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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
2011 Fic Meme 
2nd-Jan-2012 02:30 am

Total Word Count: 200,085

Fandoms Written in: SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), Big Bang, B1A4, DBSK, 2NE1, Kara, miss A, 4minute, Secret

Favorite Fic: The One and Beyond Control

Best Fic: The One

Most Underappreciated Fic: Um...probably anything written about girls (not including genderswitch) just b/c the fanfic reading fandom seems to be smaller for girl groups?

Most Fun Fic: I actually had a ton of fun writing my Key/Krystal sex pollen fic, Under the Influence haha. And anything girl!JongKey.

Sexiest Fic: Usually, I don't think any of my fics are sexy just b/c I wrote them. But I do like Sweet Agony.

Fic that Shifted My Own Perceptions of the Characters: I don't think that any changed my perception of the characters, but I feel like the characters take over in stories sometimes when I'm writing. The Ride pretty much wrote itself. And girl!Sungmin and girl!Kyuhyun were very difficult to get to do what I wanted them to when I wrote Expectations. lol.

Fic I'm Most Proud of: The One. I know I keep answering that, but that fic just became such a labor of love for me.

Biggest Disappointment: Pretty much everything written since October? OTL

Biggest Surprise: Winning the first joeun_kkoom drabble wars. I never win anything! :')

Hardest Fic to Write: Again, everything since October *sigh* But I struggled writing The Uninvited Guest (Sort Of) b/c it was for my roommate and I sort of felt more pressure I guess? 

Fic I Want Remembered: Honestly, if one person remembers one line, that would make me really happy :)

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?: Well, I set out to write 200,000 words (hence the onslaught of fic the past week) b/c I wrote ~190,000 last year. I would have written more if I kept up the same pace I set for the first 2/3 of the year. But then some personal stuff happened and I was enrolled in Fiction I (not even my major! why do I torture myself??) which pretty much sucked all the fun out of writing for me.

Goals for Next Year: Write 200,000 words and not leave 20,000 until the last minute OTL Also, finish my chaptered fics Look In The Mirror and Eternity (does anyone even remember that one? I fail OTL) and write the smut epilogues for Exchange and Expectations.

Fic I Wrote in 2011:

(totally stolen from my masterlist)



Look In The Mirror: prequel to A Fine Line - girl!JongKey- AU- humor, romance, smut, fluff?
Part 1 - PG-13
Part 2 - PG-13
*A Fine Line occurs here* - NC-17

Part 3 - NC-17
Part 4 - PG-13

Switch: some het!JongKey- romance, angst, smut, humor- NC-17
Part 1
Part 2

Shy Boy: drabble- friendship!fic- humor, crack- PG

Glow: girl!JongKey- AU- romance, fluff, humor- PG-13

Fruit and Masturbation: drabble- friendship!fic- humor, crack- R

Beauty: het!JongKey(Key/Junghee)- AU- romance, humor, fluff, smut- NC-17

Stud: het!JongKey(Jonghyun/Gwiboon)- AU- smut, humor- NC-17

Early: Every Combination drabble- smut, romance, fluff, humor- NC-17

Beyond Control: girl!JongKey- AU- romance, drama, smut, angst, humor- NC-17

Miraculous: girl!JongKey- AU- smut, humor, fluff- NC-17

The Beach: het!JongKey(Key/Junghee)- AU- smut, humor, fluff, romance- NC-17

Thighs: drabble- smut- NC-17

Sweet Agony: girl!JongKey- AU- smut, fluff- NC-17

Peeping Jonghyun: het!JongKey(Jonghyun/Gwiboon)- AU- smut, humor- NC-17

Wake Up Call: drabble- fluff, humor, romance- PG

Why Jonghyun Sometimes Wishes That Key Wasn’t an Artist: drabble- humor, implied smut- R

Lollipop: smut- NC-17

Why Kim Gwiboon Used to Hate Dirty Talk: girl!JongKey- drabble- AU- slight angst, fluff, romance, implied smut- R

