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My Cheeks Red Like Fire Engines Racing, Straight to the Heat of Your Skin (girl!JongHo)

Title: My Cheeks Red Like Fire Engines Racing, Straight to the Heat of Your Skin
Pairing: girl!JongHo (Junghee/Minjung)
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): romance, fluff, humor, slight angst
Word Count: 5,706
Summary: In which Junghee is irresistible, Minjung is oblivious, and Gwiboon is annoyed. College AU.
a/n: So I guess this is me finishing old WIPs. I started this one a year ago OTL (title taken from A Fine Frenzy's Bird Of The Summer).


Minjung was fairly certain that she was going to kill Junghee. It just wasn't normal for one person to talk that much. She, herself, certainly didn't. And it was just her luck that she got stuck rooming with the most talkative, attention-loving girl in the whole university. Although Junghee's best friend, Gwiboon, perhaps gave her a run for her money. So that meant that Minjung got to deal with both of them together at least once a week.

Basically, she was probably going to kill Junghee.


Minjung really did wonder how she got matched with Junghee when they'd both had to fill out roommate surveys. They seemed to be opposites in nearly every way- Junghee was loud while Minjung was quiet, Minjung liked to be alone while Junghee constantly wanted companionship, Minjung studied in silence while Junghee liked to play music. The list went on.

And the newest thing Minjung could add to their differences was that Junghee really had no sense of modesty whatsoever. Not to say that Minjung was a prude or weirdly modest or anything. She worked out in a sports bra after all. But wandering around the apartment in lacy bras and barely-there underwear was a very different thing.

Minjung's first reaction was disbelief- who does that? After that, she went underwear shopping because she realized just how old and ratty her underwear really was in comparison. Not that she needed silk and lace panties like Junghee had, but elastic that still worked was a plus.

Her third reaction was...well, a little embarrassing. Because after she got past the initial shock of seeing Junghee exit the bathroom with wet hair and very little clothing, she found herself following the curve of Junghee's waist with her eyes- admiring the way each bra gently cupped her breasts and noticing the way that the white lace trim on certain pairs of panties contrasted with her tanned skin.

Of course as soon as she realized that she was staring, she hastily made herself busy- checking her email, unloading the dishwasher, watching tv, whatever. Anything to keep herself from ogling her roommate.

“Minjungie,” Junghee whined, walking over to where Minjung was seated at the kitchen table, “Have you seen my red scoop neck sweater? I can't find it anywhere.”

Minjung swallowed her mouthful of cereal as calmly as she could and tried not to fixate on the fact that Junghee was in a pair of red-flowered underwear with lace trim, a matching red bra, and a pair of thick, grey knee-socks that landed at mid-thigh.

“No I haven't seen it,” Minjung told her honestly, eyes going back to her cereal.

Junghee huffed in frustration, stomping her foot and whining in the back of her throat before she wandered off to dig through her drawers again. And that really shouldn't have been adorable except it kind of was and Minjung kind of loathed herself.

But she was quickly shaken from her self-degradation by an insistent knocking on the door. Minjung knew it was Gwiboon by the sharp raps on that sounded throughout their apartment. And apparently so did Junghee because she came flying out of her room with no more clothes on than she had a moment ago and answered the door, ushering the other girl in.

Why aren't you dressed?” Gwiboon complained, glancing over at Minjung and barely making eye contact as she followed Junghee into her room.

“I can't find my sweater,” Junghee whined, which led to an apparent search for something else to wear, based on the slamming of drawers that followed.

Eventually, the two of them left- waving to Minjung before heading out the door.

Except right before the door closed behind them, Minjung heard Gwiboon say, “Your roommate was totally staring at you, you know.”

Minjung let he head fall onto the tabletop, cheeks burning with embarrassment.

This couldn't be good.


“Minjung!” Junghee sang, waltzing into the apartment that evening.

Minjung winced, wondering how the conversation about her had gone once the door had closed. With any luck, Junghee hadn't taken Gwiboon seriously and had already forgotten about the whole thing.

“Yeah?” she replied warily from her spot on the couch where she was watching some dumb reality show.

“Nothing,” Junghee grinned, shedding her coat and draping it across the back of one of the kitchen chairs.

Minjung went back to watching the television- this was nothing out of the ordinary.

