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Listen Boy! My First Love Story (BaekYeol)

Title: Listen Boy! My First Love Story
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, humor, romance
Warning(s): Excessive SNSD fangirling...er, fanboying. It's all Baekhyun, people. Not me at all. Nope.
Word Count: 7,191
Summary: In which Baekhyun is a huge fan of SNSD and Chanyeol looks nothing like Seohyun.
a/n: A big thank you to lishalishalisha for sitting on google docs with me and basically holding my hand for the second half of this fic.


The fact that Baekhyun was a complete Girls' Generation fanboy was something that his friends had long ago come to terms with. Or, perhaps more accurately, they just learned to ignore it. Not that there was anything wrong with being completely obsessed with the girl idol group. It was just that he was inclined to talk about them. A lot.

So Baekhyun's friends and family tended to tune him out when he started going on about how Jessica was such an underrated singer or how Seohyun had grown up to be so gorgeous or how the whole TaeNy thing was cute, but overrated because clearly JeTi was way more real, and so forth.

His friends even got used to the fact that Baekhyun's list of crushes over the years basically consisted of girls who, in some way, resembled a Girls' Generation member. Jongin would stage whisper to Sehun that it was so sad while Kyungsoo would patiently try to get Baekhyun to cite other reasons besides she looks kind of like Yoona from certain angles as to why he liked whatever girl it was that time. Minseok just kept quiet.

Baekhyun's life was kind of predictable, honestly. He'd been hanging out with the same four guys since elementary school, he was taking the normal classes that any other junior in high school would take, and he spent most of his free time looking up Girls' Generation news and videos online. He was content with the way things were and in no hurry to change the rhythm of his day to day life.

But really, that's just asking for the universe to throw something at you that you didn't expect at all.

And that unexpected disruption? Well, it came in the form of Park Chanyeol.


It was just like any other day, the day that Chanyeol entered into Baekhyun's life. But that was how it always started, wasn't it?

Baekhyun was slumped in his seat in pre-calc, notebook open to a blank page, and pen held lazily between his fingers. He hated math, any type. No matter how closely he paid attention, he'd always leave class mostly unsure of what he'd been taught. And by the time he opened his textbook to the homework later that day, the whole thing might as well have been in a different language. Or it could have been trigonometry. Or engineering for all he knew. In short, it all felt pretty hopeless.

Due to this cycle of failure, as Jongin liked to call it despite the fact that he was no better at math than Baekhyun, he had developed the habit of zoning out during class- doing other homework if he could be inconspicuous enough or doodling and daydreaming if he couldn't- and then pestering Kyungsoo later to explain it to him. Because unlike sitting in class, he could interrupt Kyungsoo every two seconds to ask him to explain something again.

So when there was a loud voice in his ear just minutes before the bell rang, breaking through his special pre-calc bubble of unawareness, Baekhyun was understandably startled.

“Hi!” a grinning boy with too many teeth and ears that stuck out too much said to him when he turned to his left to see why he was being disturbed.

Baekhyun looked at the boy in confusion. Because while he tended to be pretty unaware of his surroundings during pre-calc, he was nearly positive that he'd never seen this kid in his life. He would have remembered those wide, round eyes that looked almost manic.

“Hi?” he responded when the boy just kept smiling at him.

“I just transferred here,” the boy explained, “I'm Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol.”

Baekhyun kind of almost wanted to make a Bond. James Bond joke, but that would have been awkward. Instead he smiled hesitantly in return and introduced himself as well.

“Byun Baekhyun!” Chanyeol repeated back, seeming pleased with the name for reasons that Baekhyun couldn't even guess, “Alliteration!” he announced proudly.

Baekhyun just nodded dumbly, ignoring the urge to tell Chanyeol that there had to be at least three words in a row for it to count as alliteration.

Fortunately, the bell rang and the teacher began class before Baekhyun was subject to anymore analysis of his name. Perhaps now he could go back to...well, he hadn't actually been doing anything when Chanyeol interrupted him, but now he could just relax and try to draw a meaner caricature of Jongin than he had yesterday.

But before he could even start on Jongin's puffy lips (made way puffier in the drawing, of course), a desk slammed into the side of his own and Baekhyun nearly yelped in surprise.

“Will you share your book with me?” Chanyeol asked when Baekhyun had turned to look at him again, his face far too close. And wow, his teeth were even more overwhelming from this vantage point.

“Uh, sure,” he replied, glancing up to see his teacher nodding in approval before turning back to the blackboard.

“What page are we on?” Chanyeol hissed loudly.

“I dunno.”

Chanyeol went on to whisper to one of the other students to figure out what the page number was before he flipped dramatically through the book until he landed on the right one.

“Here we go,” he said, patting the open book in triumph. Baekhyun hummed in response.

