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Master Fic List (Girls)

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Red Velvet


(I Don’t Want to Dance With Nobody) But You: PG | 5,108 Wendy never expected the girl with the sweet smile to go from a bright spot in her day to something so much more than that.



Spark: R | 21,740 Chorong has been running from the truth her whole life. Maybe it’s time to stop. ♥
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



When I’m Down On My Knees, You’re How I Pray: NC-17 | 2,389 Yongsun makes a roller derby victory even more sweet. ♥

Oh My Girl


One Step, Two Steps: PG | 8,669 From the moment Arin first laid eyes on Hyojung, she was besotted. The only problem is that Hyojung is a senior and Arin is a freshman. And a girl. (Alternately, Hyojung oozes perfection, Arin is persistent, and Seunghee is so done with it all. This is what she gets for hanging out with freshmen.)


Kiss Kiss Kiss: PG | 5,715 Arin hasn’t had her first kiss yet, but the other girls in her cabin at summer camp are determined to remedy that.



Signs: PG | 603 Krystal has to do everything while Amber remains intentionally clueless.

Unsettled: PG-13 | 927 It takes Krystal years to muster the courage to let herself be.

Look: NC-17 | 1,426 Krystal’s stage outfit makes her irresistible. To Amber at least.

Team Spirit: PG | 702 Amber's former crushes cause Krystal to question her taste.

Contaminated standards: G song drabble

Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day: PG-13 | 13,696 Krystal is straight. She's sure of it. But life is never so simple. Written for the 2012 femmebigbang.
Part 1
Part 2


Tangled Up In Me: NC-17 | 1,146 Soojung doesn't like sharing, but Jinri likes to see her squirm. (high school au)


All That We're Fighting For: PG-13 | 2,067 Jinri might as well be from a different world, but Victoria can't imagine a world without her.


A Necessary Solution: R | 628 Why an empty dorm is a good thing.

Dress Me Up and Watch Me Die: NC-17 | 6,342 Krystal operates alone. She has no need for company. Naturally, the universe has other plans for her. (feat SHINee, Mamamoo, and EXO)

Cross Band Pairings:


1 2 Step: R | 2,385 Amber is chosen to perform the rap in Yuri’s solo stage at Girls’ Generation’s first concert tour. (feat SNSD)


Remember: R | 1,696 Krystal awakes to find herself in a different reality entirely. (feat SNSD)


Under the Influence: NC-17 | 3,850 Don’t sniff the flowers. (feat SHINee)


Cause Really, I Adore You And I Can't Leave You Alone: PG | 5,312 Krystal's used to Baekhyun doing stupid things, but deciding that he wants to ask her sister out definitely takes the cake. (feat EXO)

Girl's Day


Next, Never: PG | 800 "Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing." - Sylvia Plath



Running: R | 5,096 When Soyou leaves everything she knows behind, she doesn't know what she's going to find. Runaway AU.


You're No Good For Me, But Baby I Want You: PG-13 | 1,470 Soyou is not the type of girl whom Dasom associates with, but there's something about Soyou that pulls her in. 1940's high school AU.

Hello Venus


Enchantment: G | 1,107 Ara shares a secret.

Cross Band Pairings:


Alice in Wonderland: PG | 800 Aron finds Alice intriguing. Alice thinks his crush is endearing. (feat NU'EST)



A Vicious Cycle: R | 7,348 Nicole is madly in love with Gyuri who alternates between favoring Nicole over all others and acting like she’s the bane of her existence. Key’s attempts at helping her through it may or may not be successful. (featuring SHINee's Key)



Underwear: PG-13 Jiyoon manages to make Gayoon’s brain completely cease to function normally.


Meeting: R | 4,285 A strip club is literally the last place Gayoon ever thought she'd find someone.


Idol Worship: PG | 688 Sohyun can never say ‘no’ to HyunA. Not that she’d want to anyway

miss A


Hot Chocolate: PG-13 Jia gives Min what she wants.

Low Light: NC-17 | 747 Shameless PWP.

Low Light 2: NC-17 | 599 Continuation of Low Light because I couldn’t help myself. PWP.



Simple Elegance vs. Faux Fur: R In which Dara is chic in black and CL is driven to distraction.

Ladies, Drop Your Panties: PG-13 | 1,222 Dara is a photo student and CL is a camera ham with a sexy gaze that inspires not-so-innocent thoughts.

Private Performance: R | 673 Dara is powerless against the effect that Chaerin has on her.



Discoveries: G | 442 Jieun is Hana’s new roommate at boarding school.



Warmth in the City: PG Jessica ventures out at night for just one reason.

Downpour: PG | 1,176 Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain.

Exchange: R | 10,213 In which Jessica is a vampire, Tiffany needs a place to live, and Sunny is a fangirl. Written for the 2011 femmebigbang.
Part 1
Part 2

Something Wonderful: NC-17 | 476 Tiffany knows that she's privileged to see Jessica like this.

