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Ticking Like A Bomb In A Birdcage (Kai-centric, LuKai) [2/3]

Title: Ticking Like A Bomb In A Birdcage 2/3
Pairing: Kai-centric, Lu Han/Kai, slight Kai/Ara, Kai/Tao, and lots of minor pairings
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): lots of girl group cameos (mostly AOA and Hello Venus)
Genre(s): slice-of-life, angst, romance
Word Count: 18,190
Summary: Hindsight is 20/20. Or something to that effect.
a/n: Just to note, this fic doesn't exactly have the happy ending you'd expect? I don't think it's a sad ending by any means, but just be warned. Also, I had the American school system in mind when writing this rather than the Korean system.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


When their senior year rolled around, Jongin, Lu Han, and Sehun weren't all hanging out as much as they used to. It wasn't that they'd had a falling out, but Sehun had gone on a trip with his church over the summer and seemed to have acquired a whole new group of friends that neither Jongin nor Lu Han had ever met before.

Jongin actually saw both of them more than they saw each other due to the amount of classes he had with Sehun and the fact that he and Lu Han still hung out with the same people. Though that particular group had been evolving and changing and Jongin was starting to feel like the odd one out now that Sehun wasn't the token sullen member of the group.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were still present, but now that a couple of girls, Mina and Choa and Yuna, had been added into the mix, the dynamics were changing.

First of all, the number of boys and girls wasn't equal, which wasn't that big of a deal except for the fact that most of the time, Jongin felt like he was sitting in the middle of some weird mating ritual that he hadn't been taught how to partake in. Lu Han, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol were all more outgoing than he was, not to mention notorious flirts. So they had the girls smiling and laughing and playfully pushing at their shoulders while Jongin just kind of watched and tried to contribute to conversation where he could.

It wasn't that they were actively trying to exclude him, but he just kind of felt like he was on a separate wavelength sometimes.

It was no secret that Yuna liked Lu Han, either. Which somehow just made Jongin feel even more uncomfortable when he'd sit next to Lu Han when they settled in to watch a movie with Yuna on Lu Han's other side, giggling at his commentary and looking charming with her big eyes and dimples while Jongin tapped Lu Han's shoulder to make a comment of his own.

Once, they'd played strip poker at Yuna's house when her parents weren't home. Jongin thought it was a good thing that Sehun wasn't hanging out with them so much anymore because he'd have rolled his eyes and refused to play.

Jongin was actually pretty okay with it. He might have been uncomfortable with his ability to keep up with the other boys when they talked with the girls, but Jongin knew that he had a nice body- lean and toned from dance. Which was why he didn't even bat an eye when he ended up in his boxers at the end of the game- same as the rest of the boys- while the girls were mostly clothed.

That was that and Jongin hadn't even given it another thought until Baekhyun had come up to him in the hall the following Monday to tell him that Mina had told him that Yuna had told her that she thought that Jongin was the most toned, but she liked Lu Han's body best- that he had just the perfect amount of muscle. Baekhyun, naturally, thought it was hilarious- cackling about how weird girls were (and probably just relieved that there had been no comments about all of the muscle that he didn't have).

Jongin swallowed around something uncomfortable lodged in his throat and listened as Baekhyun started lamenting about how if he had to listen to Chanyeol hem and haw over whether or not to ask Choa out for another minute, he was going to kill himself.


Senior year was also when he met Yoo Ara- the two of them seated next to each other in their advanced placement history class. She was undeniably beautiful- long, sleek brown hair that fell halfway down her back, big eyes, prettily curved pink lips. Jongin had initially assumed that she'd be the type of girl that wouldn't give him a second glance and spent the first few classes of the year trying to inconspicuously admire her profile before she's leaned over to ask him a question about the homework and he found that she was surprisingly easy to talk to with a sharper sense of humor than he'd ever have guessed.

It was hard to know a girl like her and not end up at least a little besotted.

But Jongin wasn't the type to broadcast every emotion he felt, so he kept her to himself.

At least he tried to. Jongin wasn't very good at hiding things. Especially from Lu Han.

