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Follow Me (HyoNa)

Title: Follow Me
Pairing: HyoNa (Hyoyeon/Yoona)
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): romance, fluff
Word Count: 1,793
Summary: Yoona takes Hyoyeon to a hidden spot in the woods. Hyoyeon takes her home.
a/n: Completely inspired by mywookness's fic ebony eyelashes.


    Hyoyeon couldn't help the way the air was stolen from her lungs at the sight of the other girl- sun behind her creating a halo effect that made her look like she was glowing. Her brown hair blew lightly in the breeze, falling into her eyes before she brushed it away.
    “Come on,” she beckoned, holding her hand out for Hyoyeon to take.
    The older girl could do nothing but comply, placing her palm against Yoona's and smiling as she felt the other girl's fingers hold her hand tight in their grasp.
    Hyoyeon allowed herself to be led through the field- overgrown grass making her ankles itch. But the sensation wasn't as annoying as it could have been since she found herself squinting against the sun to watch Yoona walk in front of her- the other's mini skirt giving Hyoyeon a perfect view of her long legs from the frayed edge of the denim to the leather ankle straps of her sandals.
    “Where are we going?” Hyoyeon asked before she could lose herself completely in the curve of Yoona's neck as she brushed her hair out of her face.
    “It's a surprise,” she replied, shooting Hyoyeon a grin over her shoulder.
    The older girl huffed, trying her hardest to convince the both of them that she was annoyed. She wasn't- she was pretty sure it was physically impossible to be annoyed with the other girl- but hopefully Yoona would be fooled.
    Under any type of normal circumstances, Hyoyeon would be endlessly annoyed at someone for dragging her to the middle of nowhere without telling her why. But the younger girl made her stupid and happy and stupidly happy. And the only feelings she had at the moment were elation and anticipation. Because it wasn't everyday that Yoona invited just her to do something. And having the other's full attention was a heady feeling.
    Hyoyeon was so focused on the squeeze of the other girl's fingers and the way that her hair was blowing in the breeze that the lack of warmth beating down against her shoulders was the first indicator to her that they'd stepped under a canopy of trees, having reached the edge of the field.
    “Yoona?” Hyoyeon questioned, “Really, where are we going?”
    She may have been giddy from the other girl's presence, but that didn't stop her from being mildly concerned that they were now traipsing through a forest.
    “I told you,” Yoona scolded, grip tightening around Hyoyeon's hand, “It's a surprise.”
    “We're not going to like...sleep in the woods or something, are we?”
    Yoona looked over at her with an are-you-serious look on her face and Hyoyeon shut up.
    After a few more minutes of crunching over fallen leaves and stepping over roots protruding from the earth (and Hyoyeon wondering if Yoona actually knew where she was going at all), they stopped walking.
    “Ta da!” Yoona sang, dropping Hyoyeon's hand and gesturing to the small pond in front of them that tapered off on one side into a small creek. On the other side, a three foot or so waterfall kept the water flowing. It was idyllic to say the least, Hyoyeon immediately wondering how she could have lived just twenty minutes away from such a place without even knowing. Though, based on the lack of a path that led here, not many people were aware of this spot.
    “Isn't it pretty?” Yoona prompted, grinning eagerly.
    “It is,” Hyoyeon admitted, not one to be left speechless very often.
    Yoona beamed at her reaction.
    Hyoyeon stepped out of one of her sandals and dipped a toe into the water. It was chilly- expected since it was autumn- but not too bad. She looked up to ask Yoona what they were going to do now that they were there, but she was shocked into silence seeing the younger girl pulling her cotton henley over her head and letting it fall onto the ground. She gasped, trying not to stare at the pale, smooth flesh that was now revealed to her. She'd seen Yoona in a bikini before, but seeing her slipping off her skirt so that she was left in just a white bra and aqua underwear was so so different.
    “What are you doing?” she asked, throat tight and heart pounding. Even though it was pretty obvious what the other girl was doing.
    “Going swimming!” Yoona laughed.
    Hyoyeon swallowed, relieved that the other girl didn't seem to have any intention of stripping down further (and maybe a little disappointed if she was honest). 
    Yoona stepped gingerly in the water, wading in until she was submerged up to her thighs.
    “Aren't you coming?” she demanded, hands on her hips.
    Flushing, Hyoyeon nodded and proceeded to undress- feeling a little tom-boyish in her plain bra and striped boy shorts. The cold water against her heated skin was a welcome relief though- it took her mind off the gorgeous creature standing just three feet away from her.
    “Hurry up,” Yoona urged, water now up to her waist.
    And even though Hyoyeon was practically in a stupor from the other girl's presence and even though the water really was cold, her natural instincts kicked in and she launched herself at the younger girl, submerging her into the water with a playful smirk and a mischievous cackle.
