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Downpour (JeTi)

Title: Downpour
Pairing: JeTi
Rating: PG
Genre(s): romance, fluff
Word Count: 1,176
Summary: Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain.
Written for the 24-hour challenge at unniefic.


    Meet me in the park- in our spot.
    That was all that the text said. Tiffany looked up from her phone to stare out the window. It was pouring rain- an early summer downpour. Did Jessica mean now?
    Now? She texted back in disbelief.
    Tiffany looked out at the sheets of rain coming down again, sighing out loud. She really had no urge to venture outside right now. She just wanted to stay curled up under a blanket on the couch, staring down at the pages of her book and letting her mind wander.
    But it was Jessica, so she climbed out of her cocoon and shoved her feet into her rain boots, slipping her raincoat over her bare arms. Upon stepping onto her front porch, Tiffany felt a chill run through her body. Despite the time of year and the previously warm temperature, the rain was cold, splashing against her bare legs and falling onto her clenched fists.
    With her head down, Tiffany walked as quickly as she could to the park that was, thankfully, only three blocks from her house. As she caught sight of her destination, she realized that she could have driven here and avoided getting completely soaked, but she was just in the habit of walking- it was the midway point between her house and Jessica’s and they’d used it as a meeting point since they were thirteen, before they could drive.
    At first glance, the park was empty- obviously no one wanted to go on the swings or stroll along the tree-lined paths during a downpour. But Tiffany swiftly made her way along the little paved road, knowing that Jessica was there, waiting for her.
    And despite the fact that she was still grumpy about having to go out in the rain, Tiffany felt her heart speed up. She hadn’t seen Jessica in four months- not since winter break. And now they were both home from college for the summer. They could spend the three months together, pretending that they didn’t live two hours away from each other for eight and a half months of the year.
    Jessica was Tiffany’s best friend- had been since they had met back in the eighth grade, realizing that they were the only two sane girls in their overly-rowdy homeroom that year. So they’d clung to each other, sequestering themselves in the back corner of the classroom and gossiping about everything from who was dating whom in their class to what had happened on their favorite drama the night before.
    They became inseparable and their friendship continued on throughout their teenage-drama-filled high school years as they plotted how to get the boys to ask them to the formal dances and they did their very best to avoid contact with the bitchy girls at all costs. They made a pilgrimage to the lingerie store in the mall once Jessica had gotten her driver’s license to buy their first thongs, something that they both considered a rite of passage into womanhood.
    And when they ended up applying to different colleges, they vowed to stay best friends no matter what. Except that the separation was even harder for Tiffany than Jessica knew since, somewhere between the late night cake baking expeditions and the heart to hearts that they had in Jessica’s car as they sped down the highway in the summer, Tiffany had fallen hard for her best friend. Even though she’d wanted to so badly, she’d never told Jessica, not wanting to ruin the friendship that they had.
    But it got even harder after they went to college and Tiffany would see the pictures of Jessica with her new friends- boys and girls- posted online and she would torture herself imaging that Jessica was romantically interested in one, secretly hooking up with another, being courted by that boy there, and kissing that girl when they were both drunk.
   Jessica hadn’t ever told Tiffany about any type of romantic interest in anyone at college, but Tiffany just couldn’t believe that nothing had happened at all- Jessica was charming and fun, she was irresistible and addictive, not to mention stunningly gorgeous. Surely someone would have shown interest in her.
    Nearing the cluster of ever-green trees, Tiffany paused, taking a deep breath and preparing herself for seeing Jessica again after so long. She was ecstatic and nervous all at once- hands shaking slightly with the knowledge that Jessica was just five feet away. With one last calming inhalation, Tiffany covered the last few feet between them and stepped between the dripping wet trees to find Jessica standing in the cramped space between them- light brown hair soaking wet and dripping into her eyes, her t-shirt soaked and clinging to her skin, and her body shivering from the cold. She was grinning though, eyes lighting up as she took in Tiffany before her.
    “What are you doing without a coat?” Tiffany immediately exclaimed, rushing to Jessica’s side and rubbing her clammy hands over the other girl’s goose-pebbled skin of her arms.
    “I didn’t feel like searching through all of the boxes for my rain coat,” Jessica explained, shrugging and embracing Tiffany in a hug, both uncaring of the stiff and squeaky vinyl of Tiffany’s rain coat.
    “You’re going to get sick!” Tiffany fretted when they pulled apart, looking at Jessica with concern, “Let’s go back to my house. I’ll make you some hot coffee and you can borrow some of my clothes.”
    “In a minute,” Jessica told her, face changing into an expression of determination.
    “What’s going to happen in a minute?” Tiffany asked, ready to scold Jessica for being so irresponsible and risking her health. But before she was able to even get another word out, she found Jessica’s wet and cold lips against her own- the other girl’s freezing hands clutching at her arms through her coat.
    “Now we can go,” Jessica said when she stepped back, leaving Tiffany staring at her in a daze.
    “W-what-” Tiffany stuttered, scurrying to catch up as Jessica made her way out from between the trees and back onto the narrow cement path that ran through the park, beginning to walk back toward the sidewalk of the street.
    “I love you, Tiffany Hwang,” Jessica stated simply when Tiffany had fallen into step with her, voice confident and eyes shining with amusement at Tiffany’s shock.
    “Oh…” Tiffany replied, mind working to try and make sense of everything that had happened.
    Jessica just smiled up at her perplexed face and linked their cold hands together, squeezing hard as she broke into a run, dragging Tiffany after her as she ran for Tiffany’s house. And Tiffany let herself be pulled even though she kind of hated running because she was holding Jessica’s hand. And it was Jessica that was leading her. She even found herself smiling as they splashed though puddles, getting water in their shoes and making their socks squelch with each step. Because Jessica Jung loved her. And she couldn’t think of anything in the world that could be better than that.

Tags: !drabble, %challenge, fandom: snsd, p: jessica/tiffany
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