Blush on, lashes long, mascara strong: G song drabble

It Only Takes Once: PG-13 | 2,776 Tiffany inspires more feelings in Jessica than any of the other girls that she's ever dated.

Cucumber Finger Sandwiches: PG | 838 Tiffany isn't allowed to eat cucumber in any form because Jessica Jung says so.

Heel: NC-17 | 3,085 Jessica is powerless to deny Tiffany anything.

Come And Take A Walk On The Wild Side: NC-17 | 3,953 In which Tiffany is desperate, Hyoyeon and Seohyun are meddlesome, and Jessica is not a murderer.


Natural: PG-13 | 5,009 Jessica, a famous singer in Korea, is hopelessly in love with her makeup artist. She’s pretty sure that dating a member of her staff (who’s a woman no less) is frowned upon in the entertainment business.

Naturally: NC-17 | 1,937 The omitted smut scene from Natural.

Goodbye, Hello: PG-13 | 6,338 Jessica awakens to find herself on a cruise ship in the 1940's.

Why a Hobo Would Make a Better Friend Than Kwon Yuri: PG-13 | 1,860 The two times that Taeyeon failed to meet a girl (while Yuri was hit on by everything with a pulse) and the one time that she succeeded.


Dress Down: NC-17 | 3,888 Jessica goes about trying to get Seohyun's attention in all the wrong ways.

A Heartbeat Away: G | 602 What she wants is closer than she thinks.

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion: NC-17 | 2,502 Seohyun is Jessica's physics tutor. But Jessica isn't interested in learning the laws of physics at all. In fact, she has other things in mind.

Tit for Tat: NC-17 | 1,724 Jessica thinks that girls who have tattoos on their thighs are sexy. Seohyun's tattoo is temporary, but it's close enough.

I Wanna Feel (Like I Am Floating): PG-13 | 5,211 Seohyun doesn't need anyone. But maybe she does. Written for the 2013 kpop_olymfics. ♥


Mistakes: PG-13 | 2,717 Tiffany’s accidental visit to a girl bar leads her to meet Yuri and forces her to make one of the most important decisions of her life.


Sugar Hooker: NC-17 | 1,026 Taeyeon knows better than to get pulled in by Sunny’s games, but that doesn’t mean that she has the self-restraint to resist.


Relax: R | 1,093 At her gallery show, Jessica is uptight and uncomfortable, but a surprise visit from Sunny, a girl she barely knows, makes it all bearable.

Soaked: NC-17 | 1,254 Sunny shows up drenched at Jessica’s door.


Innocent: PG-13 | 444 Tiffany models her new bra and panties set for Seohyun. Based on the episode of GGTS where Tiffany gets underwear for her birthday and she says that only Seohyun will get to see her in them.

Graffiti: PG-13 | 754 Tiffany is everything that Seohyun never knew she wanted.

Property of Tiffany Hwang: NC-17 | 1,899 The welcome that Tiffany gives to Seohyun, the newest member of the cheerleading squad, is not what she expects at all.


Little Earthquakes: G | 467 Sometimes Hyoyeon knows just what's right for Seohyun.

One In A Million: PG | 753 Hyoyeon loves every version of Seohyun.


Of Colorful Tunnels and Unadulterated Lust: NC-17 | 1,526 Seohyun finds herself overwhelmed by temptation in a place filled with childhood memories.


Call Me: NC-17 | 1,490 Jessica is an operator at a phone sex company. Hyoyeon is the first caller that gets her heart racing.


Whispering Corridors: NC-17 | 1,315 Taeyeon knows as well as any other teacher that Kwon Yuri is the perfect student.


Follow Me: PG-13 | 1,793 Yoona takes Hyoyeon to a hidden spot in the woods. Hyoyeon takes her home.


JongKey fans and JongSica fans unite, yo: PG-13 Key and Jessica aren’t happy with the current situation. But it really has nothing to do with what’s-her-face dating Jonghyun. (featuring SHINee's Key)

The Key: PG-13 | 1,175 A series of vignettes that illustrate how Jessica's past has shaped her life.

Pretend: R | 779 Jessica doesn't know how she ended up here. (Jessica/OMC)


Cinderella: G | 1,380 Seohyun isn't allowed to go to the prince's ball. But she has bigger plans anyway.

Cross Band Pairings:


Make Me Walk, Make Me Talk, Do Whatever You Please- I Can Act Like A Star, I Can Beg On My Knees: NC-17 Key’s plan to include Jessica in his intimate activities with Jonghyun is a huge success. Because he’s Key and can do whatever he wants. (feat SHINee)


Remember: R | 1,696 Krystal awakes to find herself in a different reality entirely. (feat f(x))


1 2 Step: R | 2,385 Amber is chosen to perform the rap in Yuri’s solo stage at Girls’ Generation’s first concert tour. (feat f(x))

♥ = favorite
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