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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
Look In The Mirror (girl!JongKey) [2/?] 
3rd-Dec-2010 10:42 pm
Title: Look In The Mirror 2/?
Pairing: girl!JongKey (Junghee/Gwiboon)
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): humor, romance
Summary: Junghee and Gwiboon hate each other on principle yet they end up being partners for a school project. Catty comments and sarcasm ensue.
a/n: here's the next part. A Fine Line occurs immediately following this chapter, however, even though i said that this was a prequel, i think i want to keep writing it, so the next chapter will take place after A Fine Line. i hope that makes sense. enjoy!

Part 1/Part 2/


Junghee rapped on the door in front of her, wondering why she’d agreed to work on the project in Gwiboon’s apartment- it was all the way across campus from where she lived and why would she want to spend time in the other girl’s lair anyway? But it was too late to question her decision since, just then, the door opened.
“Come in,” Gwiboon said, stepping aside to allow Junghee to pass before she shut the door behind her, “My roommate isn’t here so we won’t be interrupted.” Junghee shrugged as though none of this pertained to her. Gwiboon rolled her eyes in annoyance.
The other girl was just wearing a t-shirt that looked like it was from elementary school from the way it rode up whenever she moved and a pair of sweatpants slung low on her hips- low enough to reveal the waistband of her underwear and the little red bow sewn there. Junghee swore that she was constantly just begging for people to leer at her. But still, the fact that she was just in sweats (while Junghee had worn her nicest pair of jeans and a sequined t-shirt so she wouldn’t lose face) immediately made her seem cooler since she didn’t even have to try. Junghee cursed her in her mind.
“My computer’s in my room,” Gwiboon announced.
Junghee followed the other girl into her bedroom, eyes widening at a) the amount of posters neatly arranged on the walls and b) how nicely decorated it still seemed. The bedding was grey, black, and white with a damask print on the comforter. Somehow, she’d managed to place little trinkets on empty surfaces without making the room seem cluttered. There was a black-painted wood chair pulled up next to the desk chair, apparently for her to sit in.
“Alright, I started putting the information into a slideshow on the computer,” Gwiboon said as she opened a file. Junghee slid into the seat next to her and tried to keep her eyes from wandering around the room too much, but she couldn’t help but peer into the floral mug next to the other girl, seeing it half-full with coffee.
“Oh, do you want some?” Gwiboon asked, noticing Junghee’s gaze, “I could make another pot…”
“N-no, it’s fine,” Junghee assured her, thrown off by the offer. Why was she being so nice?
“So what do you think?” Gwiboon inquired, gesturing toward the computer screen which displayed a number of slides.
“Good,” Junghee nodded, only barely glancing at the display.
“Hey,” Gwiboon scowled, “I chose you as a partner so you wouldn’t just let me do all of the work! At least look at it!”
“I did,” Junghee defended, not sure why she was lying, “And I’m not going to leave the whole project to you. I’m going to work on it. I’m here, aren’t I?”
“Fine,” Gwiboon rolled her eyes, returning her gaze to the computer screen, “But you better or else I’m going to have to grope you or something.”
What?” Junghee gasped, feeling a jolt go through her stomach as her face flushed.
“Because you said that you chose me so you would avoid getting stuck with someone who was going to try and grope you. So it’d be fair that way if you start slacking off,” Gwiboon casually explained, continuing to edit the slideshow.
“Oh,” Junghee responded, noting that her cheeks were still on fire.
The next day, they worked on the project in Junghee’s apartment.
Junghee wore leggings and a sweatshirt, her hair pulled back into a messy high ponytail. Gwiboon showed up in tight dark wash jeans and a loose v-neck t-shirt with her hair in pigtails.
Junghee still thought that Gwiboon looked better.
It was the day before their presentation and the two girls had met up in the coffee shop to go over last minute details and make sure that they were prepared for class. They were sitting side by side on the velvet couch at the back of the café, leaning over Gwiboon’s laptop which was situated on the coffee table in front of them.
“So then I’ll go over this slide and you can do the next one, okay?” Gwiboon said, scrolling through their presentation.
“Sounds good,” Junghee nodded as she sat up straight and arched her spine, effectively cracking it. Gwiboon winced.
“Doesn’t that hurt?”
“Uh-uh,” Junghee shook her head, cracking her knuckles just to watch Gwiboon’s nose wrinkle.
“So now what?” Gwiboon asked, closing her laptop and leaning back into the cushions, her hair framing her face.
“I dunno,” Junghee shrugged, “Want to watch a movie at my apartment?”
Gwiboon turned her head, smiling in a way that implied that she knew something that Junghee didn’t.
It was only then that Junghee realized what had just happened. She had willingly invited Gwiboon over. And not to do schoolwork- to hang out. She suddenly understood that there was a reason that seemingly everyone was under her spell.
