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Master Fic List (Boys)




Into the New World: NC-17 | 4,372 Tao is the last person with whom Baekhyun should be sharing a shower...mostly because he's also the one person that Baekhyun really wants to share a shower with.

Action: NC-17 | 5,897 In which Zitao is a famous actress who impresses with her wushu skills and her beauty and Baekhyun is her co-star who may or may not have a tiny crush on her. (girl!BaekTao)

Magical: NC-17 | 1,434 Baekhyun wants Tao's (possibly magical) cock.

Seesaw: NC-17 | 2,413 Baekhyun bosses the other members around but secretly likes to be dominated in bed.

Where the Real Magic Is: NC-17 | 4,268
In which Chanyeol is crazy, Kris tries to be cool, Lu Han does and says whatever he wants, and Sehun is whiny. Oh. And Zitao makes a really hot Jasmine. At least Baekhyun thinks so. (girl!BaekTao)

Boys Don't Cry: PG-13 | 1,522
Tao gives lots of shits about Valentine's day. Baekhyun does not.

(you can live without me) but when we come together, I know we’re better: NC-17 | 15,336 Of all the people that he could have been assigned to protect, it just had to be Huang Zitao.
Part 1
Part 2

Lu Han/Kai:

Slave: NC-17 | 4,623 Jongin is determined to pay Lu Han back for a favor, but Lu Han suspects that he has ulterior motives.

The Morning After (or the Afternoon Two Days Later): NC-17 | 3,875 Jongin doesn't know what the proper etiquette is when one gives their band mate drunken head in the bathroom. To make matters worse, Lu Han might be evil and Sehun is the worst best friend ever. ♥

Ticking Like A Bomb In A Birdcage: PG-13 | 18,190 Hindsight is 20/20. Or something to that effect.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Can I Make It Any More Obvious?: NC-17 | 12,631 She was a girl, and she was...also a girl. Nonetheless, it was pretty damn obvious. Lu Han wants to know what happens when a skater girl asks out a cheerleader. Fortunately, both she and Jongdae will find out. (sk8er boi AU) (girl!LuKai, girl!ChenHun) ♥
Part 1
Part 2


I Knew It Was You All Along: PG | 1,892 Zitao can't stop staring at Park Chanyeol. Fortunately, he thinks she's pretty cute. (Chanyeol/girl!Tao)

Sun-kissed so hot we'll melt your popcicle: NC-17 | 6,067 What's more awkward than being the only girl at bachelor party? Being the only girl (and lesbian) at a bachelor party minus the very hot stripper. Alternately, Baek is a sleaze featuring ChanTao. (girl!ChanTao, Bachelor Party AU)


(I wanna know how you taste) Now that you keep me warm: NC-17 | 20,409 As an RA in the freshman dorms, Baekhyun is supposed to offer guidance to freshman girls, not fall for one. (girl!KaiBaek) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The V Word: NC-17 | 17,813 Baekhyun is determined to lose her virginity as soon as possible when she gets to college. Things don’t go quite according to plan. (Kai/girl!Baekhyun)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Words Don't Come Easy: NC-17 | 18,932 When Baekhee debuted in one of South Korea's most promising new girl groups, she didn't imagine that she'd end up having sex with one of her band mates. It just kind of...happened. (girl!KaiBaek) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Lucky: NC-17 | 858 Odds are, someone got off on stripping onstage.

(Saw Your Face, Heard Your Name) Gotta Get With You: NC-17 | 15,031 As the head cheerleader, Baekhyun is usually pretty good at getting, and keeping, people’s attention. But Minseok’s interest is proving much more difficult to obtain. (girl!XiuBaek)
Part 1
Part 2


I've Got You: PG | 357 The only good thing about nightmares is the feeling of relief upon waking.

Crushcrushcrush: NC-17 | 4,181 In all of her fantasies involving Kyungsoo, Jongin never imagined this. (girl!KaiSoo, Fences AU)


Packing Heat: PG-13 | 537 Chanyeol muses over blogs dedicated to particular parts of Baekhyun's body. Baekhyun is mortified.

You're Like A Song That Goes Around In My Head: PG-13 | 1,311 Baekhyun thinks she'll never get used to Chanyeol's constant touching. But maybe the sparks she feels when their fingers touch isn't something that Baekhyun wants to stop. (girl!BaekYeol)

Listen Boy! My First Love Story: PG | 7,191 In which Baekhyun is a huge fan of SNSD and Chanyeol looks nothing like Seohyun.