After fifteen minutes of Chanyeol furiously taking notes (so furiously that his desk shook and, by proximity, made Baekhyun's desk shake as well), Chanyeol sighed and turned to look at what Baekhyun was writing. Like maybe he had some important note that Chanyeol had missed. Instead, he was met with Baekhyun's drawing of Jongin and the half-finished drawing of Sehun.

“Those are really funny,” Chanyeol whispered, warm breath blowing across Baekhyun's ear and making him jump. It wasn't everyday that he had someone close enough to breathe on his ear.

“Thanks,” he muttered, embarrassed that someone else had seen his stupid doodles.

“Who are they?”

For as focused on note-taking as Chanyeol had been, he certainly got distracted easily.

“My friends,” Baekhyun quietly answered, resisting the urge to cover them up with his arms. He didn't want to be obvious about the fact that he didn't really want Chanyeol looking over his shoulder. That would be rude.

Chanyeol smiled happily at the answer and then went back to taking detailed notes in handwriting that Baekhyun couldn't decipher at all. Not that he wanted to.


Baekhyun wished that he didn't get immediate deja vu when he felt something, or rather someone, slam into his right side as he took a bite of the leftover tteokbokki that his mother had packed him for lunch (hey, he would starve if he was put in charge of remembering his own lunch at six in the morning). This was all too similar to the desk bumping into his in pre-calc. When he turned to find Chanyeol sitting on the bench next to him, grinning widely, he was not as surprised as he probably should have been.

“Byun Baekhyun!” Chanyeol trilled. Though Baekhyun allowed that maybe someone with such a deep voice wasn't capable of trilling.

With some amount of trepidation, Baekhyun turned to see what his friends thought of this sudden addition to their lunch table. Kyungsoo and Minseok were looking on with curiosity while Jongin's and Sehun's eyebrows were raised as if to say who the hell is this?

Baekhyun sighed.

“This...is Chanyeol-”

Park Chanyeol,” Chanyeol added.

“He just transferred here. And he sits next to me in pre-calc,” Baekhyun finished, knowing that he probably looked just as confused as Jongin did.

“Hi!” Chanyeol said brightly, waving enthusiastically at the other people seated at the table.

“Hi,” Kyungsoo recovered from the loud ball of energy known as Park Chanyeol first, “I'm Kyungsoo.”

The others introduced themselves as well, following Kyungsoo's lead. And after everyone had become acquainted, Baekhyun was all too aware of Jongin's amused gaze directed at him and he wished he could have explained, but...how do you even explain Chanyeol? Besides, Baekhyun had known the other boy for a grand total of an hour and seven minutes.

Somehow, even as he parted from Chanyeol to follow Minseok to his world history class, he knew that Chanyeol's presence in his life wasn't a temporary one. Life was about to get a lot more exhausting.


Baekhyun did his best to continue on with his routine as usual and, for the most part, he succeeded. That is, unless he focused on pre-calc, the walk from pre-calc to his locker, the walk from his locker to the lunch room, and lunch, as that stretch of his day had been invaded by Chanyeol. That hour and thirty-five minutes was noticeably more chaotic than it had been before- Chanyeol filling up any quiet moments with his deep voice and loud laughter.

At first Baekhyun kept quiet most of the time, unsure of what to do with the tall boy following him around. He didn't adjust to change well and Chanyeol was definitely different. But as a week turned into two weeks and two weeks became a month, he found himself getting used the easily excitable member of his lunch table. In fact, on the day that Chanyeol had been absent, the silence on his walk to the lunch room was almost suffocating. And he finished his lunch in half the time it usually took him since he wasn't talking or laughing nearly as much. Even Jongin seemed displeased with the quietness of the table.

But still, Baekhyun didn't give Chanyeol much thought after that first week when he'd been completely perplexed by him. He was there for a portion of Baekhyun's day and that was it. It wasn't like he'd seeped into other aspects of his life as well.

That is, until he did.


Baekhyun stared at the sheets of stapled paper sitting on his desk, face down. His latest pre-calc test. While the other students were eagerly looking at their scores, either exclaiming in happiness or groaning and complaining, Baekhyun was too afraid to flip the paper over. He hadn't felt very confident with the material this time around since Kyungsoo was getting busy with his own homework and hadn't had much time to tutor Baekhyun before the exam. But he knew it was unfair to blame his friend for his poor performance. It was his own fault.

Sucking in a breath, Baekhyun flipped the pages over and looked at the red number at the top: 73. He winced and hurriedly stuffed the exam into his bag. It wasn't that a C was horrible, especially considering he was not a math person by any means, but he had high expectations for himself. And his parents' expectations were even higher. Nothing lower than a B would be acceptable as a final grade. And right now, he knew that he was slipping dangerously close to receiving a C instead.