And then Junghee had shed her boots and was kneeling on the couch next to her, chin resting on her shoulder.

It was a bit more contact than Minjung was used to, but it didn't seem out of character for the other girl.

Junghee huffed in apparent annoyance due to the fact that the taller girl was still paying more attention to the television than her, breath blowing across Minjung's neck and making her shiver.

“Yeah?” Minjung asked again, feeling a little like she was talking to Lassie.

“Nothing,” Junghee sighed, pulling back and slouching against the couch cushions. Minjung watched her for a moment, eyes glued to the tv even though she obviously wasn't watching it and was pouting instead.

After a few more attempts at getting Junghee to tell her what she wanted, Minjung gave up and went back to watching television.


Junghee was dressed (fortunately, and for once) when she wandered into the kitchen after her shower. Minjung had just finished her cereal and was rinsing her bowl in the sink.

“I don't have anything to do today,” Junghee complained, arms reaching over her head as she arched her back, causing her white t-shirt to ride up and reveal a slice of tanned stomach and a peek of bright purple lace over the top edge of her distressed jeans.

Minjung looked away, conveniently bending over to put her dishes in the dishwasher. Though she was a bit perplexed as to why Junghee had bothered to get dressed if she wasn't going anywhere- Minjung always preferred to lounge around in sweatpants if she could.

“Don't you have a midterm tomorrow? And a paper due on Friday?” she pointed out.

Junghee sighed, letting her arms fall to her sides.

“Yeah...” she whined, scuffing her sock-covered foot against the ground, “But I just can't focus.”

“I don't know what to tell you,” Minjung told her honestly.

“I know!” Junghee suddenly announced, grasping onto Minjung's forearm and grinning in excitement, “Let's go walk down to the river! It's really nice out.”

“Wouldn't Gwiboon want to go with you?” Minjung tried, unsure of whether she wanted the other girl to go in her place or not.

“Nah, she doesn't like walking without a real destination,” Junghee told her, “Besides, we haven't done anything together in ages!”

Minjung wanted to point out that the only thing they ever do together is watch tv, but decided against it. Junghee looked so excited and who was she to ruin that?

So she quickly got dressed, brushed her teeth, and followed Junghee out of their dorm building and toward the Han River.

“It's so beautiful out!” Junghee exclaimed, closing her eyes as a gust of wind came off the river and blew her loose curls back.

Minjung hummed in response, trying her hardest not to stare at the other girl's profile when she was meant to be staring out at the water.

“How come you never bring boys over?” Junghee suddenly asked, turning to look at Minjung with curious eyes.

“What? What do you mean?” she replied pulling her hoodie tighter around herself against the breeze even though she wasn't really cold, “I don't bring anyone to our dorm. I usually hang out with my friends at their places or we go out to eat or something.”

“I don't mean friends,” Junghee said, even though both of them knew that Minjung understood what she meant the first time, “You never seem interested in dating or anything...”

“I...” Minjung trailed off.

She didn't even know how to respond without possibly ruining whatever budding friendship they had. And to have her own roommate be disgusted with her...or uncomfortable. That would be awful.

“I'm not not interested in dating,” Minjung hedged, knowing how obviously vague she sounded.

“So are there any boys you like?” Junghee asked, staring at her with her big eyes.

“No,” Minjung shook her head, keeping her gaze out over the river.

“Why not?” Junghee pressed.

“Because there aren't,” Minjung snapped, immediately feeling guilty. But before she could apologize for her tone, Junghee was speaking again.

“Are there any girls that you like?” Junghee was watching her carefully, though her own gaze was guarded.

Minjung turned to stare at her, mouth open in surprise.

She never expected to be asked so casually...

“It's fine if...if that's the case,” Junghee cleared her throat, suddenly seeming embarrassed as she looked down at her feet, “I didn't mean to pry.”

Except that she obviously had meant to pry, a fact that Minjung wanted to point out were it not for her seemingly stunned vocal chords.

“Never mind, okay?” Junghee said, looking at her again hopefully, “Let's head back.”

The walk back was uncomfortably silent.


