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You're No Good For Me, But Baby I Want You (Soyou/Dasom)

Title: You're No Good For Me, But Baby I Want You
Pairing: Soyou/Dasom
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): romance?
Word Count: 1,470
Summary: Soyou is not the type of girl whom Dasom associates with, but there's something about Soyou that pulls her in. 1940's high school AU.
Written for the ambitiousgirls fic exchange for 921227.
a/n: Obscure 1940's slang meanings at the end. Title taken from Lana Del Rey's Diet Mountain Dew.


Dasom paused on her way inside after clapping the erasers behind the school. She had expected to be alone out here- classes were in session, after all- but there was a figure leaning against the brick wall thirty or so feet from where she was standing. What would someone be doing outside right now? That was when she saw the cloud of smoke leave the person's lips.

She frowned. What kind of person would risk, not only skipping class, but smoking on school premises as well?

Dasom knew that she should just go inside and continue to listen to her teacher lecture about ancient Greece, but there was some sort of sick curiosity that was pulling her toward the mysterious figure.

As she got closer, she could tell that it was a girl standing there- honey brown hair curled in the latest fashion, blouse tight across her chest and unbuttoned to show her clavicles, and knee-length pleated skirt hiked up with the way that her foot was propped against the wall behind her, showing the top of her thigh-high stockings and a slice of pale skin.

This girl was clearly an able Grable in addition to being a rule breaker. Maybe she shouldn't be going over there. Dasom was not the type of girl to associate with people like that. She was a book beater. A girl like that would look at her bobby socks and modestly buttoned up blouse and deem her a hair shirt at a glance.

Maybe she should just go...


Dasom jumped, nearly dropping the chalkboard erasers in her hands. The girl was staring at her, looking none too pleased to have someone standing there watching her.

“What's a gone Quising like you doing out here in the middle of class?” she asked, wrapping her red lips around the end of her cigarette and taking another drag.

“Um...” Dasom held up the erasers and the girl's lips quirked as she snorted in amusement.

“Figures,” she scoffed.

Dasom knew that she should just go back inside, but there was something keeping her rooted to her spot, eyes glued to the plume of smoke that escaped from between red lips.

Noticing that Dasom made no move to leave, she turned toward her.

“Want a smoke?” she asked, holding out a pack of cigarettes that she pulled from the pocket of her skirt.

Dasom didn't smoke. She'd never even tried smoking before, so it was a mystery to her why she found herself nodding and taking a step forward to accept the cigarette that the girl was offering her.

“Hold it with your lips,” she instructed and Dasom placed the stick between her lips quickly, hoping that this girl wouldn't realize that it was her first time.

Then the girl was leaning toward her, pressing the tip of her lit cigarette to Dasom's and only pulling back when the paper on the end of Dasom's cigarette started to smolder. The action was strangely intimate, Dasom thought, as she willed the blush from her cheeks. Though it didn't appear as though the other girl thought so, as she was back to staring out at the football field, blowing smoke into the crisp fall air.

Dasom positioned her lips around the stick the way the other girl had and sucked in, inhaling the smoke. It burned her lungs- stinging and making her chest tight like the smoke was causing her lungs to contract. Despite her attempt to hold back, she found herself coughing violently- one hand braced against the brick while the other held the offending cigarette.

When she recovered, knowing that she was probably red-faced and teary eyed, she saw the other girl's lips tilted up in an amused smirk.

“First time?” she guessed, inhaling expertly and making Dasom feel like even more of a failure.

Dasom nodded, ashamed.

“Won't your boyfriend be able to smell the smoke on you?” she asked, “Won't he be mad?”

The way she said it wasn't with concern. Instead she sounded almost mocking.

“I don't have a boyfriend,” Dasom immediately told her, unsure of whether that would make her more or less of a hair shirt in the other girl's eyes.

The girl's eyebrows rose.

“Whistle bait like you? No boyfriend?”

Dasom flushed at the sort-of compliment, but she thought that this girl must be seeing things. She shook her head, “I'm not-”

“What's your name?” the girl interrupted, seeming fully invested in the conversation suddenly. Dasom shrunk a little under the scrutiny.