“Wait,” Lu Han leveled him with a look, “You like someone? Who is it?”

“It's no one,” Jongin hedged, wishing that he had a better poker face, “It's really not a big deal, Lu Han.”

“Have you told anyone?” Lu Han demanded, looking serious.

Jongin shriveled under the scrutiny.

“No,” he shook his head, “Seriously, it's not a big deal.”

The crease between Lu Han's brows seemed to disappear and suddenly he was grinning mischievously.

“Tell me.”

“There's nothing to tell. I swear-”

Lu Han got up from his seat in front of his computer to take a step toward Jongin who was lounging on the bed.

“Tell me, Jongin,” Lu Han said, lips curved up in a way that had Jongin's muscles tensing on instinct, “Or I'll make you.”

“Lu Han-” he tried, but the end of his name ended up sounding embarrassingly like a squeal when Lu Han lunged for him and Jongin leapt off the bed like a frightened animal.

Lu Han made a grab for him, but Jongin skirted his hands, darting past him and down the hall. He took the stairs two at a time with Lu Han hot on his heels- both half laughing as Lu Han continued to yell tell me with Jongin repeating no, over and over.

Jongin felt Lu Han's fingers grip his shirt when he'd made it to Lu Han's kitchen, fortunately void of his parents since it might have been awkward to explain why they were behaving like children. The next thing he knew, Lu Han's fingers were digging into his sides- tickling his waist and causing more un-manly sounds to escape from Jongin's throat as he pleaded with Lu Han to let him go.

This wasn't uncommon behavior for Jongin and Sehun or Lu Han and Sehun back when they were freshmen or sophomores, but despite how close they were, Lu Han and Jongin had never played around like this.

There was something in his mind trying to tell him something- alarm bells going off in the deep recesses of his brain- but he was too busy trying to get enough breath to beg Lu Han to let him go. The other boy knew he hated being tickled. But somehow, this wasn't as bad as when Sehun would tackle him and hold him down until he was fuming mad and letting out half-laughs, half-sobs while he thrashed and kicked.

When Jongin was doubled over in laughter with Lu Han draped over his back, hands still clamped on his waist, Jongin finally conceded defeat, catching sight of their reflection in the sliding glass door as they straightened up.

“Who is it?” Lu Han asked, breathless from the struggle and grinning playfully.

“Yoo Ara,” Jongin finally admitted, catching his breath and trying to shake the weird feeling that was creeping in to replace the leftover panic of being tickled.

Lu Han wasn't smiling anymore as he seemed to search his mind for who Jongin was talking about.

“Oh, she was in my driver's ed class sophomore year,” Lu Han finally said.

Jongin swallowed and nodded, not sure what exactly he was nodding about.

“Yeah, she's pretty nice,” Lu Han went on, “I talked to her some.”


Somehow knowing that Lu Han had also built up a friendly rapport with her left a bitter taste in his mouth. Not that it was surprising since it seemed that everyone liked Lu Han, but he'd kind of liked it when Lu Han and Ara were completely separate in his mind- compartmentalized and in their proper places.

“So you like her?”

Jongin thought back to his history class on Friday when Ara had leaned over to make a sarcastic remark about the reading. He felt his lips twitching up on their own accord.

He nodded.

Lu Han raised his eyebrows before quickly smiling and Jongin felt his gut unclench.

“I kind of forget what she looks like. Let's go pull out the yearbook from last year, yeah?”

Jongin agreed and tailed Lu Han as they ascended the stairs, back up towards Lu Han's room.


Jongin and Lu Han didn't have any classes together, but they passed in the hall right before Jongin had his AP history class, so it didn't take long for them to fall into a routine where they'd pass each other stupid notes that they'd written in their earlier classes.

Lu Han often teased Jongin over his crush since he knew he'd be reading the note while seated right next to the girl in question and he even started drawing pictures of stick-figure Jongin pathetically mooning over stick-figure Ara.

Around the same time, Lu Han developed an interest in a girl in his sociology class named Seolhyun whom he'd legitimately never spoken to since she sat on the other side of the classroom. So, of course, Jongin responded in kind with stick figures of Lu Han and an indifferent Seolhyun.

