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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
10th-Feb-2010 04:51 pm
So this is for kacts (aka Korean Five Acts) in which you list your kinks and people can write you porn. Sounds like a good deal to me! /shot
Anyway, here goes nothing.

Top 5 Kinks from this list:
  • Accidental stimulation (proximity and friction; involuntary arousal; situations of adrenaline and reflexes)
  • Begging or offering (begging or pleading for mercy, for sexual release, to be taken; a character offering himself; neediness)
  • Dominance and submission (See also Submission; Servitude; Master and slave, etc)
  • Masturbation (solitary or as performance)
  • Orgasm denial
Also on the list was "Snark" but since it's not a kink, I didn't include it on the list. However, you all know that I love me some sarcastic bickering.


SHINee- any, but here are my favorites: Jonghyun/Key, Onew/Taemin, Jonghyun/Onew, Minho/Taemin, Taemin/Key, Onew/Key, Minho/Key
Big Bang- G-Dragon/Seungri
Super Junior- Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Yesung/Ryeowook
DBSK- Jaejoong/Changmin, but really Changmin/anyone from DBSK works for me.

Crossovers- Changmin/Kyuhyun, G-Dragon/Key just to see if my head explodes

girl!SHINee- all pairings
Girls' Generation- Jessica/Tiffany, Jessica/Taeyeon, Taeyeon/Tiffany, Taeyeon/Sunny, Jessica/Sunny, Jessica/Seohyun, Tiffany/Seohyun, Tiffany/Yuri, Jessica/Yuri
2NE1- CL/Dara
4minute- Gayoon/Jiyoon
f(x)- Krystal/Amber, Krystal/Luna, Amber/Luna
miss A- Jia/Min
Kara- Gyuri/Nicole

Crossovers- Yuri/Amber, Nicole/Amber, Jessica/Gayoon, Min/Nicole, BoA/Taeyeon, BoA/Jessica, BoA/Minjung(girl!Minho)

(not my favorite, but if you must)

Er...that's it. Sorry if I mentally scarred you, though if you've read my fics, none of this is a surprise XD


Low Light: Jia/Min - NC-17
originally posted here and on my LJ (part 1 and part 2)

Private Perfromance: CL/Dara - R
originally posted here and on my LJ

A Necessary Solution: Krystal-centric - R
originally posted here and on my LJ

Unsettled: Amber/Krystal - PG-13
originally posted here and on my LJ

Jieun/Zinger (Secret) - G
originally posted here and on my LJ
key me2day
10th-May-2011 10:20 pm (UTC)

10th-May-2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
glad you approve
10th-May-2011 10:32 pm (UTC)

but those are rare pairings like JonghyunxAmber
15th-May-2011 05:36 am (UTC) - http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
Written while looping to "She's So Lovely" by the Butchies and "Lights On" by the Pierces for the prompt of "dominance and submission."

Jessica tells Tiffany to crawl like a puppy dog over to the spilled mug of coffee on the floor and lap it up, and Tiffany does because it's Jessica. A lot of things that Tiffany does are done because it's Jessica telling her to do them, up to including hacking a little because coffee soaked into the carpet tastes an awful lot like dust coatings and too-sweet whipped toppings, and Tiffany wants to ask her if the lingering pesticides from last week's Battle of the Bugs, where Tiffany sat on the kitchen table in her sundress and a scarf that laid loosely over the bridge of her nose when she wrapped it around her head to block out the smell and Jessica let out a bleating noise of victory every time she found another writhing group of ants or long-legged group of spiders to spray ("This one looks like Sooyoung!" she cackled at one point during the battle, brandishing a dead Daddy Long-Legs in the palm of her hand, and Tiffany screamed loud enough that the neighbor's rottweiler started growling outside) would poison her.