The One: written for the 2011 shineebigbang- het!JongKey(Jonghyun/Gwiboon)- AU- romance, drama, humor, fluff, smut- NC-17 overall
Part 1
Part 2

Walk of Shame: girl!JongKey- AU- smut, romance, slight drama- NC-17

The Letter: het!JongKey(Jonghyun/Gwiboon)- AU- off-shot from The One- fluff, romance- PG

Love Always, Junghee: girl!JongKey- AU- drabble- angst, romance- PG

Let no hand hold you down (Send all your barriers into the fire): song drabble- angst, friendship- G


Shameless: humor, smut- NC-17

Buried Treasure: AU- smut- NC-17


Sleep Talking: Every Combination drabble- smut, humor, crack- NC-17


Porn: Every Combination drabble- smut, humor, crack- NC-17

The Back Corner: girl!MinKey- AU- smut- NC-17


The Ride: written for Replay4Japan- AU- angst, fluff, romance?- PG


Wait: smut, humor- NC-17

Untouched: Every Combination drabble- smut, romance, fluff- NC-17

First Time: girl!OnTae- drabble- AU- romance, fluff, humor- PG-13

A Passionate Speech Or A Persuasive Essay (Everything I Could Say): broken!OnTae- drabble- angst, romance?- PG


Ebb and Flow: drabble- romance, light smut- R

Of Age: drabble- smut, angst, fluff- NC-17

Black Light: girl!TaeKey- AU- smut- NC-17

Stardust and Sweat: AU- smut- NC-17


Between Men: smut, humor- NC-17

4 a.m.: drabble- fluff, romance- G

City of [Unwanted] Love: romance, humor, fluff, smut- R

Proper Respect at the Workplace: drabble- humor- R


Hyung: Every Combination drabble- smut- NC-17

Reminiscing: drabble- AU- melancholy romance, fluff- PG (warning: character death)

Asleep: vampire!AU- supernatural, romance, slight horror- R


Now I've Got Double, Baby: girl!OnMinKey- AU- smut- NC-17


Kim Gwiboon: The Worst Lesbian Ever: girl!Key- drabble- AU- humor- PG-13

Empty: drabble- angst, light smut- R

Empty Release: drabble- angst, smut- NC-17

Cross Band Pairings:


Goofus and Gallant: feat DBSK- drabble- humor, fluff- PG-13


Under the Influence: feat f(x)- smut, crack- NC-17

Big Bang


A stitch away: song drabble- romance- PG


Ideal Type v. 3.0: smut- NC-17

The Uninvited Guest (Sort Of): AU- humor, romance, fluff, crack, smut- NC-17

Super Junior


FPS: friendship!fic- drabble- humor- PG-13

Violation: girl!KyuMin- AU- smut, humor- NC-17

Expectations: girl!KyuMin- AU- romance, drama, humor, fluff- PG-13
Part 1
Part 2


We'll be fine in the morning: song drabble- angst, drama, romance, fluff- PG

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi:

A Potentially Serious Matter (According to Zhou Mi): drabble- humor- PG-13

FPS: implied!QMi- drabble- humor- PG-13

Red: drabble- humor- PG-13

Zhou Mi/Sungmin:

Unknowns: romance, fluff, humor- PG-13

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Sungmin:

Three Blowjobs, Please: smut, humor- NC-17


Truth: girl!HaeMin, AU- smut, romance, fluff, humor- NC-17


Moths: AU- romance, fluff, smut, angst- R


Princess Heechul: humor, crack- PG


Agreement: drabble- romance- PG-13

Cross Band Pairings:


Bet: feat DBSK- drabble- humor- PG



Downpour: drabble- AU- romance, fluff- PG

Exchange: written for the 2011 femmebigbang- AU- supernatural, romance, fluff, humor, light smut- R
Part 1
Part 2