Sitting on her couch, watching the movie, Junghee was all too aware of the fact that Gwiboon’s thigh was pressed against hers. And she doubted that Gwiboon was oblivious either. But what the other girl meant to accomplish by sitting this close, she didn’t know.
What she did know was that it was making her skin heat up uncomfortably and her heart hammer in her chest. Which was stupid- it was so stupid. This was Gwiboon, a girl she didn’t even like. She was anal retentive, demanding, and bossy. She garnered attention from everyone she passed and all Junghee had ever felt before was distaste.
But here she was, blushing from the feel of Gwiboon against her side as she took fleeting glances at the other girl’s profile- unable to keep her gaze from drifting to Gwiboon’s sharp cheeks bones and perfectly pouted lips.
What was she doing sitting this close? The couch could fit four people on it, yet she was pressed against Junghee like there wasn’t an extra four feet on her other side.
“Care to move over?” Junghee asked, careful that annoyance was the only emotion evident in her voice.
“Not particularly,” was Gwiboon’s reply, eyes trained on the movie.
Junghee huffed and rolled her eyes, but was at a loss for words. What was she supposed to say to that? Hey, this is making me extremely uncomfortable and suddenly I can’t seem to think of anything but how you smell like roses and how all I want to do is drag my lips down the long column of your throat.
Junghee cursed herself for her thoughts. She couldn’t believe that her traitorous mind was falling into Gwiboon’s trap. She was no better than everyone else in their school. She was no better than those perverted boys who gawked at Gwiboon’s ass as she walked. And here she was, staring at the edge of Gwiboon’s skirt as it edged its way up her thighs.
Gwiboon gracefully crossed her legs, letting the skirt bunch up further as though she could feel Junghee’s imploring eyes. Junghee felt her face burn in shame and she forced herself to focus on the movie.
On the screen, one of the guys made a comment about jacking off. Gwiboon snorted.
“Guys are so lucky,” she complained, eyes still on the screen, “They can just masturbate whenever they want.” Junghee turned to look at Gwiboon, eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.
“So can girls…?” she ventured. Gwiboon burst out laughing, her delicate hand coming up to cover her mouth.
“Amen to that,” she chuckled before placing her attention back on the movie. Junghee concentrated on not letting her mind supply her with images to go along with that exchange.
Gwiboon had left after the movie, thanking Junghee for having her over as she grazed her bare arm with the tips of her fingers. The touch, however gentle, had lingered for an inexplicable amount of time after the door had closed behind the other girl.
Junghee had wandered around her apartment until her roommate, Minjung, had gotten home and asked her what the hell she was doing. After that, she’d retreated to her room to gather her thoughts and remind herself why she hated Gwiboon. Truthfully, it wasn’t that hard.
And when she was lying in bed and her hand slid inside her underwear, she didn’t stop her mind from conjuring images of Gwiboon. Because she still hated her. So it obviously didn’t mean anything.
“We should see if we can go first,” Gwiboon declared when she sat down at her desk next to Junghee the following day, “That way we can get it over with.”
“Well, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble convincing the professor…”
“Shut up,” Gwiboon snapped as Junghee cracked up, watching the other girl pout as she pulled her notes and external hard drive from her bag.
“Alright, let’s start class,” the professor announced, glancing around the room to be sure everyone was paying attention, “We have your presentations today. Who wants to go first?”
Junghee watched Gwiboon with a smirk on her face. She saw Gwiboon glance over at her before she looked down at her desk, lips tight. In that time, another girl raised her hand and the professor beckoned her and her partner to the front of the room. Gwiboon shot a glare at Junghee as if it was her fault.
“Got tired of enchanting the professor?” Junghee whispered, leaning over and resting her hand on Gwiboon’s hip.
“Fuck you,” Gwiboon hissed, scowling but doing nothing about Junghee’s touch, “Raise your hand when they’re done,” she ordered.
Junghee laughed, pulling back to sit upright in her seat again. But she knew that she’d do as Gwiboon said. She wanted to get the presentation over with too, after all.
“That went well,” Junghee stated, packing up her things.
“Mmm,” Gwiboon hummed in agreement, slinging her purse over her shoulder and standing, hip cocked to the side, as she waited for Junghee to get her stuff together.
“We probably got the best grade, honestly,” Junghee went on, though slightly quieter so as not to offend her classmates, “Ours was way better than-”
“I think I left something at your apartment,” Gwiboon interjected, looking impatient.
“Huh? I didn’t see anythi-”
“Just trust me,” Gwiboon said, words obviously heavy with meaning. Junghee looked up, confused. And then she saw the look Gwiboon was shooting her. Her jaw went slack. Oh.
So what could she say? No one said no to Gwiboon.