She manages to lick most of it up, sucking sadly from the carpet fibers when the surface material is cleared away, when Jessica leans over the arm of the couch and pets her gently on the head. "Thanks," she says breezily, and she picks the mug off of the floor, setting it on the coffee table. It's the least erotic thing that Tiffany has ever been asked to do, short of helping Yuri dispose of a dead rat in the dorm (she said a little prayer for it and promptly sprinted back inside to wash her hands), and it's nice, trimming the edge off of their morning. She's still sleepy, and her mouth tastes like morning breath and something identifiably furnished, and Jessica flips a page in her magazine and tells her to curl up next to her on the couch.

"I'm going to eat your pussy out," she says when Tiffany has made a comfortable spot resting on top of Jessica's legs, and she's so vulgar and cutting, and Tiffany feels rewarded already. "Then I'm going to sit on your face, get it all wet, take the taste out of your mouth."

Tiffany doesn't touch Jessica because Jessica never asked her to, but she wants to stroke the calluses on her damaged feet and thank her.

"In a minute, though," she clarifies. "Let me finish this article first."

Tiffany watches her breath stir the little patch of unshaven hair on Jessica's right leg and hides her smile.
15th-May-2011 02:44 pm (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
you are just amazing.
i've never read a d/s jeti before and you made it work so well!
i absolutely loved the battle of the bugs bit. i could completely imagine jessica get really into it and presenting poor tiffany with dead bugs.
and the end was just fkgjfd.
god, this was perfect.
thank you so so so much! <3

p.s. is that picture real or photoshopped? lol.
15th-May-2011 03:24 pm (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
I'm so glad that it worked well for you! And that picture is 100% real. :3
19th-May-2011 02:38 am (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
actually, it's photoshopped. I forgot where in the massive JeTi thread it is, but someone found the original picture.

disappointing, I know.
19th-May-2011 02:41 am (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
Aw, it is? ;___; Definitely disappointing, but thanks for clearing things up!
19th-May-2011 02:36 am (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
...oh holy fuck. I'm not a fan of sub/dom relationships but this is just GOLD. like omg:

"Tiffany doesn't touch Jessica because Jessica never asked her to, but she wants to stroke the calluses on her damaged feet and thank her.

"In a minute, though," she clarifies. "Let me finish this article first."

Tiffany watches her breath stir the little patch of unshaven hair on Jessica's right leg and hides her smile."

19th-May-2011 02:41 am (UTC) - Re: http://i.imgur.com/KsuoG.jpg
I'm glad that you gave this a try even if you're not a fan of the D/s dynamic! :D
19th-May-2011 09:24 am (UTC) - just touch me baby (put your hands on me) pt 1/?
WARNING: first fic ever, and it's motha fuckin unbeta'd y'all. I am not a writer AT ALL and this got way, way outta hand but man your stuff is just so awesome that I have to repay you somehow. it isn't finished because idk if it's good enough to continue, but idk. I'll let you decide if you want me to continue. you all can thank lady gaga and her SEXC new album for this one. ALSO, Gyuri's blonde in this story cause she just looks DAMN. GOOD.

When Gyuri wakes up to the blaring sound of music and a distinct thump thump thump from overworked speakers against her wall, she should know that today would deviate from the norm. Be that as it may, the only thing currently occupying her mind was, 'I...am going to strangle that girl.' In her mind, her anger is completely warranted. Firstly, it's Saturday. One of the first Saturdays they've had off in too many weeks. Secondly, it's barely 9 am, and because of Kahi and her brilliant clubbing ideas, she's hardly slept. Thirdly...goddamnit, it's Saturday, what more of a reason does she need to want to wrap her hands around that neck and squeeze a little? With a grumble, she's off, ripping the sheets away from her body and swinging her legs over the side of the bed. The ground is cold on her warm skin and she discovers that she cannot locate her slippers, no matter how far she reaches under her mattress.

Blood level: simmering.