Junghee was less clingy and demanding of her attention in the days that followed their outing, which was partially a relief considering the way Minjung found her heart racing when the other girl got too close. But on the other hand, it worried her. Had she somehow ruined everything? By saying nothing? Not to imply that they were best friends before, but at least they got along comfortably most days. Now the atmosphere in the apartment was tense and stuffy.

However, whatever had accidentally been revealed at the river did nothing to stop Junghee from wandering around in her underwear. If anything, her underwear seemed to consist of less fabric than ever. Though Minjung knew that must have just been her imagination.

Still, she wanted things back the way they were, which wasn't going to happen if she sat back and did nothing.

Which was how she ended up making two mugs of hot chocolate (all the while berating herself for being such a goddamned cliché) and calling Junghee into the living room when she arrived home from an outing with Gwiboon.

Junghee looked wary at first, being called into the main room before she even put her purse down in her bedroom. But her face broke out into a grin as soon as she saw the hot chocolate.

“For me?” she exclaimed even as she dropped her bag and coat on a kitchen chair and all but lunged for a mug.

Minjung couldn't help, but smile. Since when was she such a sucker for this girl?

“I just wanted to be sure that we're...okay,” Minjung began, speech stilted and eyes downcast even as she sat down on the couch and felt Junghee sit down next to her.

“We're okay,” Junghee immediately affirmed, puckering her lips and blowing on the surface of the hot liquid. Minjung tried not to stare.

Junghee took a sip, swallowing and then looking at Minjung with a smile. Minjung felt herself returning the grin despite the way her heart was hammering in her chest and the panicked thoughts swirling through her head- oh fuck, oh fuck I cannot be falling for her.

Except she knew she was.


Evidently, the hot chocolate did the trick because Junghee was back to pressing up against her on the couch and grabbing her arm in the midst of conversion. Which was good- it had been what Minjung had wanted, after all. But then there was the inconvenient fact that every one of Junghee's touches now made heat creep up her neck and her smile sent her heart into uncharacteristic fluttery fits.

“We're going out,” Junghee announced scarcely a week later while Minjung was stirring ramen on the stove, coming up behind her and resting her chin on her shoulder.

“Uh...” Minjung desperately searched her mind for an excuse. Junghee's idea of going out was probably not something that she'd find appealing. Even as she silently enjoyed the other girl's close presence behind her.

“It's decided already and I know you don't have plans tonight,” Junghee told her, stepping back to Minjung's embarrassing disappointment, “Gwiboon's friend told her about this really nice bar, so we're gonna go and you're coming.”

Minjung sighed in defeat.

“And it has a dress code. So no jeans!”

Upon her dismayed looked, Junghee grinned delightedly.

“I'll dress you up. It'll be fun.”


Fun...was not exactly how Minjung would have described being dressed up by Junghee. Interesting? Sure. Unnerving? Definitely. Embarrassing? Oh yes. But standing around in her underwear while Junghee dug through her closet for something acceptable was bound to be at least mildly scarring.

In the end, Junghee had put her in a white v-neck t-shirt and Junghee's own black spandex mini skirt, which was really short on Minjung considering their height difference. At least she had been allowed to wear black tights as well. And a pair of flat black boots. She might have had to poison Junghee's drink if she'd been forced to wear heels.

“You clean up nicely,” Gwiboon had said with some amount of amazement when they met at the subway station. Junghee had preened, clearly proud of her makeshift makeover, while Minjung had just muttered a thank you, busying herself with tugging at the hem of her skirt.

The bar was nice enough, Minjung thought. Despite her resistance to dressing up, she hated super dive-y bars that were teeming with frat guys- all of whom we trying to impress the “hot” girl on their arms with their mad pool skills. So she wasn't too put out by being dragged out by Junghee. She at least knew that the bathroom wouldn't reek of piss to the point where she wondered if someone had just peed in the middle of the floor (if the tasteful decorations and low mood lighting were anything to go by) and that was always a good thing to know.

“You like surprisingly girly drinks,” Junghee observed as she nursed at her second sprite and vodka. Minjung looked at her mango martini self-consciously.

“It tastes good,” she shrugged, taking another sip.

“You're cute,” Junghee giggled, clearly a little tipsy.

Minjung felt her cheeks flush, especially when she caught Gwiboon's pointed look out of the corner of her eye.

“Junghee, come to the bathroom with me,” Gwiboon requested.

