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A Heartbeat Away (SeoSica)

Title: A Heartbeat Away
Pairing: SeoSica
Rating: G
Genre(s): romance, fluff
Word Count: 602
Summary: What she wants is closer than she thinks.
a/n: Inspired by GLAM's Party (XXO). Hopefully it'll make up for the GLAM inspired JongKey I posted yesterday OTL


Seohyun was staring at her reflection in the mirror she kept atop her dresser as she brushed her hair and hummed GLAM's new song under her breath when Jessica walked in.

“You like that song?” Jessica asked, casually leaning against the door frame and playing with the ends of her hair.

Seohyun nodded, pausing the motion of her hairbrush as she waited to see if Jessica had something to tell her or if she'd just wandered in out of boredom.

“It's true, you know,” she went on, stepping further into the room.

“What's true?” Seohyun asked, putting the brush down and turning to face the older girl.

“The song,” Jessica clarified, “The idea that, as a girl, you can only fall for a guy is wrong. You can fall for anyone. You can fall for a girl.”

“I know that, unnie,” Seohyun told her, slightly affronted that Jessica would think that she didn't. It wasn't like she had outdated ideals and antiquated morals, despite her image as the pure and innocent one.

“You do?” Jessica asked, lips quirking like they did when she was up to something, “Have you kissed any girls then?”

“I...” Seohyun trailed off, brows knitted together, “It's not like I've kissed a ton of guys either!” she finally said, unsure of exactly why that was her defense.

Jessica snickered, eyes shining with something as she stepped forward. Seohyun felt her heart thundering in her chest at Jessica's look and found herself stepping back out of instinct when Jessica took another step forward that would have nearly obliterated all the space left between them.

Panic seized her chest, followed by a eruption of warmth that spread to her fingers and toes and made them tingle. She knew her cheeks were pink as she waited for Jessica to move again.

But it seemed that Seohyun's move to back away startled the other girl who paused, expression changing instantaneously into one of embarrassment.

“Well, it's a good song,” Jessica said, chuckling nervously and making to move away.

But it was with the absolute surety that Jessica had been about to kiss her that gave Seohyun the courage to step forward and grasp Jessica's wrist before she could leave.

Jessica turned to her, eyes wide and mouth parted in surprise.

Seohyun took a breath and leaned forward and pressed her lips gently to Jessica's before she could talk herself out of it. She felt Jessica freeze in shock against her before her lips were kissing back- arms coming to wrap around Seohyun's neck to pull her closer.

Dizzy with euphoria and want, Seohyun started when Jessica pulled back, examining her face as if for any trace that she'd been kidding or unsure.

“Unnie,” Seohyun started, hearing the shake in her voice, “I really really like you.”

She flushed, letting out a nervous laugh as she cast her eyes to the floor. This was not how she'd imagined that she'd admit her feelings for the older girl. She truly hadn't ever thought she would at all, to be honest. But here she was, with her heart laid out for Jessica- she could take it or leave it and it was all out of her control.

“I really like you too,” Jessica replied softly after a painful moment of silence, reaching out and trailing her fingers over Seohyun's forearm before grasping onto her hand and squeezing.

Seohyun let out a breath she hadn't realized that she'd been holding and she smiled, watching Jessica burst into a fit of giddy laughter that only quieted when she leaned in to kiss Seohyun again. She was Juliet.

Tags: !drabble, fandom: snsd, p: seohyun/jessica
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