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Master Fic List (SHINee)




The Internet: NC-17 Long after everyone else in SHINee was sleeping soundly in their beds, Key was still wide awake, sitting in front of the glowing computer monitor, and, ahem, enjoying the perks of the internet…
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Need: R/NC-17 Key and Jonghyun are using each other for sex, but somewhere along the line, it changed for Key and sex wasn’t all he wanted anymore.

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oppareul Saranghae: NC-17 Jonghyun shares his fantasy with Key…

50:50: NC-17 Key thinks that with all of the times that Jonghyun has topped him, he deserves a turn.

So Close: PG-13 song drabble
Making Love Was Like the Waging of War: R song drabble

Steal the Night and Fly With Me: PG-13 song drabble
Now You Know Who Made the Conquest: R song drabble
May Your Organs Fail Before Your Dreams Fail You: PG song drabble

Scents: NC-17 Key finds himself completely and helplessly addicted to Jonghyun’s scent (spinoff of goyangi's addiction)

Untitled: NC-17 Key takes complete control over Jonghyun.

Knock: R Key’s bothersome new neighbor manages to weasel his way into Key's life, his heart…and his bed.

Distraction: NC-17 Catching Jonghyun in a compromising position wrecks Key’s brain.

JongKey Song Drabbles: G-R romance, fluff, angst, drama, humor, light smut (AU)

A Fine Line: NC-17 It turns out that hating someone and wanting them isn’t so different after all. (girl!JongKey)

Look In The Mirror: [hiatus] Junghee and Gwiboon hate each other on principle yet they end up being partners for a school project. Catty comments and sarcasm ensue. (prequel to A Fine Line, girl!JongKey)
Part 1 - PG-13
Part 2 - PG-13
*A Fine Line occurs here* - NC-17
Part 3 - NC-17
Part 4 - PG-13

All Mine: NC-17 Junghee doesn’t like it when guys check out her woman. (girl!JongKey)

Melt: PG-13 Key can’t help but feel like he’s the one whom his best friend should be with.

Switch: NC-17 To the shock of the members, they awake to find that Key has turned into a girl overnight. But it’s when Key returns to his normal self that the shit really hits the fan. (some het!JongKey)
Part 1
Part 2

Shy Boy: PG Jonghyun catches Key in the act. (friendship!fic)

Glow: PG-13 Junghee and Gwiboon are best friends, but the sunrise paints them in a different light. (girl!JongKey)

Fruit and Masturbation: R Jonghyun ponders some of the natural wonders. (friendship!fic)

Beauty: NC-17 There’s an exception to every rule. (het!JongKey, Key/Junghee)

Stud: NC-17 Jonghyun gets a tongue piercing. (het!JongKey, Jonghyun/Gwiboon)

Early: NC-17 | 1,091 Every Combination drabble

Beyond Control: NC-17 | 3,870 Junghee’s rash actions lead Gwiboon to question everything she thinks she knows, including her relationship with Minho. (girl!JongKey)

Miraculous: NC-17 | 1,562 Gwiboon modeling underwear is the last straw. (girl!JongKey)

The Beach: NC-17 | 2,090 Junghee drags Key to the beach with a surprise in mind. (het!JongKey, Key/Junghee)

Thighs: NC-17 | 910 PWP that takes place backstage during SHINee’s first concert.

Sweet Agony: NC-17 | 3,367 Junghee is at Gwiboon’s mercy. (girl!JongKey)

Peeping Jonghyun: NC-17 | 2,564 When a newlywed couple moves in next door to Jonghyun’s family, he doesn’t think anything of it. That is, until he realizes just what he’s able to witness through his bedroom window. (het!JongKey, Jonghyun/Gwiboon)

Wake Up Call: PG | 607 Key gets an unexpected start to his morning.

Why Jonghyun Sometimes Wishes That Key Wasn’t an Artist: R | 418 Erotic pictures have never been so complicated.

Lollipop: NC-17 | 1,474 Unsurprisingly, Jonghyun sucking on a lollipop is more than enough to get Key in the mood.