Junghee made to protest, mouth opening as she glanced at Minjung. But Gwiboon's gaze on her was enough to get her to give in before she even argued.

“Be right back,” Junghee said to her, leaning down to speak into her ear as she affectionately squeezed her shoulders. Minjung nodded dumbly, returning the other girl's smile and trying not to show how much the simple contact affected her.

They were only gone for five minutes or so and Minjung busied herself with sipping her cocktail and breathing deeply, trying to shake the phantom feeling of Junghee's warm hands on her shoulders.

“I'm gonna take off,” Gwiboon announced when the two returned to their seats at the bar, “My roommate is having boy trouble so I have to be there for moral support.”

Minjung nodded, not bothered by the fact that Gwiboon was leaving since she could never really tell whether the other girl hated her or not. Though she actively ignored the surge of nerves that shot through her system unbidden at the realization that she and Junghee were going to be left alone. Not that they weren't alone all the time. They lived together after all...Minjung decided to blame the alcohol for her muddled mind.

“Make sure she gets home safely,” Gwiboon added with a smirk, the statement obviously directed at Minjung, much to the latter's surprise. She nodded dumbly even as Junghee pouted at Gwiboon. The other girl just gave her a look that Minjung couldn't decipher before she grabbed her jacket and waved to the two of them, slipping out the door and into the night.

“I didn't know Gwiboon had a roommate,” Minjung said just because she couldn't think of anything else to say. Which was so dumb. They lived together.

Junghee nodded, seemingly thrown off by Gwiboon's abrupt departure as well.

“Another round?” she asked after a moment with a smile.

Minjung agreed. Another mango martini sounded perfect.

For as much as Junghee liked to go out, she didn't hold her alcohol very well. And while Minjung had to admit that she was pretty tipsy herself...Junghee's unsteady steps and death grip on her arm gave away just how drunk she really was. It was with great difficulty that Minjung had gotten Junghee onto the subway, off at the right stop, and up the stairs to their shared apartment. It also didn't help that both of them kept bursting into laughter over absolutely nothing (though the late night jogger who ran with his arms pinned to his sides was a justifiable reason, at least).

“Feet hurt,” Junghee mumbled once Minjung had triumphantly closed the door behind them.

“That's what you get for wearing heels,” Minjung laughed, watching as Junghee clumsily kicked off her five inch heels and shucked her coat off- tossing it carelessly onto the couch before she turned back to Minjung unsteadily.

She was looking at her intently- with more focus than her level of intoxication would really allow for. Which was why she seemed to be having just a little bit of trouble staying steady on her feet as she studied her.

“You're pretty,” she finally said, as though she was observing some sort of scientific anomaly. Except not quite because instead of feeling like a specimen, Minjung felt her stomach twist and her cheeks flush under the scrutiny.

“You're drunk,” Minjung replied, reminding herself as much as she was reminding her roommate.

Junghee shook her head indignantly.

“Yes you are,” Minjung couldn't help but laugh, getting a hand on Junghee's elbow when she almost tipped over.

“I'm drunk,” Junghee confirmed seriously, “But you're still pretty.”


Before Minjung could stumble through some awkward form of thank you, Junghee had surged forward and planted a determined kiss right on Minjung's lips.

Naturally, Minjung froze. Never, in a million years, had she ever expected Junghee to kiss her. Ever. Even if maybe she'd thought about what it would be like a few times only to violently shake herself out of the fantasy, she never thought that she'd really find out.

But right now, it was impossible to ignore the reality of Junghee's full lips against her own. And she realized belatedly that she was kissing back- hands on Junghee's waist to keep her upright while Junghee grasped at Minjung's shoulders. For stability or...

Upright. Stability. Junghee was drunk. Somehow the feel of Junghee's lips had made her momentarily forget, but it wasn't something she could ignore.

Abruptly, Minjung pulled back- hands still on Junghee's waist aiding in holding the shorter girl at an arm's length.

“Why'd you stop?” Junghee complained, brows furrowed and lips pulling down in the type of pout that made Minjung weak to her.

“You're drunk,” Minjung stated, feeling like a broken record, but knowing that her head was too much of a mess to come up with something better.

“So? I-”

“You should get some sleep,” Minjung cut her off, letting go of her hold on Junghee and stepping back, “I'm gonna go to bed...drink some water, okay?”