“How'd you do?” Chanyeol asked enthusiastically, leaning across the gap between their desks with a grin on his face.

“Don't wanna talk about it,” Baekhyun mumbled, eyeing the scratch marks and scribbles on his desk (someone had written the first verse of My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas on the upper corner for some unfathomable reason) instead of meeting Chanyeol's eye. He knew that the other boy had gotten a 98; he'd glanced over out of curiosity when Chanyeol had received his test along with a good job from the teacher.

Chanyeol's smile immediately changed to a look of concern.

“You didn't do well?” he asked.

“What do you think?”

Chanyeol frowned, looking thoughtful. “Do you need a tutor?”

“Well, Kyungsoo usually tutors me, but he's been really busy with his AP classes so he hasn't had much time lately...”

“I could tutor you,” Chanyeol offered confidently.

Baekhyun looked over at Chanyeol in surprise to see that the other boy had a bright smile on his face once again.


On the one hand, Baekhyun didn't know Chanyeol that well and he wasn't sure if it would be weird to hang out with him one on one after school. But Chanyeol did get good grades. And he was nice. And eager, apparently, with how he was practically bouncing in his seat as he waited for Baekhyun to answer.

“Um, sure, I guess,” he finally said.

Chanyeol's grin was blinding.


Somehow, they'd ended up seated at Chanyeol's kitchen table that Thursday afternoon- school bags left at the door, uniform blazers hung over the backs of their chairs, and Baekhyun's pre-calc book open between them on the table.

Baekhyun had assumed that they'd be studying in the school library, but Chanyeol said that the library stifled his ability to teach. Or something like that. So without much of a choice, Baekhyun had followed the taller boy home and sat in his kitchen as Chanyeol yanked off his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt while rummaging in the fridge and asking Baekhyun if he wanted anything.

Chanyeol in his natural environment was even more uncontrolled than Chanyeol at school. But it was kind of nice to see Chanyeol be able to laugh without getting scolded for being too loud and to watch him move with as much exuberance and freedom as he pleased (though the danger of getting hit in the face with a wayward limb increased significantly).

“I don't get it,” Baekhyun complained for the second time in the last four minutes, throwing his pencil down into the gutter of the textbook and crossing his arms petulantly.

“Okay, here,” Chanyeol picked up the pencil and turned to a clean page of notebook paper, “Let me show you again.”

Chanyeol was surprisingly patient. Without getting frustrated at Baekhyun's inability to process things involving numbers, he willingly explained concepts over and over again until Baekhyun understood

Baekhyun watched Chanyeol work out the problem at hand again, writing out the steps and narrating what he was doing as he solved the equation. It kind of made a little sense that time, Baekhyun thought, taking back the pencil when Chanyeol handed it to him and trying the homework problem again.

“Um,” Baekhyun said, getting Chanyeol's attention when he'd finished. And while he'd felt like he kind of knew what he was doing, he braced himself himself for the other boy to tell him he had made a mistake again.

Chanyeol's exclamation in the quiet room startled Baekhyun so much that he didn't even process what Chanyeol had said. Had he finally lost his patience? But when Baekhyun looked up at the other boy, he was grinning and clapping his hands.

“You got it right!” he repeated, smacking Baekhyun on the back affectionately and causing him to lurch forward slightly at the impact, “See? You can do it!”

Baekhyun wasn't really used to having anyone react with that much enthusiasm, even when he did conquer a near impossible math problem, but he still found himself smiling and ducking his head in embarrassment at the praise.

“You deserve some candy as a reward!” Chanyeol announced, getting up from his chair to grab the bag of gummy worms from the counter and all but marching like he was in a parade as he made his way back to the table.

Baekhyun stuck a green worm in his mouth and watched as Chanyeol continued the celebration ceremony with lots of shouts and hand gestures. After spending the prior semester with Kyungsoo in the library speaking in hushed voices as Baekhyun attempted to make sense of his pre-calc homework, this would take some getting used to.

But he found that he didn't mind the change. In fact, he kind of liked it.


“So I was reading this article online,” Baekhyun said at lunch, “And it was talking about a survey that asked people who their ideal type was in Girls' Generation.”

Jongin heaved a sigh while Kyungsoo offered a small smile, both resigned to the mini survey that was most likely going to occur in the next few minutes.

“The results were mostly what I expected, but there were a few rankings that I was surprised about,” Baekhyun went on, “So who are your ideal types?”

Sehun rolled his eyes and Baekhyun glared.

“I'm just curious!”

“I'd say Hyoyeon or Jessica,” Jongin said, surprisingly speaking up first, “Hyoyeon because she's such a good dancer.”