Everyday, the doodles got more and more ridiculous with stick-figure Jongin and stick-figure Lu Han getting into crazy adventures trying to win the hearts of Ara and Seolhyun. Lu Han drew a scene of them as superheros with capes, working together to save their crushes from an evil villain. So Jongin drew them as secret agents (with bow-ties, of course), rescuing the girls from the clutches of kidnappers.

Jongin kept all of the notes- still folded in little squares- in a drawer in his desk at home. Sometimes, when he'd had a bad day, he'd look at a few of Lu Han's bad drawings and find himself laughing despite himself. He wondered if Lu Han had all of his drawings somewhere, too.


Every year, Jongin and Lu Han exchanged Christmas presents at the start of Christmas break. Sehun used to be part of the tradition too, but he was off with his new group of friends from another school this year, and even last year, it'd just been him and Lu Han, though he couldn't remember why.

Lu Han usually made some aspect of his presents to personalize them. Two years prior, he'd given both Jongin and Sehun a copy of a DVD with a bunch of random clips that they'd filmed over the course of their friendship. So Jongin knew that he had to come up with something good.

One day when he was sitting at his desk and procrastinating on starting his math homework, he absently pulled open the drawer full of Lu Han's notes and suddenly got an idea. What if he compiled all of the stick figure adventures together? He could redraw them (staying true to the standard way they both drew themselves as stick-figures, of course) in a notebook and color them in and make a faux-comic book. It was perfect. It was personal to just the two of them and he was pretty sure that it wasn't something that Lu Han would think of.

All he needed was a notebook and he could get started.


Around the end of November, Jongin and Ara got paired up to work on a project for their history class. Since it was an AP class, it wasn't the kind of project that could be easily knocked out with a singular outside-of-school meeting. They were going to need to get together multiple times to research and get together their presentation.

Thus, Jongin found himself spending three days a week in the library after school with Ara the week after the project was assigned.

Jongin was a mess of nerves- elated and panicked about all of the time that he was suddenly spending with Ara. But it went well- their research going smoothly, and more importantly, the interactions between them were only getting more comfortable.

Ara had a program on her home computer for putting together presentations, so that was how Jongin ended up at her house that Saturday afternoon, sitting at a spare chair at her computer desk and wiping sweaty palms on his jeans.

“So,” Ara said, turning to face Jongin after inputting information into the program for an hour with Jongin reading things out from his notebook while simultaneously trying to have a covert panic attack, “Why are you hyperventilating?”

“What?” Jongin asked, defensive and wishing that his voice hadn't nearly squeaked.

Ara gave him a look like oh please and Jongin felt his shoulders slump.

He was totally caught. Ara was going to realize that he had a crush on her and that he was hopeless in unfamiliar social situations.

“Because if it's because you want to ask me out, you should probably just do it so you can stop panicking and we can finish our project,” she said matter-of-factly.

Jongin gaped, blinking at her like he must have misheard her or she must have been kidding or...something. But she was just staring at him like she was waiting for something. For him to ask her out?

Ara raised her eyebrows and Jongin almost choked on air.

“Um...” Jongin began and Ara folded her hands in her lap and looked at him expectantly, “Do you want to go out with me? Um...like-”

“Yes,” she cut him off, smiling at him brilliantly before turning back to the computer, “Now, read me the information for the next slide.”

Jongin continued to gape at her like an unintelligent fish until she looked over at him and chuckled fondly, “What am I going to do with you, Kim Jongin?”

“Uh...date me?” Jongin offered and Ara barked out a laugh, shoving his notebook in front of his face.

“Read please.”

So he did.


Jongin was beside himself with excitement and disbelief when he got home late that night after having a quick dinner of take out with Ara and then working on their project until they were finally finished, which was around eleven at night. He needed to tell someone and he didn't really feel like telling his parents. He really wanted to tell Lu Han, but this felt like too big of a deal to tell him via a text and it was too late to meet him or call him without his parents wondering why he was on the phone at almost midnight.

