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Happiness (JinDeul)

Title: Happiness
Pairing: JinDeul
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, romance, humor
Word Count: 1,404
Summary: Junghwan's smiles are infectious.
Written for the first challenge at flytothetop


    “Whatever, Chansik,” Sunwoo rolled his eyes, “You're the most attractive among us, so you shouldn't be complaining about how you look in pictures.”
    “I am not!” he protested, “Jinyoung-hyung is.”
    Jinyoung couldn't help but gloat a little at that. Until both Sunwoo and Dongwoo passionately argued that Chansik was, indeed, the best looking.
    “I think Jinyoung-hyung is the most attractive,” Junghwan interjected thoughtfully. Jinyoung's chest swelled with pride.
    “Who do you think is the best looking?” Sunwoo suddenly asked him, daring him to break the tie.
    Jinyoung thought for a moment, glancing around at his band mates' expectant faces.
    “Junghwan,” he finally announced, satisfied with his answer.
    Unfortunately, the rest of the members weren't quite so easily placated.
    Sunwoo immediately burst out laughing, practically rolling on the floor in mirth. Though much of the theatrics were probably for show. Chansik gaped at him, Dongwoo looked utterly confused, and Junghwan blushed bright red.
    “What?” he asked, not knowing why it was such a big deal.
    “Junghwan wasn't chosen for his looks,” Sunwoo pointed out, “Just like Chansik wasn't chosen for his singing.”
    Sunwoo earned himself a slap on each shoulder from both aforementioned boys.
    “That hurt!” he pouted.
    “I know that Chansik is pretty,” Jinyoung replied, choosing to blow past the miniature argument that was happening, “But...Junghwan's smiles...when he's happy, he's so handsome.”
    Dongwoo and Chansik were kind of staring at him as Sunwoo snorted. Junghwan, however, was redder than Jinyoung had ever seen him. He almost wanted to ask if he was okay, but figured that maybe he should drop it by the way everyone was gaping at him.
    Jinyoung probably wasn't as surprised by Junghwan's Matrix-like moves as he should have been. Mostly because the back-bend stunts had made an appearance in the dorms. But it was impressive nonetheless. Jinyoung himself was certainly not that flexible.
The MC gave them the go ahead- the two attempting to knock each other over by pushing the other person's hands while their fans cheered and laughed.
    Over and over again, Junghwan bent over so far backwards that Jinyoung was sure he was going to tip clear over. Except he kept coming back up, smacking at Jinyoung's palms again.
    It was pretty impressive, Jinyoung had to admit. That is until Junghwan nearly lost his balance without Jinyoung even hitting him.
He couldn't help but laugh- enjoying Junghwan's enjoyment and excitement. 
    And then Junghwan lost his balance, falling forward and wrapping his arms around Jinyoung's neck to keep from face planting onstage. 
    Jinyoung held Junghwan's middle, shaking him from side to side as the fans screamed. Fan service- the fans loved it, obviously.
    And if he took personal enjoyment from having Junghwan latched on to him, laughing delightedly. Well, that was just a perk that he didn't need to mention to anyone.
    Jinyoung was 99% sure that Junghwan's selca of him and the stuffed duck was the most adorable thing that he'd ever seen.
He might have found random excuses to hug the younger boy all day that day. But no one noticed. Probably.
    Jinyoung insisted that he and Junghwan share a room when they went to Thailand for a fan meet. Junghwan usually slept separately in the dorm, so it was only fair that he get to have a roommate. And Jinyoung thought that, as the leader, he should be the one to offer. It all made perfect sense. It was logical. And thoughtful.
    No one seemed to take issue with it, Junghwan included.
    That is until Jinyoung found that Junghwan's hotel room only had one bed because he was meant to have slept alone.
    And Sunwoo, who'd been Jinyoung's roommate, refused to switch rooms with them for absolutely no reason.
    “Maybe I'll just go sleep in Sunwoo's room,” Junghwan suggested, “That way you can have the bed to yourself.”
    “No!” Jinyoung jumped in, “Stay! It'll be fun!”
    “Um...” Junghwan looked at the bed, “Won't it be a little crowded?”
    “Nah, Chansik climbs into Shinwoo's bunk all the time,” he pointed out.
    Junghwan shrugged, unable to argue.