“Why Jessica?” Kyungsoo asked.

Jongin shrugged, “She's pretty?”

Baekhyun sighed.

“Yoona,” Minseok piped up, not elaborating and instead taking another bite of his lunch.

“Okay, well the closest to my ideal type in Girl's Generation is Tiffany,” Kyungsoo told them, humoring Baekhyun as always, “She smiles a lot and seems nice.”

“Yuri,” Sehun said around a mouthful of food, “Have you seen her body?”

Baekhyun made a noise of disgust as Jongin offered a high-five.

“What about you, Chanyeol?” Baekhyun turned away from his two idiot friends before he threw his bottle of water at them.

“I really like Taeyeon,” he said with a smile.

Oooooh,” Jongin taunted, “He stole your woman!”

“She's my favorite member, not my ideal type,” Baekhyun corrected.

“Your ideal type isn't your favorite member?”

“No,” he replied, looking at them like duh.

“So who's your ideal type?” Kyungsoo asked.

“Seohyun,” he informed them coolly.

“I didn't know that you were such a big fan of Girl's Generation,” Chanyeol said, looking at Baekhyun with a smile that no one offered him when they thought that he was about to talk their ear off about his favorite group.

Jongin and Sehun shared a look before bursting out into loud laughter that had Baekhyun scowling.

“I guess you haven't been in Baekhyun's room then,” Minseok guessed, smiling wryly.

“No, why?”

“It's practically a shrine,” Sehun cackled, leaning against Jongin's shoulder for support as he doubled over again.

“It's not a shrine,” Baekhyun mumbled, focusing on his lunch instead of looking up to see what Chanyeol's reaction was.

“There are posters on the ceiling,” Jongin reminded him, “Although, I guess that'd come in handy when you're jacking o-”

Kyungsoo slapped a hand over Jongin's mouth as Baekhyun felt his face flame.

“I've always wanted to cover my room in posters,” Chanyeol mused, interrupting the battle of will that was going on between Jongin and Kyungsoo as Jongin tried to get Kyungsoo to remove his hand by shooting the older boy sad puppy dog eyes.

Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol, surprised, “You have?”

It wasn't so much that he was surprised that Chanyeol wanted a room covered in posters, but the fact that he hadn't either looked at Baekhyun like he was a freak or laughed at him like Jongin and Sehun was kind of...huge.

“Yeah,” Chanyeol nodded, thoughtful, “I always thought it'd look really cool, but I never had enough posters...or patience.”

He grinned at Baekhyun and Baekhyun felt himself smiling back, warmth blooming in his chest. They didn't even know each other that well, but Chanyeol had just diverted the attention away from Baekhyun, realizing that he was mortified by the direction the conversation was heading. He didn't have to do that. But...he had anyway.

Chanyeol wrapped a hand around his bicep and squeezed, shooting him one last smile before he went back to devouring whatever it was that he'd bought from the school cafeteria, leaving Baekhyun to stare at Chanyeol's profile and wonder what had just happened.


“It's so colorful!” Chanyeol marveled upon walking into Baekhyun's bedroom with Baekhyun trailing behind him nervously. It was one thing to hear about it and think no big deal, but seeing his room was a different thing entirely. Especially considering how much pink there was since pink was Girls' Generation's official color.

“It's colorful,” Baekhyun agreed, watching as Chanyeol walked around the perimeter of the room, looking at the collage of posters on every wall.

“Why's there a gap here?” he asked, pointing to one of the only places where the wall was visible.

Baekhyun flushed, “I cleared space the other day for the posters that come with their new album...I already ordered the group version, the Taeyeon version, and the Seohyun version and they all come with posters so...”

“Planning ahead!” Chanyeol said brightly, turning around to shoot a grin at Baekhyun who nodded sheepishly.

“We should probably go study,” Baekhyun suggested, eager to get out of his room despite the fact that Chanyeol didn't seem like he was about to drop to the floor in a fit of laughter like Sehun had when he'd first been in his room. It was things like that that made it a bit of a sore spot for him, so doing pre-calc at the kitchen table sounded a lot safer.

It had been three weeks since Chanyeol had started tutoring him, the two of them meeting up after school two to three times a week. Because of he frequency with which it happened, getting tutored by Chanyeol was becoming a routine- no longer something that disrupted his life, but something that was part of it. And somehow, despite the whole thing revolving around math, Baekhyun found himself looking forward to their study sessions. Not that he'd ever admit it; the shock of hearing Baekhyun say anything positive in relation to math would probably give Kyungsoo a heart attack.

“No, you see you were supposed to plug the cosine in here,” Chanyeol told him later, chair pushed up against Baekhyun's so he could lean over his shoulder and mark his mistakes in his own nearly indecipherable scrawl.