Before laying into Nicole, the leader walks (stomps) into the kitchen for juice, only to find a note on the fridge stating, "Gyuri-ah~, the other girls and I decided to take a trip to Everland. It was a last minute thing, and, well...you know how you get when people wake you up. We love you, and we'll make sure to bring you something back, like a hat! You like hats, right? I can't remember...anyway, have fun with Nicole today. She's practicing choreo for something or another. Unnie hwaiting! Love, Hara."

Gyuri drops the note on the table, juice forgotten, and travels back down the hall to where the music is still blasting. She has every intention of swinging Nicole's door open and giving her an earful when she finds that, through the rather large crack in the door, the girl is nowhere in sight. She pushes her head in a little and searches with her eyes. Nothing. Before she can rage about wasted electricity, she pulls her head back just in time for the girl in question to saunter out from behind her closet door. Gyuri immediately finds herself a little less angry.

Black spandex shorts cover next to nothing and hug her full behind like a second skin, and a tighter than necessary sports bra is all she wears on top. Gyuri can't help her eyes from trailing all over that lithe figure, drinking in every curve and sinewy ripple of muscle till she feels the door frame start to crack under her death grip. The dancer is sweating lightly, skin aglow, and her chest heaves with exertion. Gyuri has the sudden urge to tongue the salt on the skin of her cleavage. At that thought, she breathes deep in an attempt to settle her racing heart, and finds her mouth has gone bone-dry. The leader is grateful for the distraction and nearly goes back for that juice until a flash of motion catches her eye again. Nicole has gone into a bend, upper body parallel to the floor, before dropping low to the ground. Gyuri unconsciously follows that backside everywhere it goes, watching as the younger girl slowly returns to her prior position and wiggles her hips. A sound bubbles up deep from Gyuri's chest, but she shuts her hanging jaw before it can escape. All she wants to do is press herself to the other girl and rub against that tight little as-.

Oh, god. 'I'm sick,' she thinks. 'Sick and aroused.'
19th-May-2011 09:33 am (UTC) - Re: just touch me baby (put your hands on me) pt 2/?
This is not the way the older girl wanted to spend her day; hot and bothered beyond measure with no chance of relief besides her own hand. 'Well,' she thinks. 'If I can't have fun, neither can she.' With that, she pushes her way into the room, intent on cutting the music. It is no surprise that Nicole doesn't notice her presence, even with Gyuri standing no more than a foot behind her. It's also not surprising that Nicole would chose that very instant to press her body back, right against her band mate's groin; that's just Gyuri's luck. The younger girl lets out a startled yelp and quickly spins around. Nicole's expression relaxes upon seeing the other girl, though it quickly turns into a grimace when the blonde reaches over and flicks off the stereo.

"G-Gyuri unnie, I'm so sorry. I thought you went with the other girls and I was by myself so I thought, 'Hey, a little practice can't hurt', and you don't care, do you?" Nicole finishes haltingly.

She looks down, embarrassment colouring her features. After a few seconds of unexpected silence, she dares a glance up at her band mate. Surprisingly enough, Gyuri doesn't look all that mad. 'Actually,' Nicole thinks, 'she looks kind of hungry.'

"Unnie, have you eaten yet? You look starving." It takes Gyuri a second to respond, but when she does her voice is a deep, husky drawl. Her own eyes widen at the sound of it, 'and Nicole can't be that naive, can she?' Apparently she is, because in the next second she offers to cook for the girl. If Gyuri could fall into the depths of hell right now, she probably would.
Nicole reaches over to embrace her, and she can feel their breasts pressed tightly together, can feel the sweat on her back all over her finger tips and it's suddenly just too much. She shudders in Nicole's arms, and when the younger girl pulls back to look into her face she finds she can't bear to make eye contact. She doesn't know what she'll do if she does.

"Hey, is everything alright?" Nicole asks. "You're acting kind of strange." She takes in her unnie's appearance; there's a light flush creeping up her slightly heaving chest, and her pupils are blown wide. Also, she can feel a lone finger still gently tracing the dimples above her ass. A light bulb goes off in the younger girls head, though she doesn't dare fully believe it. How could the girl she's been lusting after for almost two years be interested in her? Contrary to her disbelief, she strokes her fingers up to the place where the girl's shirt doesn't quite meet her shorts and caresses the skin there. When Gyuri finally looks up, she struggles to tamper down a groan. The look in Nicole's eyes is a mixture of confusion, shyness, and the faint twinkling of lust.

