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Cucumber Finger Sandwiches (JeTi)

Title: Cucumber Finger Sandwiches
Pairing: JeTi
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, humor, romance
Word Count: 838
Summary: Tiffany isn't allowed to eat cucumber in any form because Jessica Jung says so.
Happy Birthday Tiffany! ♥


Jessica sipped her pear tea, setting the china cup back on the matching saucer with a clink and glancing up to see Tiffany considering the finger sandwiches with wide eyes like his was her first time attending high tea at the Ritz when it was actually probably near her sixtieth.

“Just decide,” Jessica laughed, rolling her eyes fondly as she took a dainty bite of her egg salad finger sandwich.

Tiffany giggled, reaching out and picking up a sandwich between her thumb and forefinger and bringing it toward her cherry-red mouth.

“Not that one!” Jessica very nearly shrieked, fortunately drowned out by the harpist playing not twenty feet away.

Jessica swatted at Tiffany's hand, causing her to drop the sandwich onto her plate where the top piece of bread slid off and revealed a cucumber shining with mayonnaise.

“It's cucumber,” she whined, wrinkling her nose.

“Just because you don't like cucumber, doesn't mean that I can't eat cucumber,” Tiffany reasoned, laughing at Jessica's disgust.

“Yes it does,” Jessica pouted, eyeing the sandwich like it might leap over to her plate if she wasn't careful, “And now your fingers probably smell like cucumber too.”

“Can I eat it then?” Sooyoung cut in, leaning over and eyeing the discarded sandwich.

Please,” Jessica said with a scoff.

“Don't eat everything, unnie,” Seohyun fretted, eyeing the two pieces of banana bread and half of a scone on Sooyoung's tiny plate.

Sooyoung waved her off, rebuilding the cucumber sandwich and taking a bite with satisfaction.

“You need to wash your hands now,” Jessica told Tiffany seriously.


“Come on.” Jessica was up from the plush couch she'd been seated on, pulling Tiffany's wrist to get her to follow.

Tiffany complied, trailing after Jessica across the Persian carpet on the floor and into the ladies' room- heels clacking noisily on the marble floor.

Jessica shoved Tiffany into one of the spacious stalls (each with its own toilet, sink, and upholstered stool), following behind her and shutting the door with a triumphant click.

“My fingers don't smell like cucumber, Jessi,” Tiffany said, sticking her hands under the faucet and rubbing soap between her fingers nonetheless.

“You can never be too sure,” Jessica replied airily, crossing her arms as she waited.

Tiffany sighed in resignation- resignation that she already embraced since she had allowed herself to be dragged to the bathroom to begin with- as she dried her hands on a monogrammed towelette.

“I wish you'd let me eat that sandwich,” Tiffany admitted wistfully, “It was the last one since Sooyoung got to them first.”

“I'm glad. Cucumber is disgusting,” Jessica reiterated, moving to leave the stall before Tiffany stopped her with a hand on her waist.

“Jessi, why can't I eat cucumber?”

Jessica sighed as though the question was bothersome, though the way she couldn't meet Tiffany's eyes let the other girl know that she didn't want to answer the question.

“Because then your breath will smell like cucumber,” Jessica hastily replied, “Can we go? I want a scone before they're gone.”

“So what if my breath smells like cucumber?” Tiffany pressed, lips quirking in a smile when she saw where this was going.

Jessica huffed.

“Because then I can't kiss you, okay? Happy?”

Tiffany grinned.

“You'd miss kissing me if you couldn't for a full afternoon?”

“Yes,” Jessica snapped, making to leave again, but Tiffany grabbed her by the hand before she could.

“Then I won't eat cucumber,” she conceded, smiling indulgently at the way Jessica's cheeks tinged pink with how close Tiffany had pulled her- their chests nearly pressed together and their skirts brushing against one another.


She was cut off when Tiffany's lips pressed against hers- soft but insistent and dizzying no matter how many times they'd kissed just like this. Jessica pulled away after a moment of their lips moving against one another with a gasp. Tiffany loved that she could tilt the other girl's world with just a press of lips.

Now we'd better get back,” Tiffany said, pulling Jessica out of the stall behind her just as a middle-aged woman wearing enough jewelry to pay for a house entered the restroom.

She gasped in what was most likely disgust and shock at the two leaving the same stall, hand in hand- lips probably red from kissing.

“Good afternoon,” Tiffany greeted, still tugging Jessica along as she hid a smile behind her unoccupied hand.

“Good afternoon,” Jessica echoed, biting her lips to keep a straight face.

As soon as the bathroom door shut behind them, the two girls burst into a fit of giggles- leaning into one another to hide laughter in each other's shoulders- despite the glare they got from the waitress who was walking by with a pot of tea.

“I'll bet all the scones are gone,” Jessica sighed when she'd gathered herself, fixing her hair with one hand.

“Nah, Seohyun probably convinced Sooyoung to save us a couple.”

“Wanna bet?” Jessica challenged, tilting her head with a smirk as her grip on Tiffany's hand tightened.


Tags: !drabble, fandom: snsd, p: jessica/tiffany
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