Chanyeol rewrote the equation where Baekhyun had made the error, lead of the pencil pressed hard into the paper so there were indents in the page.

“So do you see what you did wrong?” he asked, mouth right near Baekhyun's cheek as he spoke- close enough that Baekhyun could feel the warmth of his breath and the heat of his body, nearly pressed against him.

Baekhyun opened his mouth to respond, but found himself short of breath- answer stuck in his throat. Taking a deep breath, he tried again and forced the affirmation out of his mouth.

“Good!” Chanyeol pulled back, moving back into his own space and leaving a pocket of cold air where his warmth had been before.

The chill made Baekhyun shiver slightly, but he bent his head to rework the problem anyway.


When Baekhyun and Chanyeol sat down at their usual lunch table, they were laughing uproariously, causing four sets of eyes to turn to them and stare in confusion.

“Um,” Sehun finally said when it had been almost two minutes and the two boys had yet to say anything or stop laughing.

“This kid,” Baekhyun got out, gasping before losing himself in mirth again, “he looked like...” His voice went up on the last word and his eyes started watering from how hard he was laughing, which only served to spur Chanyeol on- the taller boy bending down to rest his head against the table top as his shoulders shook with amusement.

“He looked like...” Minseok prompted.

“A llama,” Baekhyun squeaked, collapsing against Chanyeol's shoulder and wiping at the tears streaming down his face as Chanyeol hit the table with an open palm.

“What?” Kyungsoo asked, furrowing his brows like he was attempting to decipher what was so funny about a kid looking like a llama. And how did a person look like a llama anyway?

But the two boys paid him no mind, still draped over the table and each other as they dissolved into seemingly endless peals of laughter.

“I think Chanyeol's weird is rubbing off on Baekhyun,” Jongin observed.

Sehun shook his head, “No he's always been weird. Chanyeol's just bringing it out.”

“A llama!” Chanyeol yelled to no one.

Minseok turned away from the racket to eat his lunch in peace.


“Oh my god!” Baekhyun exclaimed, looking at the paper in his hands, “Chanyeol!”

“Huh?” Chanyeol looked up from his own test as they made their way out of the classroom.

“I got an 87!”

Baekhyun watched Chanyeol's face split into a grin and before he could even think, Chanyeol's arms were around him and he was being lifted up off the floor.

“Congratulations!” Chanyeol yelled as he squeezed Baekhyun and shook him from side to side despite Baekhyun's weak protests that sounded a lot more like amusement than anything else.

By the time Chanyeol set Baekhyun down, the shorter boy was red faced and dizzy, feeling like his insides had twisted around each other until they were just a mess of tangles in his belly. But being on the receiving end of Chanyeol's smile left Baekhyun little choice to but to smile back, hitting Chanyeol in the shoulder as they walked toward Baekhyun's locker.

“I'm not a girl, you know,” Baekhyun reminded him, only a little perturbed by the fact that Chanyeol had been able to pick him up so easily.

Chanyeol just laughed and slung an arm over his shoulder. “You should just accept my congratulations and stop complaining.”

Baekhyun shot him a look which had Chanyeol threatening to pick him up again. Running to his locker with Chanyeol hot on his heels, Baekhyun didn't miss making this walk alone before Chanyeol had burst into his life. Not even a little bit.


The next day during pre-calc, Chanyeol had suggested that they celebrate Baekhyun’s successful test with a movie night. Which sounded like a great idea at the time. It would be nice to spend time with Chanyeol and not have to worry about pre-calc homework, which put a damper on things despite Chanyeol’s enthusiasm.

But now that Baekhyun found himself sitting on the couch in his basement next to the other boy, he was wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Maybe sitting upstairs in the living room with his parents in the next room would have been better, because then there wouldn’t be this suffocating feeling of Chanyeol everywhere.

Honestly, everything would have been fine if they’d planned the movie night for a day earlier. Then he’d be laughing along with Chanyeol at the characters on screen doing stupid things instead of measuring every movement he made and making sure not to accidentally brush up against Chanyeol, who was flopping all around and clapping as he laughed.

He had known that he had a problem when he woke up that morning from an uncomfortably vivid dream, featuring Chanyeol, of course. So maybe he could blame Chanyeol. Or at least cite the start of the problem as Chanyeol hugging him earlier in the week. Without that disconcerting hug, he was sure he wouldn’t have had the dream. Probably.

The setting of the dream had been very vague- swathed in golds and oranges and yellows, like everything was glowing- and Baekhyun felt like his heart was soaring out of his body while he was embraced by a fluffy cloud. Except really, he was being embraced by Chanyeol, and his dream self could not have been happier about it. And then just when he felt like he couldn’t be any more content, Chanyeol had leaned down and pressed their lips together, sending a rush of warmth through his body.