Why Kim Gwiboon Used to Hate Dirty Talk: R | 508 Gwiboon never knew the joys of dirty talking until she met Junghee. (girl!JongKey)

The One: NC-17 overall | 13,299 Gwiboon meets Jonghyun when she’s visiting her grandma; they’re both nine years old and friendship is easy. It’s as they grow up together that things get complicated and their friendship begins to shift into unknown territory. Written for the 2011 shineebigbang. (het!JongKey, Jonghyun/Gwiboon)
Part 1
Part 2

Walk of Shame: NC-17 | 5,533 Gwiboon is a sorority girl. Junghee is…not. (girl!JongKey)

The Letter: PG | 1,808 Jonghyun writes Gwiboon during the school year that followed the summer they got together. An off-shot from The One. (het!JongKey, Jonghyun/Gwiboon)

Love Always, Junghee: PG | 416 Junghee is too romantic for her own good. (girl!JongKey)

Let no hand hold you down (Send all your barriers into the fire): G song drabble

Universe: NC-17 | 2,256 Key is a pilot. Junghee is a flight attendant. I think the rest is implied. (het!JongKey, Key/Junghee)

Girls' Club: NC-17 overall | 32,052 Sick of boys and what society tells her to be, Gwiboon decides to make a club for girls who, well, like girls. But while it's meant to be a fun way to unwind and be themselves, past baggage and new relationships make things more complicated than anyone expects. Written for the 2012 shineebigbang. (girl!JongKey with het!OnTae, Onew/Taeyeon)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

XXO: NC-17 | 2,619 Key has a filthy mouth and Jonghyun loves it (even if he won't admit it).

I Hate Trees: R | 430 When Gwiboon asks Junghee what she is doing for Valentine's day, she informs her that she's planning to show herself a good time. Oh. And eat some ice cream.

The Body Is Only A Vessel: NC-17 | 21,333 After Jonghyun meets Kibum, he's met with a barrage of dreams about the two of them from another time and place. As crazy as it sounds (and as crazy as Kibum might think he is), Jonghyun can't help but wonder if maybe they've been together in another life. Written for the 2013 shineebigbang. ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Grey: PG-13 Taeyeon finds that happy endings don’t always require a kiss. (girl!2min)

Psycho- The Romantic Comedy: PG-13 Taeyeon agreed to help Minjung with her photography final. However, she didn’t count on being topless… (girl!2min)


Slide: NC-17 Jonghyun has feelings for Jinki that he thinks the leader will never return. Shower sex ensues.

Fugue for two pianos in C minor: NC-17 Jonghyun has never been interested in his studies while Jinki is number two in class. When the two are paired up for a project, Jonghyun finds that they have more in common than he thought. (high school AU)

Escort: NC-17 Jinki finds himself in a strip club despite his typical resistance to such places. It’s there that he meets the most entrancing man he’s ever come into contact with.

Shameless: NC-17 | 2,363 In which Onew and Jonghyun are drenched and Jonghyun entertains himself in a way not considered socially acceptable. Onew is mortified.

Buried Treasure: NC-17 | 1,414 There's something that Jonghyun needs.


Quick: R Jonghyun just can’t wait.

Sleep Talking: NC-17 | 1,142 Every Combination drabble.


Gold: PG-13 Minjung is distracted from the company banquet she is forced to attend by a certain Gwiboon who is dressed to kill, as per usual. And Junghee is there, offering advice that may or may not be useful. (girl!MinKey)

Luminescence: NC-17 Minjung is in no way disappointed with the way her evening with Gwiboon progresses. Junghee thinks Minjung should worship the ground she walks on for her excellent wingman skills. Sequel to Gold. (girl!MinKey)

Porn: NC-17 | 1,113 Every Combination drabble.

The Back Corner: NC-17 | 2,133 Ignoring Gwiboon is never prudent. (girl!MinKey)

Wise: PG-13 | 1,552 In which Taemin thinks he's a wise, old wizard, Kibum has problems, and Jonghyun is useless.


