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Fic Meme 2012


Total Word Count: 151,085

Fandoms Written in: SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), B1A4, 4minute, EXO, Sistar, Hello Venus, NU'EST (kinda)

Favorite Fic: Girls' Club

Best Fic: Girls' Club

Most Underappreciated Fic: Not many people commented on my femme big bang fic, Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day (KryBer) which was kind of a bummer because I'm really pleased with it. Same with my girl!JongHo fic My Cheeks Red Like Fire Engines Racing, Straight to the Heat of Your Skin

Most Fun Fic: Kyuhyun Is A Troll was fun to write just because I think I'm hilarious XD Why A Hobo Would Make A Better Friend Than Kwon Yuri (TaengSic) was fun since it was my first cracky SNSD fic. And Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone (Baekhyun/Krystal) was also fun because it was my first real het fic (and it wasn't even painful! lmao) and it included three of my biases from different groups :)

Sexiest Fic: Heel (JeTi), the second 2 smut scenes in Girls' Club (girl!JongKey, girl!JongKeyHo), and XXO (JongKey)

Fic that Shifted My Own Perceptions of the Characters: Well, writing Sehun made me like him more? XD (Not that I didn't like him before, he just jumpedd up a spot or two on my EXO bias list) Also, Tit for Tat (SeoSica), the last fic I wrote of the year, was the first fic in which I've written Seohyun with a bit of snark and that is something I definitely want to do again!

Fic I'm Most Proud of: Girls' Club. That fic is my baby.

Biggest Disappointment: Hello, Goodbye (TaengSic). I was so excited about the idea and then...it fizzled out part of the way through ;; Also, I'm disappointed that I didn't write more B1A4 this year! But never fear! I have 2 JinDeul fics in the works!

Biggest Surprise: I wrote one legit het fic, Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone, and one kind of one sided-ish het fic, Alice in Wonderland (Alice/Aron). I definitely wouldn't have predicted that XD

Hardest Fic to Write: Hello, Goodbye again. Once I got past the first thousand or so words, I just...I don't know what happened OTL

Fic I Want Remembered: Same as last year. If any part of any of my fics sticks with anyone, I will be happy :)

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?: I'd hoped to write 200k+ again, but since 2012 was the year from hell, I give myself a pass. I actually was expecting a lower number when I added up the word count.

Goals for Next Year: Write 200,000 words. And hey! Finish the chaptered fics I said I was going to finish this year! OTL But mostly, I just want to enjoy what I write and I want to feel good about what I post.

Fic I Wrote in 2012:



Universe: het!JongKey(Key/Junghee)- AU- smut- NC-17

Girls' Club: written for the 2012 shineebigbangshineebigbang- girl!JongKey with het!OnTae(Onew/Taeyeon)- AU- romance, angst, drama, fluff, humor, smut- NC-17 overall
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

XXO: smut- NC-17


Cocky: AU- smut, humor- NC-17

Substitution: het!JongHo(Junghee/Minho)- drabble- AU- angst, smut- NC-17

My Cheeks Red Like Fire Engines Racing, Straight to the Heat of Your Skin: girl!JongHo- AU- romance, fluff, humor, slight angst- PG-13


Sleeping Beauty: het!OnHo(Onew/Minjung)- drabble- AU- humor, romance- G


Yeah, They're Lookin' At Me: drabble- crack, humor- PG-13

Band Fics:

No One Is Perfect: humor- PG

Super Junior

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi:

How To Mark Your Territory: humor, crack, fluff- PG-13


Beauty and the Beast: girl!YeWook- AU- drama, romance- PG


Kyuhyun is a Troll: drabble- humor, crack- PG-13



It Only Takes Once: AU- mild angst, romance, fluff- PG-13

Cucumber Finger Sandwiches: drabble- AU- fluff, humor, romance- PG

Heel: smut- NC-17

Come And Take A Walk On The Wild Side: AU- smut, humor, crack, romance- NC-17


Goodbye, Hello: AU- romance, fluff, angst- PG-13

Why a Hobo Would Make a Better Friend Than Kwon Yuri: AU- humor, romance, crack- PG-13


A Heartbeat Away: drabble- romance, fluff- G

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion: AU- smut, fluff- NC-17

Tit for Tat: smut- NC-17


Property of Tiffany Hwang: AU- smut- NC-17


One In A Million: drabble- fluff- PG


Call Me: AU- smut, fluff?- NC-17


Whispering Corridors: AU- smut, mild angst- NC-17


Follow Me: AU- romance, fluff- PG-13


Cinderella: drabble- AU- fairytale, humor- G



Meeting: AU- smut, humor, romance- R



Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day: written for the 2012 femmebigbang- AU- romance, fluff, humor, slight, angst- PG-13
Part 1
Part 2

Cross Band Pairings:


Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone: feat EXO- AU- fluff, romance, angst, humor- PG



Running: AU- drama, romance, light smut- R

Hello Venus


Enchantment: AU- fantasy, romance, fluff- G

Cross Band Pairings:


Alice in Wonderland: feat. NU'EST- drabble- fluff, humor- PG



Happiness: fluff, romance, humor- PG

Wish I Could Be Part of Your World: drabble- crack, fluff, humor- PG



Into the New World: smut, fluff, romance, humor- NC-17 

Action: girl!BaekTao- AU- fluff, romance, smut- NC-17

Lu Han/Kai:

Slave: smut, humor, crack?- NC-17


The Art of Omission: romance, fluff- PG


I've Got You: drabble- fluff, angst- PG


Packing Heat: drabble- crack, humor- PG-13

You're Like A Song That Goes Around In My Head: girl!BaekYeol- AU- fluff, romance- PG-13

Listen Boy! My Fisrt Love Story: AU- fluff, humor, romance- PG

Kris/Lu Han:

When Lu Han Can't Solve a Rubik's Cube: crack, smut- NC-17


Jill is Spelled K-A-I: smut, humor, crack, angst(?)- NC-17

Gonna Make You Scream: drabble- humor- PG-13

Baekhyun/Lu Han:

Let Me Climb Under Your Skin, Oh Let Me In: smut- NC-17

Cross Band Pairings:


Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone: feat f(x)- AU- fluff, romance, angst, humor- PG

+my Ambitious Girls secret santa/new years fic which hasn't been posted yet

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