Blissful. That was the only word to describe it.

The next thing he knew, the setting had changed and Chanyeol was asking him out. Dream Baekhyun had considered telling him that he didn’t date boys, but then he looked at the taller boy’s earnest face and couldn't imagine turning him down; he really didn't want to lose this feeling. So he told him yes, earning himself another kiss that had his head spinning.

That’s when Baekhyun had woken up, feeling warm and fuzzy and oh my god. He’d just dreamt about Chanyeol. Kissing him. And Baekhyun had liked it. What was he even supposed to do with that?

Not to say that he hadn’t ever had a weird dream regarding a friend before. There was that truly disturbing dream that he’d had about Jongin a couple years ago in which...well...he woke up feeling like something very wrong had just happened. But that dream hadn’t thrown him off like this one had, despite being quite a bit more graphic. Because, upon waking, he’d been immediately grossed out, but this time...there had been remnants of happiness still clinging to him that he wasn’t sure he wanted to shake.

So Chanyeol’s need to touch him as he doubled over laughing at something that had happened in the movie, like he wanted to transfer his amusement to Baekhyun via osmosis, had Baekhyun tensing up- stomach twisting in on itself and making him feel like he was being tickled from the inside out.

“Did you see that?” Chanyeol asked, looking up at Baekhyun with his usual big smile that never failed to make Baekhyun return the gesture.

Baekhyun’s lips quirked despite the cotton and feathers having a war inside of him. “Yeah,” he replied, grinning when Chanyeol’s smile widened and his right eye disappeared, making him look absolutely ridiculous, but also kind of adorable. Maybe.

This wasn’t so bad, Baekhyun allowed. But that didn’t make it any easier to sit next to the other boy without being reminded of his dream, which was still vivid in his mind.


The movie had ended fifteen minutes ago, but Chanyeol was still sprawled on the couch, his feet somehow propped up on the backrest and his head hanging down where his legs were meant to be.

“I’m just saying,” Chanyeol went on, “The girl could have been a secret agent.”

“But...there were no secret agents in the movie,” Baekhyun pointed out for possibly the third time, “Why would she have been a secret agent? It would have been out of the blue.”

“Exactly! Twists are no fun if you see them coming!” Chanyeol told him confidently.

Baekhyun didn’t exactly have an argument for that. The secret agent thing, yes. But Chanyeol’s views on twists seemed pretty reasonable. Or maybe he’d just seen the Sixth Sense too many times.

“But don’t you think the girl was sketchy?” Chanyeol pressed, flailing around a bit and finally getting situated on the couch so he was sitting like a normal person, “I didn’t really see the appeal.”


“Yeah, like shifty eyed or something,” Chanyeol explained, attempting to demonstrate shifty eyes and failing miserably.

“I didn’t notice,” Baekhyun laughed, “I just thought she looked a little like Sooyoung from Girl’s Generation.”

“This is why Sehun thinks that you have a Girls’ Generation shrine in your room,” he teased.

“But she really did!” Baekhyun insisted.

Chanyeol chuckled and tsked at him, “You completely missed her sketchiness and the fact that she might have been a secret agent because you were too busy admiring her.”

“Not true!” Baekhyun protested, unable to keep an entirely straight face, “And she wasn’t a secret agent, so it doesn’t matter.”

“I’m not convinced. Maybe there will be a sequel where we find out that she works for the government.”

Chanyeol,” Baekhyun exclaimed, half laughing and half resisting the urge to actually face-palm.

“Okay, okay,” Chanyeol relented, “But seriously, do you only pay attention to girls who look like they belong in Girls’ Generation?”


“Wow, that was so convincing,” Chanyeol told him sarcastically.

“Well, I’m sure that Sehun and Jongin would tell you that I only like girls who look like Girls’ Generation members, but...um...not all of the girls that I've liked have,” he said, “There was that girl that I dated in fifth grade. She didn’t look like any of the members of Girls’ Generation.”

“Girls’ Generation didn’t exist when we were in fifth grade,” Chanyeol pointed out.

“Well...I mean, I’ve only dated, like, two girls?” he tried, “So it’s not that strange that one of them looked like Sunny and the other one looked like Yoona.”

“This is more serious than I thought,” Chanyeol muttered like he was talking to himself. Actually, he might have been.

“It’s not-”

“It is,” Chanyeol insisted, “Listen to Dr. Park.”

“Oh my god,” Baekhyun let out a disbelieving laugh.

“Byun Baekhyun, you must focus on people’s insides, not their outsides,” he told him, “And whether or not they look like a Girls’ Generation member is of no consequence. It’s about what’s in here.”