This is a Warning: R song drabble

Just Like That: NC-17 Basically, an OnKey blowjob fic. Key's POV of goyangi's simple as that.

Relief: NC-17 Gwiboon fantasizes about her schoolmate, Eunsook. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. (girl!OnKey)

Eternity: [hiatus] Set in the summer of 1913 when Eunsook is 18 and Gwiboon is 16. Eunsook and her mother work year round at the Kim’s summer home. Eunsook and Gwiboon have been friends since they were little girls- each summer bringing them closer. Eunsook finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Gwiboon, though she knows that she’s meant to fall for a man. (girl!OnKey)
Chapter 1 - PG
Chapter 2 - PG
Chapter 3 - R
Chapter 4 - PG
Chapter 5 - PG-13

Cure: NC-17 Gwiboon finally has an excuse to see Eunsook outside of their shared study hall. Sequel to Relief. (girl!OnKey)

Magic: G Kibum drags Jinki on a Christmas shopping trip that leaves the older boy wondering what happened to the magic of Christmas.

Santa Clause Is Real: PG In which Kibum is a single dad, Jonghyun is four years old, and Jinki is the Santa Clause at the mall. Written for SSS 2010.

The Ride: PG | 1,296 Key runs into his ex-boyfriend on a crowded subway in New York- a place that Key left Jinki for six years ago. Written for Replay4Japan.


Far Away: G song drabble

Gut Feeling: PG Eunsook moves in across the hall from Taeyeon and turns her world upside down. Written for SSS 2010. (girl!OnTae)

Wait: NC-17 | 1,309 Taemin is tired of waiting, but Jinki is determined to wait until Taemin is of age.

Untouched: NC-17 | 1,085 Every Combination drabble.

First Time: PG-13 | 408 Eunsook is too sappy for her own good. She feels inclined to blame Disney movies. (girl!OnTae)

A Passionate Speech Or A Persuasive Essay (Everything I Could Say): PG | 688 Jinki wishes that he could tell Taemin everything in his heart. (broken!OnTae)


Impulsive: NC-17 Key can’t control himself during the music video filming. Which leads to defiling the maknae. In a public bathroom.

Calculated: NC-17 Taemin can’t get his encounter with Key out of him head despite the older boy’s ability to act as though it never happened. Sequel to Impulsive.

Command: NC-17 Something seems to have changed in Key’s relationship with the maknae.

Ruined: NC-17 Gwiboon has her way with innocent-looking Taeyeon in a school bathroom stall. (girl!TaeKey)

Buckle: NC-17 Taemin is controlling and Key is obedient.

Ebb and Flow: R | 1,090 A walk to water’s edge brings out the emotions that had been held captive for so long and sends them crashing together.

Of Age: NC-17 | 600 Taemin feels like his hyungs still don’t view him as an adult despite it being his eighteenth birthday. Key proves otherwise.

Black Light: NC-17 | 2,513 Gwiboon never dances with anyone else- everyone on campus knows this. However, when she spots a girl with better moves than her, she might just have to break her own rules. (girl!TaeKey)

Stardust and Sweat: NC-17 | 3,561 Key’s the new bassist in Taemin’s favorite rock band. Scratch that, Key is the new beautiful bassist in Taemin’s favorite rock band and Taemin is at their live show, never expecting that he’d be anything more than just another fan.


Between Men: NC-17 | 2,806 Jonghyun and Minho decide to have a night of manly bonding. Needless to say, the night doesn’t go as planned.

4 a.m.: G | 918 It’s Minho who comforts Jonghyun the night before Immortal Song.

City of [Unwanted] Love: R | 1,973 When love is the last thing that Jonghyun wants to deal with, count on SM to ship him off to the proclaimed city of love.

Proper Respect at the Workplace: R | 415 Minho is Jonghyun's boss.

Cocky: NC-17 | 2,326 Minho finds out that Jonghyun is cocky even on his knees.