Fuck it.
19th-May-2011 04:37 pm (UTC) - Re: just touch me baby (put your hands on me) pt 2/?
oh my goodness this is amazing!
this is seriously your first fic ever? O_O
i love it so far!!!!
i really hope that you decide to continue it!
the characterizations are just perfect- pissed off, but urned on Gyuri, innocent and accidentally seductive Nicole, and even Hara in her note came off with her personality!
thank you so much for writing this for me!
and i am definitely voting that you continue! though of course that's your choice. haha.
10th-Dec-2011 06:25 pm (UTC) - Orgasm Denial - Minho/Key

"Aish, don't be a baby!"


Minho looked to Key with an unreadable expression. "Jonghyun hyung & I always mess around each other like that for fun."

Key rolled his eyes at Minho. "I'm fucking straight, Minho. Let go of me." He tried getting away from his grip but to no avail.

"Jonghyun hyung & I made a bet whether you can get an orgasm by me without us having intercourse." Minho briefly explained. "Now take off your clothes." He threw Key in his room and closed the door, using Jonghyun as a blocking shield. Key tried opening the door, but Jonghyun's body blocked it while sitting on the floor, too busy licking his Tootsie Roll Pop until he gets to the chocolate.

Key banged on the door. "YAH! LET ME OUT, YOU FUCKHOLE!" he shouted. "Sorry, Key~! No can do." Jonghyun responded. "You have to go with the bet. My bet's on you NOT to orgasm, I mean, how can someone have an orgasm when they're not even having sexual intercourse?" he babbled on and licked his lollipop. "Impossible."

Key whined and slumped to the ground. "Let me guess - as soon as you mentioned this, Minho wanted to challenge you." he grumbled.

"Yep, pretty much. He's going all out and buying edible massage oil - what the hell would he use that for? Yah, Kibummie~ let me know whether he actually does give you intercourse or not, that way we'd know for sure, okay?" He asked in a caring tone. "I've seen his dick before, and trust me, you'd die from it if THAT is going in your ass."

Key continued to growl in irritation and got up from the floor. He reluctantly took off his clothes and shivered as he felt the cold air of the room. Damn winter.

"Okay, Jjong, tell him I'll agree to it!" Key hesitantly called out from the room. A moment later, Minho walked into the room and locked the door. He wore nothing but a towel draped around his lower waist. Key gulped, seeing once again Minho's chocolate six-pack abs. Then he noticed the bag of massage oils.

"....why did you get more than one bottle of massage oil?"

Minho turned to glance at his bag then back at Key, shrugging. "After this, maybe you might want to do this again."

Key scoffed and rolled his eyes. "As if I want to have sex with you, Minho."

"For the last time, we're not having intercourse. I just need to make you have an orgasm without me having sex with you."

"How the hell would you - MMPH!" Key got cut off mid-sentence with Minho's lips on his, kissing him passionately all of a sudden. Key was shocked and next thing he knew, he was pushed to the bed backwards and Minho sat beside him, opening a bottle of edible massage oil. Key sniffed the scent and inwardly smiled, because strawberries were his favorite scent.

Once Minho spreaded the oil all over Key's body and started massaging him wherever he could reach, Key was in bliss. He hate to admit, but he was. He kept moaning at the spots on his skin where Minho specifically massaged, making a mental note to remember the sensitive areas. Lastly, he massaged his way down to Key's lower area and started stroking his erection. Key turned into a moaning mess afterwards.


Minho smirked, still remembering the bet, and pulled out from nowhere a cock ring. Right when Key was about to scream, signaling his orgasm near, Minho stopped massaging him altogether and quickly put on the cock ring around Key's erection. Key gasped and started to whine, but Minho cut him off by kissing again. Key whimpered and tears slowly started to brim under his eyelids.