Ignorance: PG-13 | 732 Baekhyun and Chanyeol's priorities differ... (het!BaekYeol, Fences AU flashback)

Too Dirty To Clean My Act Up: NC-17 | 2,095 Chanyeol likes Baekhyun's pelvis. Even more than Baekhyun expected. (And that's saying a lot since Baekhyun is of the belief that her pelvis is the answer to all of mankind's troubles.) (girl!BaekYeol) ♥


Jill is Spelled K-A-I: NC-17 | 1,823 In which Jongin is a distraction and Sehun finds his own hand quite useful.

Gonna Make You Scream: PG-13 | 304 In which Sehun is in pain and Jongin is an asshole.

Cookies and Cream: PG-13 | 1,257 Sehun and Kai both have shit luck with guys so they might as well date each other, right? (girl!SeKai)

Pressure: PG | 1,199 Sehun and Jongin are practically siblings, which is why seeing Jongin unsure is so strange. (bff!SeKai, Fences AU flashback)

Baekhyun/Lu Han:

Let Me Climb Under Your Skin, Oh Let Me In: NC-17 | 1,279 It's no secret that Baekhyun has nice fingers. But Lu Han's admiration goes a bit beyond that.

Let the Flames Begin: NC-17 | 5,345 Baekhyun has set her sights on Lu Han because she'll be damned if Jongin gets more action than she does. (girl!BaekHan, Fences AU)

Your Attention, Please: NC-17 | 2,335 Baekhyun loses a bet. Lu Han sees an opportunity.


(It's) Too Late: NC-17 | 3,702 Sehun is worried about making a fool of herself when she gets fingered by someone else. Zitao graciously offers to help her practice. (girl!TaoHun)

Tao/Lu Han:

Unnie, Dearest: NC-17 | 3,592 When Tao accidentally called Lu Han unnie, matching school girl uniforms were not what he expected. He probably should have seen it coming though. It was Lu Han, after all.

Shot Me in the Heart: PG-13 | 1,039 Tao and Lu Han get couple piercings. Lu Han is totally not scared.


That's How It Works (That's How You Get the Girl): NC-17 | 39,107 Baekhyun is determined to make the student council lesbians only this year. Joonmyun really wants to be able to put student council vice president on her college resumes, but the problem is that she's not a lesbian. So, in order to get the position, she has to lie about her sexuality. The last thing she expects is to develop feelings for Baekhyun. Because she's not really a lesbian, right? (girl!SuBaek) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


6 Foot Silver Lining: PG | 1,063 It seems like the world hates Jongin and Jongin hates everything (aka Jongin's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day).

Hit Me With Your Hurricane: NC-17 | 4,381 Chanyeol sees how many time he can deny Jongin from coming before he cries. That's it. That's the fic.

The Disadvantages of Having Byun Baekhyun as a Roommate: PG-13 | 834 Baekhyun can be a pain in the ass.

Lilies Spray Painted Metal: NC-17 | 37,151 Doing what she has to do to pay the bills, Jongin’s entire life is a choreographed dance that she doesn’t know how to stop. Every interaction feels contrived, and Jongin completely checks out before she steps foot in the strip club where she works- letting her alter ego go through the steps for her. Chanyeol, a new friend, seems to be the only one in Jongin’s life who isn’t just going through the motions, and a change in routine is just what Jongin needs. (girl!ChanKai) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


I'll Never Find Another Monster: NC-17 | 9,874 Baekhyun has no idea what she's getting into when she joins the roller derby team. A tiny jammer by the name of Kyungsoo (derby name Satan) body slamming into her and knocking the breath out of her within the first five minutes of practice isn't it. (girl!BaekSoo)


Carousel: PG | 9,730 In which Joonmyun is a single mom, and Chanyeol is a single dog mom. (girl!ChanHo)

Eat Me, Drink Me, Straight Down the Rabbit Hole: NC-17 | 3,649 Joonmyun goes into heat in Chanyeol’s apartment. That’s it. That’s the fic. (girl!ChanHo)

Lu Han/Kyungsoo:

We Both Have Our Rabid Hearts, Feral From The Very Start: NC-17 | 1,466 Lu Han doesn't get off on being submissive, but he certainly gets off on watching Kyungsoo take control.