After pacing around his room and making hand gestures at no one for five minutes, Jongin grabbed his phone and dropped down onto his bed on his stomach to text Lu Han.

Big news! Can I come over tomorrow?

Two minutes later his phone buzzed with a response.

yeah, what time?

As early as possible!

uhhh...how about 9?

I'll be there! ^^

Jongin knew he had to be up by 8:30 if he wanted to get to Lu Han's on time, but it still took him a couple of hours of tossing and turning before he was able to fall asleep.


Jongin texted Lu Han from the car when he parked in front of his house. It had been cold the night before so the grass was sparkling with frost in the morning sun. But despite the chill in the air, Lu Han stepped out onto his front porch a minute after Jongin's text went through, sitting down in one of the chairs under the overhang as Jongin got out of the car and walked briskly up to the house.

“So?” Lu Han asked when Jongin sat down in the chair next to him, fingers drumming on his thighs as he tried not to just explode with bewilderment over the fact that he had a girlfriend.

“It's about Ara,” he began, feet tapping now too.

“I'd guessed that,” Lu Han said, still waiting for Jongin to spit it out.

“I asked her out!” Jongin finally burst out, still having a mild out of body experience even as he felt the tips of his fingers going numb from the cold.

“I guessed that too,” Lu Han laughed as Jongin tapped out an elaborate rhythm with his feet against the wood floor of the porch.

“Holy shit!” Jongin exclaimed, looking at Lu Han with wide eyes and wanting him to do something like pinch him or put the fact this was real life in writing and then sign it or something.

“I'm really happy for you,” Lu Han told him, grinning at Jongin as he continued to freak out silently.

They stayed like that on Lu Han's front porch until Jongin could no longer feel his toes and Lu Han had to go inside to do his homework.

As he climbed back into his mom's car and drove home, Jongin felt like things were going right. And when he thought about how Lu Han had allowed him to come over bright and early on a Sunday morning to freak out at him, he felt something warm settle in his chest.


Jongin couldn't stop his grin when he passed Lu Han his gift, wrapped poorly in gold and red Christmas paper. They were on the couch in Lu Han's living room with Christmas candles and the lights from the tree providing lots of holiday ambiance, the real pine garland draped over the fireplace even making the room smell like Christmas. It was almost overkill, but Lu Han's mom's passion for holiday decorating at least got them in the holiday mood after they'd just watched an action movie that wasn't festive in the least.

Lu Han ripped the paper and uncovered the notebook that Jongin had carefully copied every stick-figure adventure into. It had taken him maybe three hours overall of recreating the messy sketches that Lu Han had drawn on his notes to Jongin, but he was pretty pleased with how it had come out. He just hoped that Lu Han liked it as much as he did.

Opening the front cover, Lu Han let out a surprised laugh at the title page boasting a picture of stick-figure Jongin and stick-figure Lu Han with their hands on their hips in a superhero like pose.

As he flipped through the pages, his eyes crinkled with laughter- reading some of the captions out loud and enjoying his own jokes that he'd included with the original drawings.

“Oh my god, Jongin, that's hilarious,” he proclaimed when he was done, setting the notebook on the coffee table with a grin, “This is kind of lame in comparison...”

Jongin carefully took the wrapped package from Lu Han, noting that it wasn't wrapped with anymore finesse than his had been.

When he peeled away the paper, he found a picture of the two of them that Lu Han's mom had taken of them playing around in the snow on the snow day they'd gotten sophomore year. Sehun had been there that day as well, but he wasn't in this picture. It was just Lu Han and Jongin jumping into the snow- mid-air when the photo had been snapped.

“You know my mom crafts, so she had a lot of supplies left over...” Lu Han explained, rubbing at his neck uncomfortably.

He was referring to the picture frame, Jongin assumed, which was painted white and covered with iridescent glitter.

“It's dumb,” Lu Han said with a self-deprecating laugh.

“No it's not,” Jongin told him, smiling at the memory of that day- the elation they'd felt at school being canceled.

“It's covered in glitter,” Lu Han pointed out.

“It is,” Jongin agreed and looked at Lu Han for a second before they both burst out laughing.