"Please, Minho....I need to....I was about to - "
10th-Dec-2011 06:26 pm (UTC) - Part 2: Orgasm Denial - Minho/Key
"Shhhh. Hyung, it's okay. I feel bad for Jonghyun hyung about the bet, so I want him to win."

"Fuck the bet, Minho! I want to cum!" He hissed, but Minho gestured him to be quiet and went towards the door. He swung it open, causing Jonghyun to fall down from pressing his ear to the door. Jonghyun got back up gracefully and cheekily smiled in triumph.

"I didn't hear any erotic screams of pleasure, just load moaning!" He held his hand out. "I won the bet, right?!" He turned to Key, who reluctantly hid his erection with pillows and a blanket. Jonghyun had a cute puppy face on. "You didn't get an orgasm, right?! I knew it!" he cheered.

Key sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Damn that puppy face. "Yes, he clearly can't make me cum nor give me a fucking orgasm with massage oil only." he muttered bitterly. Jonghyun cheered again and held out his hand once more. "You owe me something, Choi Minho!"

Minho rolled his eyes and went to Onew's closet. Key's jaw nearly fell off as he watched Minho give Jonghyun a huge Hello Kitty plushie. "There, you happy? It's almost as tall as you, though."

Jonghyun nodded happily and squeezed the jumbo plushie in his possession. "Thank you~!" he chimed as he ran outside of the room. "Taeminnie~! Look at what I got!" Minho closed the door and locked it again.

Key looked at him irritably. "Choi fucking Minho, if you do not remove this fucking cock ring off my dick, you are so dead!" he hissed, looking painfully hurt.

Minho quickly walked towards him and took it off, causing Key to moan but sadly his orgasm was ruined and made him feel pain instead of stars. "Fuck you, Choi. Fuck you." he cursed and groaned, tears freely going down his face.

"I'm sorry, but you had to see the look on hyung's face when we made the bet. He was too keen on the damn Hello Kitty Onew hyung & I got from a fan who loves OnHo."

Key's small sobs decreased as he looked up at Minho. "If-if...I had an orgasm....what would you have won?" he asked softly.

Minho shrugged. "You." Key sputtered at this. "W-what?!"

Minho vaguely smiled. "Jonghyun hyung found out I wanted to date you but he said I need his permission first. We got into an argument and thus, the bet was formed."

Key growled at him. "I'm not Jjong's property!"

"No, but you are his caring best friend and he wants what's best for you."

Key sighed and pouted. "I'm so tired, but I really wanted to cum...."

Minho grinned at him and pulled out another massage oil, this time cinnamon scented. "Why else did you think I bought more of these for?"

A few minutes later, Jonghyun and Taemin covered their ears while watching a rerun of Cardcaptor Sakura anime with Korean subs, along with the huge Hello Kitty plushie on Jonghyun's lap.
10th-Dec-2011 11:36 pm (UTC) - Re: Part 2: Orgasm Denial - Minho/Key
another one? wow thank you! :)
of course jonghyun and minho would bet on something like that. i assume that minho would turn anything into a competition. lol
and hng orgasm denial. god i'm such a sucker /hides
but lmao at jonghyun winning a stuffed animal. he's an adorable puppy
thank you again! :)
16th-Dec-2011 08:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Part 2: Orgasm Denial - Minho/Key
You're welcome~ ^^
That Hello Kitty laptop he was "borrowing" during the 2009 Dream Concert has got people wondering if Jonghyun secretly likes Hello Kitty. hehe!
Puppies are always adorable! :D
I don't really know how a ruined orgasm can be a turn-on, but well, I'm a virgin, so....I wouldn't know. =.=
Minho WOULD be the kind of person to turn ANYTHING in competition. lol.
You're welcome again~! ^^ hehe this is fun!
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