Substitution: NC-17 | 743 It's not the same. But at least it's something. (het!JongHo, Junghee/Minho)

My Cheeks Red Like Fire Engines Racing, Straight to the Heat of Your Skin: PG-13 | 5,706 In which Junghee is irresistible, Minjung is oblivious, and Gwiboon is annoyed. College AU. (girl!JongHo)

Be My BFF: PG | 430
Jonghyun plans to treat his best friend right on Valentine's day. Much to Kibum's amusement.


Hyung: NC-17 | 1,087 Every Combination drabble.

Reminiscing: PG | 725 Minho’s daughter asks what her other father was like. (warning: character death)

Asleep: R | 2,427 It’s just a dream, he tells himself. Until he doesn’t even believe that anymore. (vampire!AU)

Sleeping Beauty: G | 733 In which Minjung saves a prince and Jinki is awkward. (het!OnHo, Onew/Minjung)


Now I've Got Double, Baby: NC-17 | 4,165 Eunsook gets way more than she bargained for when she arrives at Gwiboon’s house one Tuesday afternoon to tutor her. (girl!OnMinKey)


Yes: NC-17 Key decides that it’s up to him and Jonghyun to end Jinki’s sex drought.


Curiosity Killed the Maknae's Innocence: NC-17 Taemin always felt like there was something that his hyungs were hiding from him about Jonghyun and Key’s relationship. He’s clueless until he sees what he was missing for himself.


Head Strong: PG song drabble

JongKey fans and JongSica fans unite, yo: PG-13 Key and Jessica aren’t happy with the current situation. But it really has nothing to do with what’s-her-face dating Jonghyun. (featuring SNSD's Jessica)

Mirror Mirror: NC-17 Key embraces his slightly unusual masturbation habits.

Kim Gwiboon: The Worst Lesbian Ever: PG-13 | 257 Gwiboon likes high heels as much as the next girl. Actually, she likes high heels even more than the next girl. (girl!Key)

Empty: R | 993 Anonymity is the only option.

Empty Release: NC-17 | 1,039 Key finds that Jonghyun is even more deeply embedded into his psyche than he thought. (one-sided!JongKey)

Yeah, They're Lookin' At Me: PG-13 | 689 In which Key thinks he's hot shit for getting to share a stage with BoA and he's right.


Serenity: PG Onew finds comfort in an unexpected place.


Kyuhyun is a Troll: PG-13 | 802 Kyuhyun likes to screw with people. Jonghyun is the perfect target.

Band Fics:

Mornings: PG-13 A peaceful morning turns chaotic because five boys living together can never be easy.

No One Is Perfect: PG | 1,038 Spending nearly 24 hours a day together results in the inability to hide their not-so-intelligent moments.

Cross Band Pairings:


More Than Sixteen Candles: PG-13 | 2,182 After months of flirting, Baekhyun is ready for something to finally come to fruition between him and Jonghyun. What better day to make that happen than his birthday? (feat EXO)


(your hand across my) Heartbeat: NC-17 | 21,756 Even though unplanned pregnancy between a female alpha and a male omega is nearly unheard of, Chanyeol is living proof that it’s possible. Getting pregnant by his beautiful alpha, Gwiboon, is certainly not the worst thing that could have happened. In fact, it might be the best. (feat EXO)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Make Me Walk, Make Me Talk, Do Whatever You Please- I Can Act Like A Star, I Can Beg On My Knees: NC-17 Key’s plan to include Jessica in his intimate activities with Jonghyun is a huge success. Because he’s Key and can do whatever he wants. (feat SNSD)


Goofus and Gallant: PG-13 | 390 It turns out that Highlights was onto something with their cartoon. (feat DBSK)


Under the Influence: NC-17 | 3,850 Don’t sniff the flowers. (feat f(x))


As Long As You're You: NC-17| 30,730 Hooking up with Tae isn't supposed to mean anything. Jongin likes boys. And despite sometimes getting mistaken for one, Tae certainly isn't a boy. (feat EXO) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

♥ = favorite
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