The picture sat proudly on top of the notebook as they watched another movie, a horror movie this time, glitter winking in the candlelight.


“She must hate me,” Jongin lamented to Ara as he ignored the work he was supposed to be doing on the computer. They were in the lab at school to work on their history papers that were due the following week, but as usual, Jongin wasn't focused and was much more interested in talking to his girlfriend (girlfriend, his mind supplied giddily even though it had been two months already).

“It's not your fault,” Ara told him, typing out a few words before turning to him, “It's Lu Han who's making you tag along.”

“I know, but she doesn't know that,” Jongin said, raking fingers through his hair.

Lu Han was dating another girl- Hyelim, a good friend that he'd been spending a lot of time with leading up to him asking her out. But, as usual, he only had friendly feelings for her, so to avoid being expected to kiss her goodbye or something, he was dragging Jongin on all of their dates. Except he obviously didn't tell her that he was the one insisting that Jongin come along, so Hyelim must have thought that Jongin was the biggest cockblock ever.

“Why is he even dating her if he doesn't like her?” Ara asked. And really, it was a reasonable question.

“I don't know,” Jongin groaned.

“So just don't go,” she suggested, saving her file to her thumb drive, “It's not your responsibility to chaperone his dates.”

“I know, but...” Jongin trailed off, at a loss. He knew going on every one of Lu Han's dates with Hyelim was insane and definitely not something he should have had to do. But it was Lu Han. He couldn't let him down. He might have thought that Lu Han was mildly insane for dating a girl that he didn't even want to kiss, but he also couldn't imagine telling him that he was on his own and that Jongin was going to stop being his buffer. If Lu Han needed him then...he'd just have to withstand Hyelim's dirty looks until Lu Han finally broke up with her or started liking her or something.

“You're too nice,” Ara laughed, shutting the computer down and packing her notebooks away in her bag.

Jongin chuckled, “Probably.”


Lu Han broke up with Hyelim a week and half later.

Jongin was not present for that, at least.


As a last hurrah before college, Lu Han suggested they drive up to his grandparents' cabin which was located at the edge of a small lake. Jongin had been there once before- freshman year when Lu Han had invited him and Sehun, but that time, Lu Han's mom drove them there and stayed with them the whole time since they were only fourteen. This time, it would just be the two of them- a small taste of freedom before they started college and really learned what it was like to be responsible for themselves.

They arrived on a Friday evening in early June, immediately dumping their bags and going into town for dinner before returning to the cabin and watching movies until three in the morning.

Saturday was their only full day there since Lu Han's mom wanted the car back by Sunday afternoon, so they spent Saturday as it was meant to be spent- sleeping until noon and then lounging on a giant inflatable raft in the lake that they spent an hour filling with air using a pump.

Come nightfall, after they'd eaten dinner, Lu Han turned to Jongin where they were relaxing on the couch with the TV playing and asked Jongin if he'd ever been skinny dipping, mischievous tilt to his mouth.

Jongin sputtered out a laugh. “No. When would I have gone skinny dipping?”

Lu Han shrugged, still grinning, “Want to go?”


“It's dark out,” Lu Han pointed out, “Better now than tomorrow morning when the couple next door is on their porch, having coffee.”

So that was how Jongin ended up standing on the pier in just his shorts, politely averting his eyes as Lu Han shed his pants and jumped into the dark lake, making as big of a splash as possible.

Lu Han's head emerged from the water, hair dripping into his eyes as he grinned up at Jongin.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” he called, “I won't look.”

With that, he made a show of turning around in the water so Jongin could see the moonlight reflecting off the water droplets that clung to the ends of the hair at the nape of his neck.

Carefully, Jongin stepped out of his shorts and walked to the end of the pier, dipping a toe in and feeling a slight chill from the water. He should probably get in before Lu Han got impatient and turned around, so taking a deep breath, Jongin jumped off the pier and into the cool water- eyes closed as he was submerged completely.

“Skinny dipping!” Lu Han yelled out excitedly when Jongin came to the surface, shaking the water from his eyes.

“Shh! Not so loud!” Jongin hissed, looking around like someone was going to come out of their house and scold them.