    “Alright...if you really want me to stay...” he shrugged.
    Watching TV together wasn't anything that hadn't occurred before. But Jinyoung couldn't help, but revel in the fact that he had Jinyoung all to himself. And seeing Junghwan laugh so freely at the show they were watching just made Jinyoung enjoy it more.
    “I've seen this,” Junghwan groaned as the next show started, turning off the television and flopping back on the bed, “I guess I'll just check my email.”
    Rolling off the bed, Junghwan yanked his sweatshirt down from where it had ridden up, retrieving his laptop from his bag and plopping back down.
    Jinyoung watched him for a moment- watched the way he bit his lower lip in concentration and then laughed in response to something that he read. But he began to feel like a creep, so he grabbed his laptop as well, trying his best to concentrate.
    “Hyung, hyung, look at this!” Junghwan exclaimed, pushing his laptop into Jinyoung's face, “Watch this cat! It's in a tub! And it's paddling!”
    Junghwan leaned back against his pillow, laughing loudly with his hands clutching his stomach. Jinyoung was fairly sure that everyone on their floor could probably hear him. And he was absolutely certain that he was enjoying watching Junghwan more than the cat.
    To wake up and see Junghwan still passed out next to him was a privilege that Jinyoung was not used to having. Sure, he'd see Junghwan looking groggy when he made his way into the main room of their dorm in the morning, but that was different than seeing him sprawled out on messy sheets with his hand pressed to his cheek- face puffy from sleep. Jinyoung couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips at the incredibly endearing sight. And he wasn't able to stop himself from reaching out and brushing Junghwan's bangs out of his eyes.
    “Hyung?” Junghwan mumbled half into the pillow, clearly having been woken by the light touch.
    “Yeah?” Jinyoung replied, going for innocent.
    “Why are you staring at me and touching my hair? It's weird,” he said, squinting up at Jinyoung even as he pressed his cheek against the pillow under his head.
    “Um...you just looked...calm,” he tried, smiling in a way that was hopefully not creepy.
    “So you woke me up?”
    Well, when he put it like that...
    “I'm sorry, I won't do it again,” Jinyoung told him, hoping that no more 'why' questions would come up because he really didn't have the answers.
    Junghwan seemed to consider him, blinking slowly up at him that did nothing to lessen Jinyoung's urge to pinch his round cheeks.
    “You can do it if you want,” he finally said, cheeks tinged slightly pink though he closed his eyes as if to go back to sleep.
    Jinyoung kept his gaze on the other boy who was clearly feigning sleep rather than actually sleeping. Junghwan did just give him permission...
    Before he lost his nerve, Jinyoung leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to Junghwan's cheek.
    “Hyung!” Junghwan gasped, fully awake now, “What are you doing?”
    “You said I could,” Jinyoung shrugged, thoroughly enjoying the blush that reddened the other's cheeks.
    “I didn't say anything about kissing,” he hissed, sounding scandalized.
    Jinyoung grinned, “Okay, so can I?”
    “C-can you what?” Junghwan asked warily.
    “Kiss you.”
    Junghwan stared at him, mouth hanging open slightly in shock.
    So Jinyoung did what he figured any rational person would do in that situation: he kissed him. On the lips.
    Junghwan still looked positively stunned when Jinyoung pulled back.
    “You can think about it,” Jinyoung told him, smiling in satisfaction as he got out of bed to start getting ready for the day.
    Junghwan sputtered a little, opening and closing his mouth like he was going to say something, though he never actually uttered anything remotely coherent.
    “Take your time,” Jinyoung teased, grinning at Junghwan's pout that clearly stated that he knew that he was being poked fun at.
    And then a pillow hit him in the back and he turned to find Junghwan attempting to scowl. Though it was clear that he wanted to laugh.
    “Is that a yes?” he asked.
    This time the pillow hit him in the face, the sound of Junghwan cackling filling his ears.
    He smiled and then pounced, more than happy to have an armful of a wriggling, laughing Junghwan.

Tags: !oneshot, %challenge, fandom: b1a4, p: jinyoung/sandeul
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