Something Wonderful: drabble- smut, romance, fluff- NC-17

Blush on, lashes long, mascara strong: song drabble- AU- romance, fluff- G


Natural: AU- romance, angst, fluff, humor- PG-13

Naturally: AU (the omitted smut scene from Natural)- smut, romance, fluff- NC-17


Dress Down: AU- mild angst, romance, smut, fluff- NC-17


Mistakes: AU- romance, fluff, slight angst- PG-13


Sugar Hooker: drabble- smut- NC-17


Relax: drabble- AU- smut- R

Soaked: AU- smut- NC-17


Innocent: drabble- humor- PG-13

Graffiti: drabble- AU- romance?- PG-13


Little Earthquakes: drabble- romance, fluff- G


Of Colorful Tunnels and Unadulterated Lust: smut, fluff, humor- NC-17


The Key: AU- slice of life, angst, drama, humor- PG-13

Pretend: drabble- angst, slight smut- R

Cross Band Pairings:


Remember: feat f(x)- fantasy, romance, smut- R


1 2 Step: feat f(x)- romance, fluff, smut- R



A Vicious Cycle: angst, drama, humor, romance, smut- R (featuring SHINee's Key)



Ladies, Drop Your Panties: AU- humor, fluff?- PG-13

Private Performance: drabble- smut- R

miss A


Low Light: drabble- smut- NC-17

Low Light 2: drabble- smut, fluff- NC-17



Idol Worship: drabble- romance, humor, angst- PG



Signs: drabble- romance, fluff- PG

Unsettled: drabble- angst, fluff- PG-13

Look: smut- NC-17

Team Spirit: drabble- AU- humor- PG

Contaminated standards: song drabble- AU- fluff- G


A Necessary Solution: drabble- light smut- R

Cross Band Pairings:


1 2 Step: feat SNSD- romance, fluff, smut- R


Remember: feat SNSD- fantasy, romance, smut- R


Under the Influence: feat SHINee- smut, crack- NC-17



Discoveries: drabble- AU- fluff, romance- G



If: drabble- humor- PG

The danger that lies behind your eyes: song drabble- AU- angst- PG-13


Slow Down: drabble- angst, fluff?- PG

Cross Band Pairings:


Bet: feat Super Junior- drabble- humor- PG


Goofus and Gallant: feat SHINee- drabble- humor, fluff- PG-13



A Different Kind Of Soul Mates: romance, fluff, humor- PG


I've Always Known, With You I Am Home: romance, fluff- PG


Up above the world, up above it all, here's a hand to hold on to: song drabble- fluff- G

+ my B1A4 Secret Santa fic which I can't post to my journal yet b/c the authors haven't been revealed

jongkey mb
3rd-Jan-2012 01:35 am (UTC)
:O wow
You are actually the third person's stories I started follow when I started reading fanfics & I'm still here cause your work is something else (good thing)
Anyway I've read all your shinee ones & a few from other fandoms & well I only need to read a line or so from them to know which story it is so congrats?
I love Eternity & can't wait for you to continue it... I think I was a silent reader for it & I wanted to know if you would finish it but felt shy plus I don't wanna make it seem like a burden if you had no inspiration for it
This is longer than I planned...

Looking forward to what you come out with this year
3rd-Jan-2012 03:54 am (UTC)
aw really?
thank you so much! :')
and you remember eternity! /cheers
i have severely neglected that fic! but i really hope to finish it!
but really thank you so much for this wonderful comment. it really made my night ♥
3rd-Jan-2012 05:55 am (UTC)
Awwww, dood, ;u; I didn't want you to feel any pressure to write that! I just love your fics and I wanted one because I'm greedy like that.
(If it helps at all, that is still one of my absolute favorites ever! You done good, yo.)
(Oh, also, you need to write more GTOP *COUGH COUGH.*)

Edited at 2012-01-03 06:05 am (UTC)
3rd-Jan-2012 06:17 am (UTC)
the pressure wasn't from you, it was from me b/c i have problems lol. i'm just not used to writing for people that i see irl and all that XD
but thank you!! :')
and i will try haha
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