Xiumin/Lu Han:

Powers of Observation: NC-17 | 1,906 Minseok has never masturbated before. Lu Han thinks this is a tragedy. (girl!XiuHan)

Lu Han/Chen:

Made to Fit (Like A Fingerprint): NC-17 | 2,903 Lu Han and Jongdae fuck on their wedding night. That’s it. That’s the fic. (Chen/girl!Lu Han, Bachelor Party AU)


Let's Be Partners: PG | 1,023 Baekhyun is used to getting scolded by the teacher, but he isn't sure what he did to make Sehun cry. Kid!fic.


Can I Make It Any More Obvious?:NC-17 | 12,631 She was a girl, and she was...also a girl. Nonetheless, it was pretty damn obvious. Lu Han wants to know what happens when a skater girl asks out a cheerleader. Fortunately, both she and Jongdae will find out. (sk8er boi AU) (girl!ChenHun, girl!LuKai) ♥
Part 1
Part 2


Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places: PG-13 | 2,304 It's safe to say that Joonmyun had not been expecting Jongdae, her crush from back in high school, to be her new gynecologist. Cue the most awkward appointment of her life. (Chen/girl!Suho) (exOBGYN!AU)


Tell Me That You Want Me (I'll Stay): NC-17 | 13,455 Kyungsoo never wanted a hybrid, but enter Lu Han's meddling and Zitao's sweet smile, and Kyungsoo might end up changing her mind. (girl!TaoSoo)
Part 1
Part 2


Trapped in the Closet: PG-13 | 1,921 Locking Chanyeol in the closet with Kyungsoo isn't Baekhyun's most clever idea. Nevertheless, it gets the job done.

I Would Wait Forever and Ever: NC-17 | 7,347 Sometimes, Chanyeol still can’t believe that she and Kyungsoo are actually dating. So comprehending the fact that Kyungsoo wants to have sex with her is nearly impossible. Spin-off of That’s How It Works (That’s How You Get the Girl). (girl!ChanSoo)


Never Have I Ever: PG-13 | 1,686 Turning never have I ever into a drinking is a great idea, right? Lu Han thinks so, so it must be true.

That's What She (Charmingly) Said: PG-13 | 2,291 Baekhyun finds her gynecologist hot beyond all reason. She is inconvenienced (and mortified) by this fact. (Kris/girl!Baekhyun) (exOBGYN!AU)

Broadcast Quality: NC-17 | 5,796 In which Baekhyun and Krystal are ultra diva, mega bitches, and Kris is just trying to be a producer (who does not have any digestive problems, thankyouverymuch). Originally posted here for runandgun.

Fit to Burst: NC-17 | 3,002 To be denied was one thing. Letting go was another.

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago: PG-13 | 1,432 Who even buys three dollar water? Oh, right. Kris does.

Let's Do It: PG-13 | 8,419 Kris is Baekhyun's best friend. He's also an idiot. This is a problem. (Kris/girl!Baekhyun) Originally posted here for thebaekfest. ♥


The Art of Omission: PG | 1,360 In which Tao hates to lie and Kris is the only one who knows why he doesn't have an ideal type of girl.

Save A Mouse, Eat A Pussy: NC-17 | 2,360 Kris wonders if the message Zitao is sending with her t-shirt is purposeful or not. Either way, she's pretty sure it's broken her brain. (girl!TaoRis) ♥

Kris/Lu Han:

When Lu Han Can't Solve a Rubik's Cube: NC-17 | 1,674 Kris has a theory...


Whoa: PG-13 | 3,317 Chanyeol is too earnest for his own good. Kris is just afraid of catching her roommate in the act. (het!KrisYeol, Fences AU)

Come And Put Me Out: NC-17 | 7,433 Yifan had long since given up on getting what he really wanted. Originally posted here for exok_ink.