“Don't you feel free?” Lu Han asked, unconcerned about his previous volume.

Jongin felt...weird. Used to having a cloth barrier between his important bits and the chill of the water, he felt extremely vulnerable with nothing covering him.

“We're swimming naked right now,” Lu Han announced unnecessarily, seeming completely amazed by that fact.

“Yes,” Jongin confirmed, making sure to stay at least four feet from Lu Han even as the other boy swam around just in case it was possible to see into the water.

Turned out, skinny dipping didn't make treading water in place any more interesting after the first few minutes so Lu Han suggested that they get back onto the raft that was still floating, tied to the pier.

“But we're naked,” Jongin pointed out, wondering if Lu Han really was suggesting that they lay there, completely bare in the moonlight.

“That's what the towels are for,” Lu Han said, swimming over to the pier and grabbing his towel to bring it into the water.

Then he crawled up onto the raft, soaking wet towel wrapped around his waist- the heavy fabric clinging to his hips and legs as he made himself comfortable.

Jongin followed suit, pulling his towel into the lake with him to cover up before gracelessly clamoring onto the raft.

“I can't believe we're going to be at college in less than three months,” Lu Han mused, looking over at Jongin.

Jongin shook his head in agreement, eyes shifting to take in the expanse of night sky.

“Maybe we can come back here after we graduate college and do this again,” Lu Han mused, only the sound of the water lapping against the plastic of the raft joining his voice in the quiet of the night.

“I wonder if we'll be different then.”

“We'll be educated,” Lu Han said simply and Jongin laughed, looking over to see Lu Han grinning at him.

And right then, with the stars above them and the dark water beneath them, it felt like nothing would ever change.


Despite his parents' skeptical looks, it really was a coincidence that he and Ara ended up at colleges just a thirty minute bus ride away from each other. Everyone Jongin was close with, however, were not so close. Lu Han was four hours away in one direction, along with Choa who enrolled at the same college as him, and Sehun was three in the other. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were both on the other end of the country and the rest girls from the group that Jongin sometimes hung out with her were scattered around- no one close enough to him to easily visit.

Jongin adjusted easily enough to college life despite his shyness. His roommate, Taemin, was a dance major as well and was much more outgoing than Jongin, dragging him to parties and events on campus and basically making sure that Jongin didn't end up an anti-social recluse.

Every other weekend, he and Ara took turns visiting each other at school. So every other weekend, Jongin got a break from Taemin's rigorous social calendar and would either travel on the bus thirty minutes or meet Ara at the bus stop a block from campus.

It was kind of weird going into college with a girlfriend because it seemed like everyone knew he had one. He was that guy with a serious girlfriend. Which was bizarre since he'd spent most of his high school career extremely single. But he couldn't say he minded much. Sure, it had girls skipping over him at parties if they were looking for a hook-up, but that was fine with him. It was also fine with Taemin who ended up intercepting any girl who approached Jongin and asked if he was seeing anyone.

At first it was really nice to be able to see a familiar face after spending two weeks exhaustively meeting new people. But then...something happened.

He and Ara had been dating for ten months, so they'd passed most of the physically intimate milestones short of actually having sex. Jongin had never been under the impression that he'd wait until marriage (unlike Sehun who, Jongin was pretty sure, had realized that was pretty unrealistic by that point), so when Ara had initiated something new, he'd always gone along with it. He really liked her and there was no doubt that she was extremely attractive- the perfect woman.

And it had all been fine. But maybe that should have been the first red flag. Fine was probably not the right word for sexual activities. Boring days spent in the library were fine. Sex was supposed to be amazing or mind-blowing or even terrible. But fine...

At first, Jongin just went along with it and it was interesting because it was a whole lot of firsts. Ara had been skilled enough that she'd been able to get him off without much problem, and Jongin was a fast learner- finding himself adept at each new thing that they'd tried.

But after the first two months of college had passed and the immense relief that came along with seeing Ara's smiling face after a sea of strangers started wearing off, Jongin found that he was no longer looking forward to every second weekend.