Chanyeol placed his hand on Baekhyun’s chest, over his heart, and Baekhyun hoped that Chanyeol missed the way it sped up at the contact. The warmth of his hand permeated easily through the thin cotton of his shirt and had Baekhyun blushing and trying not to squirm.

“And you would know that because you’re a surgeon who cuts people open?” Baekhyun joked, hoping that his sarcasm would overshadow the fact that his heart was all but slamming at against his ribs like it was trying to escape Baekhyun’s chest to get into the palm of Chanyeol’s hand.

Fortunately, Chanyeol scoffed at the surgeon comment and took back his hand.

“Should I pay attention to people’s spleens?” Baekhyun asked, grinning up at Chanyeol and hoping that he didn’t look as flushed as he felt.

“Yes, their spleens,” Chanyeol nodded seriously, lips only curving up when he couldn’t keep a straight face anymore.

“Thank you, Dr. Park,” Baekhyun said with mock-sincerity, hands clasped in front of his chest and eyes wide.

Chanyeol laughed and pushed his shoulder hard enough that he fell back into the couch cushions.

Hopefully, his face wasn’t as easy to read as Kyungsoo always said it was.


There was something to be said for having posters on the ceiling. For instance, when Baekhyun couldn’t sleep, instead of looking up at a white ceiling, he was able to gaze up at the nine lovely ladies of Girls’ Generation. He tried to find solace in the smiling faces of the girls in their Vita500 ads, but even Tiffany’s charming wink wasn’t enough to keep him from agonizing over what Chanyeol had said.

Not the thing about spleens. The other stuff.

And more than that, he couldn't stop thinking about the way he felt and acted when he was around the other boy. If the dream wasn’t enough, there was the whole hand-on-chest thing that had happened (which really sounded the opposite of romantic when put like that). And if he was being honest, that hug had kind of thrown him for a loop too; the dizziness was most likely not a result of Chanyeol swinging him around. And of course, there was his surprising fondness for pre-calc all of the sudden. Because pre-calc meant tutoring and tutoring meant Chanyeol. Leaning over him. Breathing on his ear. Talking quietly right next to him so that his deep voice practically vibrated in his chest.

Baekhyun let out a groan and rolled over onto his stomach, hiding his face in his pillow. What did this even mean? Okay, well he didn’t want to insult his own intelligence. He knew what this meant, but how was it that he’d honestly never felt even a fraction of this for any of the girls that he’d dated? It was somehow just Chanyeol who had him feeling like this.

Embarrassingly, this was kind of how he imagined he’d feel if he dated Seohyun (not that he was delusional enough to think that it would actually happen; just hypothetically), and yet here he was, with his heart in his throat as he thought about Chanyeol’s smile and his hands and his loud, obnoxious laugh.

Even more terrifying, the idea of dating Seohyun didn’t seem nearly as appealing as it once had.

Baekhyun rolled onto his side and looked at his Seohyun The Boys solo poster that was hung up over his desk. She was just as flawless as ever (maybe even more so after having seen the I Got A Boy teaser pictures), but when faced with the prospect of dating her or dating Chanyeol...

Chanyeol didn’t even look like Seohyun at all! Or act like her. Or sing like her (if his spontaneous rendition of Twinkle was anything to go by). But...none of that mattered.

Rolling onto his back and letting his eyes move from poster to poster, Baekhyun had a moment of panic. He had feelings for Chanyeol. He had feeling for another boy. It wasn't that he was homophobic; he'd just been too busy watching Gee to ever entertain the idea that he might not be straight.

If he'd come to this conclusion without Chanyeol as the reason, Baekhyun felt like that temporary panic would have lasted, building up inside of him until he wanted to jump out of his own skin. But somehow, having Chanyeol as the person whom he had feelings for made it seem okay. Because if the way he felt around Chanyeol was any indication of how he'd feel in an actual relationship with someone who had captured his heart by doing more than resembling Yuri, then it was well worth it to accept the feeling and embrace it.

But accepting was one thing. Acting on his feelings was another. If he wanted to be with Chanyeol, then he'd have to actually do something about it. He'd have to confess to him. Easier said than done, he thought.

Actually, the idea of that was completely terrifying. Could he even do something like that? Even with his girlfriends in the past, there had been not-so-subtle hints from the girls' friends, urging him to ask her out. Practically a guarantee of reciprocated feelings.

But suddenly telling Chanyeol that he liked him?

Maybe he should wait a few days before doing anything rash. Think it through.

Yeah, that was a good idea. Because love confessions didn't really go with pre-calc.


Baekhyun stared at the problem in front of him, halfway done. Actually, he wasn't even stuck, which was good. Except that it wasn't because that meant that the reason why he'd stopped was because he couldn't concentrate with Chanyeol next to him, tapping his fingers against his history textbook. And not because he was being exceptionally loud or bothersome, but because Baekhyun kept staring at his fingers and remembering the feel of Chanyeol's hand pressed against his chest.