Kris' Boobs: R | 4,964 How her B-cup breasts managed to cause so much drama, Kris will never know. (girl!KrisHun) ♥


Don't You Dream Impossible Things?: NC-17 | 7,408
Despite being one of the most popular models in the business, Chanyeol never dreamed that she’d get to do a shoot with her all-time favorite singer and ideal woman, Suho. Chanyeol just wants to make it through the day without completely embarrassing herself, but Zitao has other plans. (girl!SuTaoYeol)


Fingertips: NC-17 | 836 Joonmyun masturbates. That’s it. That’s the fic. (girl!Suho)

Fences AU:

Crushcrushcrush: NC-17 | 4,181 In all of her fantasies involving Kyungsoo, Jongin never imagined this. (girl!Kai/girl!Kyungsoo)

Let the Flames Begin: NC-17 | 5,345 Baekhyun has set her sights on Lu Han because she'll be damned if Jongin gets more action than she does. (girl!Baekhyun/girl!Lu Han)

Ignorance: PG-13 | 732 Baekhyun and Chanyeol's priorities differ... (flashback- Chanyeol/girl!Baekhyun)

Whoa: PG-13 | 3,317
Chanyeol is too earnest for his own good. Kris is just afraid of catching her roommate in the act. (Chanyeol/girl!Kris)

Pressure: PG | 1,199 Sehun and Jongin are practically siblings, which is why seeing Jongin unsure is so strange. (flashback- bff!Sehun/girl!Kai)

Cross Band Pairings:


More Than Sixteen Candles: PG-13 | 2,182 After months of flirting, Baekhyun is ready for something to finally come to fruition between him and Jonghyun. What better day to make that happen than his birthday? (feat SHINee)


Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone: PG | 5,312 Krystal's used to Baekhyun doing stupid things, but deciding that he wants to ask her sister out definitely takes the cake. (feat f(x))


(your hand across my) Heartbeat: NC-17 | 21,756
Even though unplanned pregnancy between a female alpha and a male omega is nearly unheard of, Chanyeol is living proof that it’s possible. Getting pregnant by his beautiful alpha, Gwiboon, is certainly not the worst thing that could have happened. In fact, it might be the best. (feat SHINee)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

As Long As You're You: NC-17| 30,730 Hooking up with Tae isn't supposed to mean anything. Jongin likes boys. And despite sometimes getting mistaken for one, Tae certainly isn't a boy. (feat SHINee) ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



Woof Woof: PG-13 | 929 Taehyung is impossible to flirt with, so Yoongi has a plan with four paws.



Up above the world, up above it all, here's a hand to hold on to: G song drabble

Happiness: PG | 1,404 Junghwan's smiles are infectious.

Wish I Could Be Part of Your World: PG | 701 Jinyoung is amazed by Junghwan's voice. Junghwan is...pretty confused, to be honest.


A Different Kind Of Soul Mates: PG | 1,569 Sandeul and Baro have a particularly close relationship- something that Jinyoung notices before any of them.


I've Always Known, With You I Am Home: PG | 1,128 Shinwoo seeks comfort with the maknae of the group.


Change: PG | 2,236 Gongchan's new haircut bothers Sandeul but he can't put his finger on why. Written for the B1A4 SS 2011.

Super Junior


Minutes: PG Sungmin always wakes up in the middle of the night.

All I Have Is All I Need: G song drabble

Under These Dirty Skies: PG song drabble

When Our Souls Are Apart: PG song drabble

Watching: NC-17 Kyuhyun chooses really inappropriate moments to get Sungmin off.

Reciprocation: NC-17 Sungmin seduces Kyuhyun with a series of erotic text messages. Sequel to Submission and Domination.

Taunt: R Nothing gets Sungmin off like being called a slut. Kyuhyun exploits this information.

FPS: PG-13 | 295 Poor Kyuhyun is always getting nagged...and mentally scarred. (friendship!fic)

Violation: NC-17 | 4,117 In which Kyuhyun has the hots for her teacher, Heechul encourages dress-code violations, and Ryeowook and Yesung are just friends. (girl!KyuMin)

Expectations: PG-13 | 8,711 Sungmin has always been the girl who gets all the boys. But a series of events leads here to question everything she thinks she knows. (girl!KyuMin)
Part 1
Part 2


Promise Me: PG-13 song drabble

Girls, Girls, Girls: PG Whilst intoxicated, Yesung and Shindong discuss their ideal woman.

We'll be fine in the morning: PG song drabble

Beauty and the Beast: PG | 3,439 Known as a monster, Yesung never ventures out of the mansion left to her by her late parents. Ryeowook discovers the truth behind the rumors. (girl!YeWook)

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi:

A Potentially Serious Matter (According to Zhou Mi): PG-13 | 410 In which Zhou Mi is anal retentive and Kyuhyun is just trying to dry off.