Minjung turned and swiftly walked to her room, shutting the door behind her and all but collapsing against it. What had just happened? And how was she going to face Junghee in the morning once the latter had sobered up and realized what she'd done?

Still, she couldn't get Junghee's confused and disappointed expression when she'd walked away out of her mind; dreams of kisses and sad eyes haunting her as she slept.


Unsurprisingly, Minjung woke with a pounding in her right temple- feeling like she'd slept with a brick on her head. Squeezing her eyes shut, she winced, trying to breathe through a wave of nausea that rose as she sat up. Not the worst hangover that she'd had, but not fun nonetheless.

However, as the past night flashed before her eyes, a feeling of dread overtook her worse than any hangover she'd ever experienced. Minjung wondered if her sudden urge to throw up was from the alcohol or from the terror of facing Junghee.

What could she even say? Junghee had certainly been more intoxicated than she had- a fact that they both knew. So that obviously explained why the shorter girl had kissed her. But Minjung wasn't nearly as drunk. And she'd very clearly kissed back. Enthusiastically. It was something that she couldn't even pretend to deny.

As tempting as the idea of just hiding out in her room forever was, her need to use the bathroom won out over her desire to avoid Junghee. She was also dying for a drink of water. So after she'd washed her hands, she cautiously made her way to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge.

Her hope that Junghee might still be sleeping was squashed when she found her roommate sitting at the table with her head in her hands and an untouched glass of orange juice sitting next to her. Despite her awkwardness, Minjung felt a pang of sympathy for the other girl. If Minjung herself was feeling awful, she couldn't even imagine how shitty Junghee must feel.

Junghee cracked an eye open, squinting at Minjung.

“Are you okay?” Minjung found herself asking.

Junghee moaned, letting her head rest in the crook of her arms.

“Can I do anything?”

Junghee shook her head.

“Okay...I'm gonna go back to my room...let me know if you need anything, alright?”

Junghee grunted in acquiescence.

Minjung tiptoed out of the kitchen- not wanting to disturb the other girl- and took refuge in her room.

Maybe Junghee didn't remember last night.

She could only hope.


Minjung spent the rest of the morning in her room, lying in bed and checking her email on her phone when she didn't feel like puking. By the time lunch rolled around (and Minjung had successfully convinced herself that, yes, she needed to eat even if she didn't feel like it), it seemed that Junghee had gone back to bed. Or at least had camped out in her room since the kitchen was clear. Minjung couldn't help the relief that she felt upon finding the kitchen table empty.

After she'd eaten, she was tempted to collapse on the couch to watch TV, but she didn't want to hog the room in case Junghee was avoiding her too. So she decided to shower instead. She felt pretty disgusting anyway.

And if she'd been hoping that the hot water was going to wash away all of her uncertainty, she'd be sorely disappointed since even though she was clean, she was still just as nervous exiting the bathroom and cutting through the kitchen to get back to her bedroom. But Junghee still wasn't there. It was a relief, but at the same time, Minjung knew that she'd have to see Junghee at some point (when the other girl wasn't lying across the table like a corpse) and putting it off was just making her more and more worried about what she'd say when they finally did cross paths.

For now though, she'd just have to wait. And try to think of how to recover from her slip-up of epic proportions.


Junghee was sitting on the couch, wet hair soaking through her t-shirt where it rested against her shoulders, watching some ridiculous docudrama with the volume low when Minjung wandered out of her room the next day just an hour shy of the afternoon.

Glancing up, Junghee offered a small smile before her eyes were on the TV screen again- tension in her frame obvious in comparison to the way she had been sprawled out before. Minjung figured that it was safe to assume that she remembered.

Minjung sucked her lower lip into her mouth as she grabbed a breakfast shake out of the fridge, leaning against the counter and trying to think of something to say to cut the awkward atmosphere. Junghee must be embarrassed, Minjung thought, to have kissed her out of the blue when she clearly hadn't meant for it to be anything. She was probably also somewhat alarmed about Minjung's eager response.

“Are you feeling better today?” Minjung finally asked, unable to think of a way to bring up the incident.

Junghee nodded, turning her head to catch Minjung's eye- looking like she was afraid that Minjung was...that Minjung was what? Angry? Disgusted? In love with her? Minjung had no idea. And she didn't really know how to ask.