It wasn't because he didn't want to see Ara or talk to her and hear about how her classes had been going and how her roommate was mildly insane. Because he did. He really did. But after the talking, they would inevitably go to one of their dorm rooms where they'd reconnect on the physical level. The thing was...Jongin was starting to find himself dreading it even if he couldn't figure out why.

What he did realize was that now that they didn't see each other as often, there was the expectation that they'd get each other off every time they saw each other, which hadn't been the case before. Before, they could meet up and just go get dinner or just watch a movie and cuddle on the couch without getting intimate. But now...seeing Ara meant getting naked and Jongin found himself getting more and more uncomfortable with that as the weeks went on.

In mid-November when the weather was finally getting cold, Jongin called Ara and canceled their meet-up for the first time, claiming there was an important dance practice that he couldn't miss and there wasn't any point of her coming to him because he'd be busy in the studio all weekend. She was understanding and Jongin felt like pond scum.

“No girlfriend this weekend?” Taemin asked when Jongin was still hanging around their shared room on Friday evening instead of running off to catch a bus like he'd planned.

Jongin shook his head, swallowing down the guilt and trying to focus on the game he was playing on his phone.

“Didja break up?” Taemin tactlessly asked and Jongin snapped his head up in surprise.

“No! Of course not!”

Taemin held his hands up in surrender, “Just asking. Is everything okay with you guys?”

“Yes?” Jongin replied, but his answer was clearly lacking in confidence and even Taemin, dense as he tended to be, picked up on it.

“Okay, it's decided,” he announced, “We're drinking tonight.”

“I thought you were going to that party-”

“Tonight is roommate bonding slash getting drunk time,” Taemin interrupted him, “No arguments.”

Jongin really shouldn't have bothered trying to dissuade Taemin because an hour and a half later, they'd both downed three shots of vodka each and Taemin was pouring a fourth.

They were sprawled on their clean-ish dorm room floor with some dumb movie that Jongin had seen in high school playing in the background while Taemin told Jongin about the most recent girl he'd hooked up with.

But the funniest thing happened. With his mind loose and free from the alcohol, he found himself picturing what Taemin was talking about- really picture it. And since they were roommates, Jongin had seen Taemin nearly naked enough times to be able to easily conjure accurate and detailed images in his head. Not of the girl, obviously, since he didn't even know her, but his mind didn't seem to really care about that part. Instead he found himself fixated on the thought of Taemin's skinny chest heaving from his dick being sucked by some girl, his teeth digging into his thick lower lip as his eyebrows furrowed in pleasure.

And shit, he was getting hard from it. What the fuck was that about?

Apparently, he wasn't covert enough about covering his crotch with a sweatshirt because Taemin knocked the wad of material aside and guffawed.

“Dude, you could be getting some right now and hearing about a blowjob has you pitching?”

“Shut up,” Jongin grumbled, face hot from embarrassment.

“Hey, I'm not judging,” Taemin told him with a grin, “I could help you out, if you wanted.”

It took Jongin a minute to process what Taemin meant.

What?” he sputtered, most likely looking way more scandalized than the situation called for.

Taemin shrugged, lips pulled into a smirk as he glanced down at Jongin's lap again, “It's not big deal. If you'd like, I can tell you about the last guy I blew. I just thought you might appreciate a story about a girl since you've got a girlfriend and all.”

Jongin was having trouble swallowing.

“I have a girlfriend,” Jongin said dumbly, able to hear the blood rushing in his ears.

“That's what I just said,” Taemin laughed, pouring himself another shot and tossing it back.

“I mean,” Jongin tried to sort out his thoughts, but that was proving difficult when his dick was pressing against the zipper of his jeans and Taemin was sitting there with his damn puffy lips and- “I can't...I...Ara. And. I can't cheat on her.”

“Okay,” Taemin replied easily, “Suit yourself. Lemme know if you ever want to hear anymore stories. Or if you want a demonstration...”

At that, he grinned lasciviously and nearly fell over laughing when Jongin practically stumbled out of the room as he made for the bathroom.

Locking himself in a stall, Jongin jerked off quickly and came harder than he could ever remember coming.


Part 3

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