FPS: PG-13 | 295 Poor Kyuhyun is always getting nagged...and mentally scarred. (implied!QMi)

Red: PG-13 | 788 Zhou Mi is appalled that Kyuhyun didn't tell him about his new hair color personally.

How To Mark Your Territory: PG-13 | 1,467 In which Kyuhyun is the only one who doesn't think that he's possessive and the members all have unique (useless) advice.

Zhou Mi/Sungmin:

Unknowns: PG-13 | 2,607 Sungmin's worries about joining Super Junior M never involved falling for one tall and skinny band mate...


Truth: NC-17 | 4,097 Sungmin has a difficult time suppressing her feelings for her best friend. (girl!HaeMin)


Submission: NC-17 Heechul turns to Kyuhyun for some much-needed stress relief.


Moths: R | 1,057 Donghae gets what he’s wanted all these years.


Domination: NC-17 Heechul continues with his de-stressing plan, this time setting his sights on Sungmin. However, he gets a bit more than he bargained for… Sequel to Submission.


Princess Heechul: PG | 1,912 Heechul comes down with a cold and demands that Hankyung tell him a story. What results is a tale of the beautiful Princess Petal, a prince from a far away land, a pumpkin-eating bunny, a strange turtle, a polite horse, and a fabulous unicorn.


I See Something In You That You Don't See In Me: PG song drabble

Sexually Bulimic: NC-17 Heechul unloads his complaints on Leeteuk one morning.


Agreement: PG-13 | 285 A quiet moment is all they need.


I Just Want Your Kiss: R song drabble

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Sungmin:

Three Blowjobs, Please: NC-17 | 4,848 Sungmin and Zhou Mi cook up a plan that even Kyuhyun can't turn down.


Experiments: NC-17 Hyukjae and Donghae try to test out different ways to get Sungmin off.


Incomparable: NC-17 Ryeowook prefers his own touch to that of anyone else.


Kyuhyun is a Troll: PG-13 | 802 Kyuhyun likes to screw with people. Jonghyun is the perfect target.

Band Fics:

10 People Meme: G-R drabbles meme

Cross Band Pairings:


Bet: PG | 100 Donghae’s transformation after winning a bet is slightly disturbing. (feat DBSK)

Big Bang


Cut Us and We Bleed: PG-13 song drabble

Love Thyself: PG-13 Seungri and Jiyong discuss an interview they did for a Japanese magazine.

Thaw: PG Seungri is there when Jiyong needs him most.

Come Find Me Again: NC-17 Jiyong makes a living selling his body. That is until one day when Seungri comes into his life and changes everything.

Hips: NC-17 Jiyong’s hip movements during a concert drive Seungri crazy.

For You: This story follows Jiyong and Seungri as they grow up separately from one another from the time that they are nine to their sophomore year in college when their paths finally cross. Written for the YG Multibang.
Part 1 - PG-13
Part 2 - R
Part 3 - NC-17

Voyeur: NC-17 Seungri walks in on Jiyong when he’s having “alone time.”

A stitch away: PG song drabble


When the Sun Goes Down: R song drabble

Ideal Type v. 3.0: NC-17 | 3,273 Jiyong recreates his “younger girl” look from the Big Bang Secret Garden Parody for TOP’s private enjoyment.

The Uninvited Guest (Sort Of): NC-17 | 3,001 When Jiyong meets Seunghyun in the most unexpected of places (no, really), he never expects that he’ll develop feelings for the other man.



Barely Hanging On: PG song drabble

If: PG | 381 In which Jaejoong is persistent and Changmin is stubborn.

The danger that lies behind your eyes: PG-13 song drabble


Slow Down: PG | 362 The motion of the city doesn’t stop when you stand still.

Cross Band Pairings:


Bet: PG | 100 Donghae’s transformation after winning a bet is slightly disturbing. (feat Super Junior)


Goofus and Gallant: PG-13 | 390 It turns out that Highlights was onto something with their cartoon. (feat SHINee)


Cross Band Pairings:


Alice in Wonderland: PG | 800 Aron finds Alice intriguing. Alice thinks his crush is endearing. (feat Hello Venus)

♥ = favorite
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