to rush, really- she just was eager. Eager to see that bright and bubbly smile and hear the happy laughter that would emerge from the silver sliding doors soon. Hopefully.
Truthfully, she should have been in her own dorm room, at her desk, writing a paper that was due the next day. But somehow she found herself here- eavesdropping on a girl giving a ten minute long explanation of why she was wearing a hat out of boredom. The security guards had stopped watching her, but she still felt slightly awkward just standing there by herself.
When another three minutes had passed, Jessica pulled her phone out again and began texting. Maybe the first one hadn’t gone through. But she immediately closed her phone when the person she was waiting for spilled out of the elevator with ten other people. She barely noticed them though- her eyes that had been so busy people-watching now trained on just one particular person who was speed walking toward her; apologetic smile on her face.
“I’m so sorry! I saw the text and realized that you’d been waiting!”
“It’s okay, Tiffany” Jessica smiled, all of her annoyance about having to wait disintegrating with the other’s sincerity.
She followed the other girl past the security guards and back onto the elevator, her eyes glued to the smooth, chocolate brown hair in front of her.
“Dude! Are we doing it now or not?” a guy asked his friend as soon as the elevator doors closed. Jessica, who had been about to speak, closed her mouth- noticing that the other girl was now watching the two guys as well if only because they were so loud, there was pretty much no choice.
“I dunno!” the second guy answered, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking annoyed.
“Come on man!” the first, more obnoxious guy complained, “We have to do it now. I have things to do.”
“No you don’t.”
“Yes I do! I have to do…things!”
Jessica almost wanted to laugh at how idiotic the guy sounded, but she suppressed the urge, deciding that she didn’t want any part in this interaction. Unfortunately, even being quiet wasn’t enough.
“Hey! Tell him I have things to do!” the first guy addressed her, seemingly thinking that she’d want to help him for god knows what reason.
“Um…I wouldn’t know,” she said, trying to laugh it off and not seem like a bitch. But really.
Just then the elevator stopped and the second guy got out.
“Wait! Are we doing it now?” The second guy continued to walk away, prompting the first guy to hold the elevator doors open and continue to yell to him. Jessica rolled her eyes.
When the elevator finally arrived that the obnoxious guy’s floor, he turned and smiled at her as he got off.
“Thanks for helping me.”
The elevator doors closed.
“Was he being sarcastic? I definitely didn’t help him…”
“Ugh, he’s so annoying,” Tiffany groused, leading Jessica off the elevator when it got to her floor, “He talked to me in the elevator once too. It’s like he just tries it with any hot girl- as if they’re dying to talk to him.”
“Like it’d be a privilege,” Jessica joked, laughing and trying not to preen from Tiffany calling her hot.
Jessica followed Tiffany into her apartment, blinking from the darkness before the other girl flipped on a light. The next second, Tiffany was right in front of her pressing their lips together- the kiss sweet and comfortable.
“What was that for?” Jessica asked, unable to hold back a smile.
“I just missed you,” Tiffany playfully pouted before she grinned- eyes turning to slits and making her look even more irresistibly adorable. Jessica gently ran her fingers through Tiffany’s soft locks, humming as she lightly kissed the other girl, feeling her heart swell.
Now she remembered the reason why she’d left her dorm room on this chilly, autumn night- it was for the warmth that she was feeling right now.

sica leopard
20th-Sep-2010 05:00 am (UTC)
spot for ellie_eunnie but idk if she'll read this....
30th-Nov-2010 09:49 am (UTC)
I wasn't going to, really...but then I saw the spot and I was like..ehh, why not

and I'm glad I did..people need to get me out of SHINee fandom and into others (too)

I'm so late in commenting on this I don't even.../embarrassed...

As the soles for her boots clacked on the ground, she noticed the little sparkles in the sidewalk- pieces of recycled glass or quartz-like rocks mixed in with the cement- and she remembered the day that she’d found little crystal looking things in the rocks in their garden. She was probably only seven at the time and she’d thought that she had discovered diamonds in her own yard.
I donno why but I loved this..reminds me of childhood so much

ohh bby reading your fics makes me feel so nice...I love how you write
30th-Nov-2010 05:10 pm (UTC)
aw, i'm glad that you read it to!
and don't even worry about commenting late!
and your comments make me feel so nice! /hugs
thanks for reading and commenting! ♥
20th-Sep-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
OK, that was my first time with both fem-slash and snsd, but i LOVED IT!! What is it about you making me read all these new fandoms? Stop that.

/clings ILU

Slice-Of-Life fics are my in my top fave types!
20th-Sep-2010 05:36 am (UTC)
well that was my first time writing snsd, so it's fitting that it was your first time reading it. lol.
but i'm so glad that you liked it!! *clings*
especially since you don't read femslash or snsd.
and yeah, this was really slice-of-life-y since like half of it happened to me (not the dating Tiffany bit obviously XD just the walking around at night/obnoxious boys parts lol).
but i'm so glad that you enjoyed it!
thanks so much for reading and commenting! ♥
20th-Sep-2010 08:32 am (UTC) - I love it~
Dang. Such a sweet fluffy JeTi. <3
So simple but can feel the awesomeness.
It's your first writing SNSD...? Wow, thanks for giving it a try!
And thanks for making it JeTi. My OTP. Hehe. <3
I guess I gotta thanks ellie_eunnie or whoever that inspires you to write this. Haha.
20th-Sep-2010 01:44 pm (UTC) - Re: I love it~
thank you so much!
i'm glad that you liked it!
ngl, i love JeTi too, so i'll probably try my hand at another fic about them at some point :)
thanks for reading and commenting!
20th-Sep-2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
I guess papersanguine already said everything I wanted to say :)
I've already told you that I'm not into this, but I still couldn't resist reading and although I don't really like SNSD I found it somehow cute :3
And I loved the part about Jessica's childhood days when she found those 'diamonds' - I had exactly the same experience once :D! I love it when you add such details to your fanfictions...it makes them seem so realistic and...well, it makes the readers feel somehow closer to the persons in the stories, doesn't it? :3

Thanks so much <3 *huggles*

20th-Sep-2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
yay! i'm so happy that you read this and enjoyed it! *clings*
lol- the diamond story was autobiographical so i'm glad that i'm not the only one! haha.
i'm glad that you found it realistic!
thanks so much for reading and commenting! ♥
(Deleted comment)
13th-Oct-2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
thank you so much!
i'm glad that you liked it!
i'm very flattered :)
thanks for reading and commenting!
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