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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
I Knew It Was You All Along (het!ChanTao) 
16th-Feb-2014 09:36 pm
Title: I Knew It Was You All Along
Pairing: Chanyeol/girl!Tao, side girl!Sehun/girl!Kai and Baekhyun/girl!Lu Han
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, humor
Warning(s): girl!Tao, girl!Sehun, girl!Kai, girl!Lu Han
Word Count: 1,892
Summary: Zitao can't stop staring at Park Chanyeol. Fortunately, he thinks she's pretty cute.


“Doesn't he have nice wrists?” Zitao marveled dreamily, staring across campus during their lunch break at the object of her affections- a junior named Park Chanyeol who was taller than Zitao and played the guitar. And had nice wrists.

“What?” Sehun scoffed, looked up from where she was cramming a slice of pizza in her mouth, “His wrists?”

Zitao hummed in confirmation, watching as the older boy easily strummed his guitar and laughed at something one of his friends said.

Sehun glanced over at the picnic table where Chanyeol was situated and made a sound of disapproval.

“I don't understand the appeal,” she declared self-righteously, “What kind of lesbian are you, anyway?”

Zitao stopped admiring Chanyeol's wrists to shoot Sehun a confused look, “I'm...not one? I like boys too.”

“I don't understand,” Sehun repeated, going back to her food.

“I think he seems nice,” Jongin offered, smiling encouragingly at Zitao even as Sehun huffed, “He's in my math class and I've seen him help a lot of people with their homework.”

“What's he doing in a sophomore math class?” Sehun asked, obviously judgmental.

“I think he took Music Theory AP last year instead of pre-calculus,” Jongin informed her and Zitao swooned.

“He's so perfect,” she sighed and Sehun made gagging sounds.

“Zitao, you should just go talk to him,” Jongin told her with a grin, “Ask him about his guitar or something. He'd probably get really excited and talk your ear off.”

“I'm tired of boys,” Sehun announced, now finished with her pizza, and scooted over to nuzzle against Jongin.

“There aren't even any boys here,” Zitao pointed out with a roll of her eyes.

“Yeah, but that's all we've been talking about all lunch period,” she complained, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend so Jongin had trouble bringing her sandwich to her mouth.

“Do you really think I should?” Zitao asked Jongin, ignoring Sehun completely.

Jongin nodded, “And tomorrow is Valentine's day. It's perfect!”

Girlfriend,” Sehun whined, “Pay attention to meee.”

“Girlfriend?” Jongin asked, quirking a brow.

“That's what you are!” Sehun defended and Jongin tried to behave like she was mad, but she really wasn't fooling anyone. Especially when she let Sehun kiss her, grinning against her lips.

Zitao scrunched up her nose and looked away. As if she needed a reminder that she was single while her two best friends were very much together.

Fortunately, she had a very pleasing sight to focus on while her friends sucked face for the remainder of lunch.


“That girl has been blatantly staring at your for the entirety of the lunch period,” Baekhyun told Chanyeol, eating his friend's leftover food.

Chanyeol glanced up and saw the same dark eyed sophomore that he'd been seeing around a lot lately. He was pretty sure she was in his health class, but he wasn't positive since he sat in the front of the room and was basically the only one who ever answered any questions (which he usually incorporated into a joke because he had to stay awake somehow).

“Yeah, I've seen her before,” he confirmed with a shrug.

“You realize she probably likes you, right?” Baekhyun informed him, munching on Chanyeol's chips.

“You think?” Chanyeol asked, genuinely surprised by the thought.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes. “Either that or she has a mental disorder...actually, she might have a mental disorder even if she does like you. That would actually explain a lot.”

“Hey!” Chanyeol pouted at his friend and Baekhyun just shrugged unrepentantly.

Chanyeol looked at the girl again, causing her to quickly look away so he wouldn't notice she'd been staring. She was pretty cute, to be honest. He'd always thought so, but never really paid too much attention since he didn't know her. But if Baekhyun was right...

“Wow, okay,” Baekhyun interrupted his musings, “I never thought I'd say this, but your staring makes her staring look discreet.”

Chanyeol sighed and went back to fiddling with his guitar.

“You gonna say something to her?” Baekhyun pressed, chewing loudly in his ear, “Tomorrow's Valentine's day, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Chanyeol rolled his eyes, “You've been going on and on about your plans with Lu Han noona for weeks.”

Baekhyun just grinned and turned to watch his senior girlfriend kick a soccer ball around with her friends at the mention of her name.

Just because Baekhyun had Valentine's day plans (for once) didn't mean that Chanyeol had to follow suit.

Still, he found his eyes gravitating back toward the pretty sophomore, catching her staring once again.

Maybe he'd talk to her after all.


“Really, you should go talk to him,” Jongin encouraged the next morning, hooking her chin over Zitao's shoulder as the latter looked longingly down the hall to where Chanyeol was standing at his locker.

“What would I even say?” Zitao quietly wailed, “He doesn't even have his guitar now. I can't just go up to him and be like, so I know you play the guitar. Why don't you tell me about that? Most random conversation starter ever.”