A Fine Line (Please excuse any discrepancies since I wrote A Fine Line a month and a half ago with the intention of it just being a one-shot)

key gwiboon
4th-Dec-2010 04:43 am (UTC)
spot for ellie_eunnie
4th-Dec-2010 07:24 am (UTC)
I read this breath-hitched and then went to re-read the follow-up (again) and wahhhh ♥
I never grow tired of your girl!jongkey ;DD

I just love how the only person capable of getting gwibooni flustered is junghee *grins*

♥ ♥ ♥
4th-Dec-2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
hehe. of course ;)
but i'm so glad that you liked this!
it's good to know that someone enjoys girl!jongkey as much as i do. lol.
thank for reading and commenting! ♥
4th-Dec-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
it's all your fault that I now love girl!jongkey

*picks you up and runs with you*
4th-Dec-2010 04:44 am (UTC)
spot for l2inl2in :)
4th-Dec-2010 05:00 am (UTC)
um.. eek.
this is my favorite girl couple in shinee.
this chapter was like uberly tuberly awesome :p
i love how you made tha characters. they all fit so well.i hope you update reallyyy soon.
4th-Dec-2010 05:04 am (UTC)
they are my favorite too :)
and i'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter!
i hope i update soon as well. lol.
thanks for reading and commenting!
4th-Dec-2010 05:09 am (UTC)
you made me love genderswitch fics.
4th-Dec-2010 05:23 am (UTC)
it's the power of jongkey in all forms. lol.
i'm glad that you enjoyed this though!
thanks for reading and commenting!
4th-Dec-2010 05:10 am (UTC)
your JungBoon is perfect muhahaha it's like they really exist.
jonghyun key who? 8)
4th-Dec-2010 05:24 am (UTC)
aw thanks!
i'm glad that it came off as realistic and that you liked it!
thanks for reading and commenting!
4th-Dec-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
''nicest pair of jeans and a sequined t-shirt so she wouldn’t lose face) immediately made her seem cooler since she didn’t even have to try. Junghee cursed her in her mind''
-AHAHAHAHA omg junghee's so adorable. isn't that what all girls do? *looks away* :))) <33 and she likes gwiboon now~ and lmao i love how she teases her about the professor :) can't wait for an update~ ''apartment'' always seems to be accompanied by something more than 'hangout' LMAO WTF am i saying :))

4th-Dec-2010 05:30 am (UTC)
haha. it is indeed what all girls do.
and yes she does ;)
i'm glad that you liked this!
thanks for reading and commenting!
4th-Dec-2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
khekekekeke junghee has his eyes on gwiboon all time :DD
its hard to resist gwiboon >.
4th-Dec-2010 04:28 pm (UTC)
junghee is a girl...but yes she does! lol
it would be hard to resist gwiboon /nods
thanks for reading and commenting!
10th-Jan-2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
“I think I left something at your apartment,” Gwiboon interjected, looking impatient.
~I read this and suddenly shouted OHMYGOD out loud -_- waaaah running to the next chapter :P
10th-Jan-2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
haha. glad you liked it!
thanks for reading and commenting!
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