    “Yah!” Yoona exclaimed when she emerged from the water, hair slicked back and dripping, wiping the water out of her eyes.
    “You told me to hurry,” Hyoyeon defended, unable to stop the laughter from escaping at how put out Yoona looked from having been dunked into the water.
    With a determined shriek, Yoona plunged through the water to knock the older girl off her feet, laughing as Hyoyeon came back up, sputtering.
    She grinned innocently when Hyoyeon glared at her.
    “We're even!” Yoona said, hands up in submission when Hyoyeon took a step toward her in the water.
    “I dunno...” the blonde girl teased, stepping forward again and trapping Yoona against a large rock at the edge of the pond.
    So intent on planning revenge (so what if she'd started it?), Hyoyeon didn't notice just how close they were until she could nearly feel the other's breath on her lips.
    Any thoughts of childish payback left her mind along with anything that might have been even remotely coherent. Because she could feel the other girl's warmth as she stared into Yoona's dark eyes, reflecting confusion and uncertainty right back at her.
    Without her mind's consent, Hyoyeon found her hand reaching out to brush against the slick skin of Yoona's stomach, watching intently as the muscles jumped and contracted under her fingertips. Her eyes found the other girl's again and she sucked in a breath, knowing that it was now or never.
    Yoona's lips were cold from the water, but soft against her own. And, for a terrifying moment, they were unmoving. Hyoyeon internally panicked. What happened if Yoona didn't kiss her back? What was she supposed to do? How could she possibly explain this? But just when she was about to pull back and start apologizing, she felt that first tentative response that had her blood racing.
    Her hands found their way to Yoona's waist, gripping the slick flesh as she moved her lips with the other girl's- angling her head to deepen the lip-lock when she was confident that Yoona would follow.
    The gentle swipe of her tongue over the younger girl's lower lip earned her a gasp that had her shivering even before their tongues met- careful and tentative at first, making way for an enthusiasm that surprised them both.
    The feeling of Yoona's soaking undergarments against her skin was almost obscene- reminding her of just how little kept them both from being naked. But the drag of wet fabric was a bit uncomfortable at the same time- there was a reason why you weren't meant to go swimming in your underwear.
    Hyoyeon pulled back, shivering both from desire and from the chill that was seeping into her bones from standing still in the cold water.
    “Are you getting cold?” Hyoyeon asked, admiring the rivulets of water sliding down the other's neck from her wet hair and the droplets clinging to her eye lashes.
    Yoona nodded, giggling nervously even as she pressed her front against the older girl for warmth. And as much as Hyoyeon would have loved to have an excuse to have Yoona pressed against her, she knew that they'd both end up getting sick.
    “Let's get dressed,” she suggested, pulling back regretfully and leading Yoona by the hand to the shore where their clothes were lying in rumpled piles.
    “I probably should have brought towels,” Yoona observed, staring down at the water dripping down her body and then at her dry clothes, “Or an extra pair of underwear or something.”
    “Um...” Hyoyeon rubbed her hands over her chilled arms, trying to think of a good way to get dressed without positively soaking her clothes, “Maybe we should...take off our wet underwear at least?”
    Yoona flushed, but nodded. Hyoyeon tried to keep from staring at the way that the water had made the other's undergarments practically sheer.
    She turned her back, not wanting the other girl to be uncomfortable under her gaze, and began to strip the heavy, wet fabric off herself.
    Her dry clothes got pretty soggy when she pulled them onto her wet skin, sticking in places and doing little to shield her body from the suddenly frigid breeze.
    “I'm going to plan better next time,” Yoona promised, signaling to Hyoyeon that she could turn back around. It seemed that the other was in the same state as she was with the thin fabric of her henley plastered to her damp flesh. 
    Hyoyeon forced herself not to fixate on the fact that Yoona was obviously not wearing a bra. She also did her best to ignore the knowledge that she wasn't wearing any underwear under her mini skirt.
    And despite the fact that she was shifting from foot to foot from the cold, she was biting her lip and looking kind of lost, like she didn't know if Hyoyeon was regretting her impulsive decision to kiss her in the water. Which was absolutely not the case since the vulnerable look on the younger girl's face was just making Hyoyeon want to kiss her again.
    So she did, closing the distance between them and cupping the back of Yoona' neck to pull their lips together- the warmth from the other's body even more appreciated considering how cold she was.
    “Let's go home,” Hyoyeon spoke against her lips, feeling Yoona smile in response.
    Their hands linked and they exited the forest- the sun on their shoulders no longer the only warmth that they felt.

Tags: !oneshot, fandom: snsd, p: hyoyeon/yoona
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