g_odalisque13 (g_odalisque13) wrote,

I've Got You (KaiSoo)

Title: I've Got You
Pairing: KaiSoo
Rating: PG
Genre(s): angst, fluff
Word Count: 357
Summary: The only good thing about nightmares is the feeling of relief upon waking.
a/n: I don't know what this is, but I have KaiSoo feels, so this happened.


Jongin felt like he was surrounded by flames- orange flickering light that made his skin feel hot and the air around him thick with smoke. Each inhalation brought the smoke into his lungs making his chest tight- the scent of sulfur clinging to the back of his throat and making him want to wretch.

It was chaos- sirens, yelling, running footsteps. Jongin could feel his heart pounding in his chest as his hands clenched into fists at his sides. He was paralyzed. Or that's what it felt like.

His eyes shut- blocking out the dancing flames, at least. He knew he was dreaming. He was aware that he was in no real danger. Still, he couldn't stop the feeling of pure terror that ran through his body, making his muscles lock up.

Slowly, he could feel consciousness begin to creep back in- cognizant to the fact that he was lying down in his bed. He felt the presence behind him, immediately soothing his frayed nerves.

As the dream faded- yells quieting and flames disappearing- the warmth on his skin turned from the foreboding heat of the fire to the comfort of another person's body against his. Jongin felt an arm wrap around his stomach and a kiss press against his shoulder blade.

He opened his eyes to see sun spilling in between the cracks in the curtains of his bedroom. But even though he was safe and sound, he still had the sensation that smoke was clinging to the back of his tongue- bitter and thick.

“Are you okay?” Kyungsoo whispered in his ear, arm tightening around his middle.

Jongin let out a deep breath, forcing himself to relax into the body behind him, and hummed an affirmative despite his heart still beating quickly against his ribs.

“I've got you,” Kyungsoo said, voice rough from sleep as he pressed a kiss to the side of Jongin's neck.

Serenity and contentment replaced the last bits of fear and tension that still clung to him. He placed a hand on top of Kyungsoo's that rested on his belly- a thank you that he knew Kyungsoo would understand despite the fact that no words had been spoken.

He was okay now.

Tags: !drabble, fandom: exo, p: kai/kyungsoo
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