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One In A Million (HyoSeo)

Title: One In A Million
Pairing: HyoSeo
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff
Word Count: 753
Summary: Hyoyeon loves every version of Seohyun.
a/n: Inspired by Hyoyeon and Seohyun's Nylon shoot and written for mywookness's birthday :) 


Hyoyeon watched Seohyun pose on set- modeling lights shining onto her until the shutter clicked and the flash tubes popped and she was lit so intensely that it was hard to even see her for that split second.

She was vaguely aware of a stylist pinning and tucking her t-shirt at the small of her back while a hair stylist tugged at a stray curl, but all of her attention was focused on her group mate; her roommate, her friend.

Seohyun done up to look sexy for a music video shoot, she'd seen. She'd seen her styled to look like the girl next door and she'd seen her looking elegant on the red carpet. She saw Seohyun sweaty and flushed after dance practice and sleeping with her mouth open in the car, on the plane, backstage, and in her own bed- even sleeping with her forehead resting against the open pages of a book that she'd tried to read despite the fact that she was exhausted. She remembered how Seohyun looked before they'd debuted- so young and sweet. She knew what she looked like when she was frustrated, stressed out, excited, nervous, content, zoned out, and uncomfortable.

Hyoyeon had seen Seohyun looking nearly every way imaginable (barring a few examples that she shoved to the back of her mind with all the force her moral conscious could muster) and yet she never got tired of looking.

Even now she looked, waiting for her turn on set with stylists, makeup artists, photographer's assistants, digital techs, and who knows who else milling around. She still found herself transfixed with this particular version of Seohyun with her hair breaded and teased, eyelashes heavy with mascara, and the apples of her cheeks pink with blush. Hyoyeon certainly couldn't help but appreciate the pink lipstick on her lips and the way the lace-up thigh-high socks she was wearing didn't quite reach the edge of her flouncy pink skirt. She filed this version of Seohyun away in her memory along with every other variation she knew of.

“Your turn, unnie,” Seohyun told her as she exited the set, smiling despite the late hour.

“Hm?” Hyoyeon blinked, forcing herself to stop trying to memorize the way Seohyun's braid rested against her shoulder, curving around her long neck to settle against a collarbone, “Oh, yeah.”

She smiled at the younger girl, trying for carefree and maybe a little goofy, but feeling like maybe she didn't quite get there with the warmth that was swirling in her chest at the concerned look Seohyun was sending her.

“Are you tired?” the taller girl fretted, brows furrowing in the center, reaching out to brush her fingers against Hyoyeon's upper arm even as a stylist tried to pull her to get her ready for the next shot, “You shouldn't stay up online so late, unnie.”

Hyoyeon's affectionate chuckle was immediate, as always both amused and touched by Seohyun's overly responsible advice despite her position as the maknae of the group. Maybe they should have just made her the leader and been done with it, she thought with a smile, though she knew that Seohyun never would have allowed it- insisting that her unnies would do a better job than she would.

“I'm fine, don't worry,” she told her, grinning widely and feeling any tiredness that she had been experiencing before dissipate with Seohyun's attention fully on her.

“Are you sure?” Seohyun's eyes stayed on her even as the stylist began to get a little frantic.

“I'm sure,” Hyoyeon replied, reaching down to squeeze Seohyun's hand tightly- solidly- in her own.

Seohyun smiled then, cheeks turning a little pink, but maybe that was just the blush and a trick of the light as the photographer worked to set up his next shot.

“You can sleep on the ride home,” Seohyun told her, squeezing back as she spoke, “You can lean against my shoulder.”

Hyoyeon felt the bubble of warmth and affection in her chest swell and burst as she imagined her head pillowed against Seohyun's (bony) shoulder- the younger girl trying her best to stay still so as not to disturb her. Selfless, as always.

“Yeah,” she agreed, squeezing Seohyun's hand one more time before the stylist finally snapped and dragged Seohyun away by the wrist to go get changed.

The image of Seohyun smiling over her shoulder even as the stylist pulled her along, mouthing fighting at her with an encouraging grin, was one that she knew would stick with her for a long time.

Tags: !drabble, fandom: snsd, p: hyoyeon/seohyun
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