“Dasom,” she told her.

“Soyou,” the girl replied with a smile- the first smile that Dasom had seem from her that wasn't somewhat mocking.

She found herself smiling back.

“Boys are a waste of time,” Soyou proclaimed, breaking eye contact to tilt her head back and blow smoke into the air. Dasom watched the line of her pale neck.

“Wait, aren't you dating Dae Ho?” Dasom asked when she remembered the rumors that she'd heard- the reason why Soyou's name sounded so familiar.

Soyou looked over at her, eyebrows quirked.

“Dae Ho? Why would you think I was dating him?”

“Well...” Dasom faltered, “That's what some people are saying...”

Soyou rolled her eyes and inhaled the nicotine into her lungs.

“He's nothing but a wolf on a scooter,” she shook her head, “He's wasting his time.”

Dasom nodded like she agreed even though she'd never met Dae Ho in her life.

“He's just dame-dazed,” Soyou told her and Dasom nodded again, making a sound agreement.

“So you like someone else?” Dasom guessed.

Soyou snorted, turning to look her in the eye as she grinned in amusement, “No. Why? Do you like someone?”

Dasom shook her head emphatically, “No!”

“Want to know a secret?” Soyou asked then as she threw her cigarette stub on the ground and stomped it out. She had a glint in her eye that had Dasom swallowing nervously.


Soyou leaned in so her face was only six inches from Dasom's face and smirked.

“I'm a little dame-dazed myself.”

As the words sunk in, Dasom's eye widened- cheeks heating up under Soyou's gaze.

Dasom's cigarette, forgotten and held loosely between her fingers, dropped to the ground as Soyou leaned in- holding eye contact until the moment their lips touched.

Understandably, Dasom was having trouble processing the fact that she was behind the school during class, smoking a cigarette (or she had been, at least), and being kissed by the type of girl that she usually avoided. But the panic she felt subsided more quickly than she thought it would and the repulsion that she expected to come never came. Instead, she felt a jolt of adrenaline shoot down her legs and through her arms, the effect dizzying and not unpleasant.

Kiss back, she reminded herself internally, barely gathering the composure to reciprocate the kiss and grasp onto Soyou's elbow before the other girl was drawing away and leaving Dasom dazed and thrumming with anticipation- like this was the first moment of the rest of her life.

Soyou had that same smirk on her face when she straightened back up and casually leaned her shoulder against the brick wall, a stark contrast to Dasom who looked like someone had told her that if she snapped three times and rubbed her hands together that she'd suddenly have the ability to fly.

“First kiss?” Soyou asked, amused gaze settled on Dasom's face again.

Dasom shook her head.

“First kiss with a girl?” she pressed, eyes twinkling as her lips quirked upwards. Dasom noticed that her lipstick wasn't as bright red as it had been before, so she guessed that some had probably rubbed off on her own mouth.

She nodded.

Soyou smiled like that pleased her. Perhaps it did. And maybe Dasom kind of liked the idea of that pleasing the other girl. Or something. She wasn't really thinking straight anymore.

“You should get back to class before they send out a search party,” Soyou told her, “And if they find you here, they'll probably think I was trying to coerce you over to the dark side.”

“Weren't you?” Dasom replied, shocked at her own boldness.

Soyou seemed to be surprised as well, but she quickly recovered and grinned.

“I'll see you around?” Soyou asked, and though there was the inflection of a question at the end of her sentence, it didn't seem like a question at all.

Regardless of whether or not Soyou expected an answer, Dasom nodded, offering a closed-lipped smile that she hoped was coy.

“Good,” she replied with a smile that was most definitely coy as she casually brushed past Dasom on her way back into the building, “But don't forget,” she paused in the doorway, “You owe me for that cigarette.”

able Grable- girl with sex appeal
book beater- studious person
hair shirt- prude
gone Quising- teacher's pet
whistle bait- pretty girl
wolf on a scooter- a player, a flirt
dame-dazed- girl crazy

Tags: !oneshot, !request, fandom: sistar, p: soyou/dasom
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