“Um...” Minjung started again, setting her shake down on the counter and fiddling with the top edge of her sweatpants.

“I'm sorry!” Junghee suddenly cut in, voice loud in comparison to Minjung's and far louder than the low hum of the TV.

Minjung frowned. Sorry?

“You...don't have to be sorry?”

“I just...that was so inappropriate and I probably made you really uncomfortable...” she bit at her lips, anxious eyes on her lap, “I should have just...let it go when you didn't seem like you wanted it...I'm sorry. I never meant to...do anything like that, but I was drunk and I just couldn't stop myself. If you want to...I dunno...avoid me or something, that's fine, I-”

“Avoid you?” Minjung interrupted, “Why would I avoid you?”

Junghee looked up to meet her gaze now, still looking like an animal ready to run at the first sign of danger.

“You probably don't want to be around me now that you...know,” she mumbled, cheeks pink and eyes averted again.

“Know what?” Minjung was honestly not following. Junghee did remember what had happened, right? What was she talking about?

“You don't remember what happened the other night?” Junghee asked, echoing Minjung's own thoughts.

“Of course I remember,” Minjung told her, “You were much more out of it than I was.”

Junghee frowned, looking at Minjung like she couldn't figure out if they were talking about the same thing.

“But I...kissed you,” she whispered, blush growing as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“I...I know,” Minjung said, “But why would-”

The loud knock at the door had Minjung stopping mid-sentence, watching as Junghee climbed off the couch and swiftly walked past her to answer the door. Gwiboon. Of course.

“Good morning,” Gwiboon greeted, grinning as she waltzed into the apartment looking like an actual human being- perfectly put together as always- while Minjung and Junghee both looked like they didn't intend to step beyond the threshold of their apartment.

“Morning,” Junghee mumbled, walking back over to the couch to drop back down and curl up.

“How was your night after I left?” she asked, looking from Junghee to Minjung with a glint in her eyes. Did she know? Had Junghee told her? Oh god...

“Fine,” Junghee snapped and Gwiboon's eyes widened in surprise, looking back to Minjung like maybe she had the answer she was looking for. Minjung just busied herself with breaking the seal on her breakfast shake.

“Wait, so-”

“I have to pee,” Junghee announced before Gwiboon could say anymore, quickly pushing past her friend and locking herself in the bathroom.

“What happened?” Gwiboon asked, turning to Minjung like she'd done something to Junghee. And while she'd kissed her back, that certainly didn't explain the anger in Gwiboon's eyes.

“Um...I don't know?”

“What did you say to her?” Gwiboon demanded.

“Nothing!” Minjung insisted, holding her hands up in surrender, “She was just apologizing except I'm not really sure why and then you came to the door...”

“You don't remember what happened?” Gwiboon asked, eyeing her shrewdly.

Yes, I remember,” Minjung snapped, “Why does everyone keep asking me that? I wasn't the one who could barely stand.”

“You kissed her back,” Gwiboon stated.

Minjung's mouth fell open, unsure of what to say, “What...how...were you there or something?”

“Junghee told me,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Oh...” Minjung blushed belatedly at the fact that Gwiboon seemingly knew exactly what had happened.

“So what the hell?” Gwiboon exclaimed, “Why aren't you guys making out or something? Why are you both being all weird? Did you turn her down?” she asked, suddenly glaring at Minjung again.

“Turn her down? What? No? She didn't say...I mean, I don't think she wants...”

“Oh my god,” Gwiboon lamented, “You guys are both retarded.”


“Junghee was supposed to tell you how she felt,” she sighed, hands on her hips like this was all a major inconvenience for her, “But she wouldn't believe me that you liked her, so apparently she just chickened out. Honestly. Why do I have to everything?”

“She what?” Minjung asked, eyes wide and heart pounding like she'd just been sprinting. She must have heard heard wrong. There was no way...

“Junghee likes you,” Gwiboon said with exasperation, “She thought she'd be able to get up the courage to tell you if she had a little to drink...which apparently turned into a lot, so instead of telling you she kissed you and you stopped her because she was falling-over-drunk and now you're both being idiots instead of talking about it like normal human beings.”