Trying to avoid watching Chanyeol take rapid-fire notes during pre-calc had been strenuous enough, not to mention resisting the urge to lean into him during lunch. But now was the real challenge: sitting in Chanyeol's empty house with the other boy seated so close to him that Baekhyun could feel his body heat.

“You stuck?” Chanyeol asked, glancing over and noticing that Baekhyun wasn't writing anything.

“Um, yeah,” Baekhyun replied, figuring that he might as well go with that since it would explain why he was just sitting there.

“Okay let's see,” Chanyeol said, leaning in and grabbing the pencil from Baekhyun's hand as he surveyed his work, “You did everything right so far.”

Baekhyun felt himself flush at the praise even though he already knew that he had done it correctly.

“So next would you take this number and plug it back into this formula over here,” Chanyeol told him, left arm on the back of Baekhyun's chair so he could get close enough to write in Baekhyun's notebook, “And once you solve for y, you can plug its value in and get x.”

“Okay,” Baekhyun nodded, feeling like his insides were tying themselves in knots (damn spleen).

“Here,” Chanyeol handed him the pencil, “You try and let me know if you get stuck again.”

Chanyeol was halfway back into his own seat when Baekhyun made the mistake of looking up at him. The look on his face must have given him away because Chanyeol paused with his left hand braced on the back of Baekhyun's chair and his face hovering about six inches away from Baekhyun's own.

Baekhyun's breath caught in his throat, eyes locking with Chanyeol's and feeling like someone had literally hit the pause button- like he couldn't move even if he tried. He watched Chanyeol's wide eyes search his, a question reflected back at him that he wanted to answer if only he could move.

But then Chanyeol was moving and oh my god this is it. Baekhyun forced himself to suck in a breath before Chanyeol's lips met his- soft and warm and maybe slightly chapped, but even better than in his dream. And as though the contact had hit the play button, Baekhyun found himself grabbing onto Chanyeol's arm with one hand and the back edge of his chair with the other.

The hand that was cupping Baekhyun's cheek slid down to rest against the side of his neck as Baekhyun grasped onto Chanyeol's elbow tightly- acting as though it would keep him grounded since he felt like he might float away. Their lips moved timidly together at first before Chanyeol was pressing deeper, stealing the last of Baekhyun's breath and obliterating any space left between them.

When he pulled back, Chanyeol's eyes were searching Baekhyun's again- still unsure of whether or not the kiss had been something that Baekhyun had wanted.

Baekhyun's hand that wasn't already holding onto Chanyeol for dear life settled on Chanyeol's thigh and squeezed in what he hoped was gesture that said yes, I want this too.

Suddenly a blinding grin had replaced the doubt and Baekhyun found himself against Chanyeol's chest, folded up in his arms with his cheek pressed against the taller boy's shoulder. He let his hands slide around Chanyeol's waist so he was hugging back, feeling the tension in his body melt away. Chanyeol was laughing happily into his neck, babbling about spleens or secret agents or something that didn't really make sense, but that was all okay because Baekhyun felt that elusive happiness that he'd clung to after waking from his dream. But now the only thing he was clinging to was Chanyeol.


Seriously?” Jongin asked at lunch the next day, eyeing the way that Chanyeol's lanky arm was resting across Baekhyun's shoulders.

Baekhyun glared at him.

“I think it's nice,” Kyungsoo offered, looking surprisingly pleased, like he'd been hoping it would happen or something. Which was ridiculous considering Baekhyun didn't even know that he wanted it to happen until recently.

Minseok nodded, giving a thumbs up since he was in the midst of drinking his Coke (and probably didn't care too much one way or the other, honestly).

“Chanyeol is like, the furthest thing away from a Girls' Generation member,” Sehun observed, seeming pretty surprised by the turn of events, “You might as well have dated Jongin. He looks more like a girl group member than Chanyeol does.”

“Hey! I do not look like a girl!” Jongin protested as Sehun snickered and Baekhyun made a face.

“Be supportive!” Kyungsoo hissed, hitting Jongin on the arm.

“I am, I'm just surprised,” he said, turning away from Sehun, “It came outta left field, you know?”

“That's what I'm saying,” Sehun insisted, “That's why dating you would have made more sense.”

“If anyone looks like a girl, it's you,” Jongin countered, starting a very long argument about who had more girly features that no one paid any attention to.

“Well,” Chanyeol began, even though Jongin wasn't listening, “the best twists are the ones that you don't see coming!”

“She was not a secret agent, Chanyeol!”

Tags: !oneshot, fandom: exo, p: baekhyun/chanyeol
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