“Yeah, oh,” Gwiboon mocked, sighing for probably the fifth time, “I'm gonna go. And you're going to stop being stupid and tell her how you feel.”


“You better,” Gwiboon threatened, shooting a look at Minjung over her shoulder as she walked to the door, “Because if I come over here again and you guys are anything but stupidly happy, I'm going to start throwing things at the two of you.”

With that she was out the door and Minjung was stuck standing in the kitchen with her mind reeling and her stomach flipping around as violently as it had been yesterday, except it felt warm and fluttery today instead of like she might throw up. A definite improvement.

So Junghee liked her. Junghee liked her. Gwiboon would obviously know. Besides, she'd been able to tell that Minjung had a crush on Junghee so even if Junghee hadn't told her...

The sound of the bathroom door opening had Minjung jumping slightly, feeling her heart jump as well at the sight of Junghee creeping through the dorrway like she was afraid that there was a lion hiding somewhere in the apartment that might jump out at any moment and attack her.

“Where's Gwiboon?”

“She left,” Minjung told her, “She seemed kind of worked up...”

“Oh,” Junghee flushed, evidently able to surmise what Gwiboon had been worked up about, though she probably didn't know that Minjung knew as well.

Taking a deep breath, Minjung decided it was now or never. Besides, Gwiboon probably would actually throw things at them if they didn't work things out.

“You don't have to apologize for the other night,” she began, seeing Junghee pull into herself in embarrassment at the mention of the kissing incident, “I only stopped you because you were drunk...”

Junghee looked up at her like she wasn't quite sure what Minjung was saying- like she was afraid to believe what she thought she was hearing.

“I figured that you would regret kissing me when you were sober, so I thought it was best that we didn't...continue,” Minjung saw that Junghee was about to protest- tell her that she wouldn't have regretted it- but she wanted to save her the trouble, “But I...I wanted to. Continue kissing you, I mean.”

Minjung could feel her cheeks heat at the confession even though she was pretty much guaranteed by Gwiboon that things would work out. Junghee's eyes widened, mouth parted slightly like she didn't have a response at the ready.

“And I would like to...try kissing you when we're sober...um...” Minjung trailed off, very aware of the fact that that was the absolute worst confession in the history of the world. She might as well have thrown a piece of paper with a heart drawn on it at Junghee's head and then run away. This was really not going how she wanted it to-

“Okay,” Junghee said, cutting off Minjung's inner self-deprecation.


“We can kiss. I mean, if you want, I-”

Minjung was fed up with being awkward and stupid and scared, so instead of letting Junghee prattle on uselessly like she had, she stepped forward and tilted her head down to brush her lips against the other girl's- hearing Junghee's sharp intake of breath at the contact before she was kissing back fervently, hands gripping the back of Minjung's neck to pull her closer.

“You didn't brush your teeth,” Junghee observed when they finally parted for air.

“Oh, right...” Minjung flushed. She hadn't quite been thinking straight when she'd decided to kiss Junghee, spur of the moment.

“I don't care,” Junghee laughed, grabbing Minjung's arms to drag her towards the couch, “Just be glad you're not trying to woo Gwiboon.”

“Definitely not trying to woo Gwiboon,” Minjung assured her with a laugh as she was pulled down onto the couch next to the shorter girl.

“Good,” Junghee grinned, eyes dark in a way that had Minjung's stomach clenching in anticipation right before Junghee was in her lap, lips fitting against hers again while she threaded her fingers through Minjung's bed head.

It was definitely not the most romantic situation.

Except with the way Junghee kept murmuring how much she liked Minjung in between kisses and how Minjung whispered how beautiful and perfect she thought Junghee was as she traced her jaw with her lips, it kind of was.


Minjung and Junghee were complete opposites. Minjung was quiet and Junghee was loud. Junghee liked to study with music or the TV on while Minjung needed complete silence to focus. Junghee constantly wanted attention while Minjung kept to herself. That is until she had a lap full of Junghee and then she couldn't really complain.

And Junghee still walked around the apartment in lacy scraps of fabric that she tried to pass off as underwear. But now that Minjung was allowed to look- and touch- she found that she didn't mind at all.

Tags: !oneshot, #genderswap, fandom: shinee, girl!shinee, p: jonghyun/minho
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