“I don't see a problem with it,” Jongin shrugged, “Besides, remember who we're talking about. You have a class with him right? He says the most random things ever. He probably wouldn't even notice that it was a little bizarre.”

Zitao groaned and turned away from watching Chanyeol stare into his locker in bewilderment, like he couldn't figure out what the contraption was for.

“I can't do it!” she exclaimed, “It's too embarrassing!”

“What is?” Sehun asked, sauntering up to the pair with her pink backpack slung over one shoulder and a lollipop in her mouth despite the fact that it was barely eight in the morning.

“Talking to Chanyeol,” Jongin calmly informed her since Zitao was too busy whimpering with her forehead resting against her locker.

“Are we still discussing that?” Sehun complained, holding her candy in one hand so she could press a sticky kiss to Jongin's lips.

“Stop making out,” Zitao mumbled against the wall, “It's too early and I'm having a crisis.”

“You're always having a crisis,” Sehun pointed out, seeming pleased with her observation even though Zitao found it to be wholly inaccurate.

“You don't have to talk to him today,” Jongin assured Zitao, patting her on the back, “But I think that when you do, he'll be really chill about it. No worries!”

Zitao whined and buried her face in her hands. If only it was so easy.


Chanyeol approached the pretty sophomore (Zitao, according to Lu Han, who had better be right or he was about to make an ass out of himself) at her locker at the end of the day. He didn't exactly have a game plan, but did he ever? He was just going to roll with it and hope for the best.

“Hey,” he said casually, getting the attention of the three girls standing together.

He recognized the one with the blonde girl hanging off her from his math class, so he sent her a nod before focusing again on Zitao.

The girl's eyes were wide as she looked at him, seemingly surprised to have him addressing her.

“You're Zitao, right?” he pressed on, hoping that she was good surprised and not get-the-hell-away-from-me surprised.

She nodded.

“I'm Chanyeol,” he told her and she nodded again, “Uh...do you want to maybe...I don't know, go to dinner or something?”

He was fidgeting now, unnerved by her lack of response and the way he could feel her friends staring at him.

“Today?” Zitao finally asked and her voice was much softer than he'd expected.

“Yeah, today. Or, you know. Whenever.”

“Today is Valentine's day,” she pointed out, looking confused.

Maybe this was a dumb idea. She could have a boyfriend for all he knew and here he was, asking her out on Valentine's day. Baekhyun was stupid and had stupid ideas.

“Ha! Right,” he chuckled nervously, “Sorry, you probably already have plans, so-”

“No!” she cut him off, eyes intense on his before she smiled, looking shy again, “I don't have plans.”

Oh my god,” he heard one of the girls mutter, sounding annoyed, even tough he wasn't quite sure what she could have to be annoyed about.

“Great!” he exclaimed, clapping his hands together and startling a passing freshman, “Do you want to go now? Or we could meet later...”

“You should just play your guitar for her so she can admire your wrists,” the blonde girl piped up.

“Huh?” Chanyeol was confused.

“Sehun!” Zitao snapped, sending a murderous glare at the other girl and Chanyeol had no idea what was going on. His wrists? He looked down at his left wrist, but didn't see anything special about it.

“Meet later?” Zitao said, pulling Chanyeol's attention back to her, “I want to change.”

She fiddled with her uniform skirt and Chanyeol beamed. Mission accomplished.


One Month Later

Zitao was seated at the picnic table, hunched over her chemistry homework. She hadn't finished last night since she'd been on the phone with Chanyeol until ten. Even though she had to scramble to get her work done now, she still thought that it was totally worth it.

Currently, having finished his lunch, Chanyeol was playing a soft melody on his guitar and Zitao couldn't help but smile into her homework since she knew he'd written it for her.

“Um...some of us are eating?” Baekhyun said in Sehun and Jongin's direction, looking at the kissing pair like he wasn't sure if he was enjoying the sight of two girls together or grossed out by their unnecessary public displays of affection.

“Don't bother,” Zitao told him, not even having to look up at her friends to know that they hadn't been paying any attention to Baekhyun at all.

“I think they're cute,” Lu Han proclaimed, turning to smile sweetly at Baekhyun who quickly agreed.

“How's the homework coming?” Chanyeol asked, low voice in her ear still making her blush even though they'd been dating for a month already.

“I can't balance this equation,” Zitao complained, erasing the numbers in front of the chemical compounds for what felt like the fifth time.

“Let me see,” Chanyeol offered, standing up to lean over her shoulder- arms braced on either side of her worksheet and cocooning her in his warmth.

Zitao bit her lip and smiled to herself as Chanyeol studied the equation.

“Okay, seriously,” Baekhyun announced, “There are people here trying to eat!”

Chanyeol and Zitao both glanced up to see an indignant Baekhyun with Lu Han's head resting on his thigh.

Chanyeol snorted, “You're one to talk.”

You're one to talk,” Baekhyun mocked lamely, but Lu Han laughed anyway. No one was entirely sure whether she was laughing with him or at him. Not even Baekhyun.

But Zitao was too busy reveling in the pleasant butterflies in her stomach from the way Chanyeol was practically wrapped around her to care.

“Here, you were almost right last time,” Chanyeol told her, pointing to the slightly visible numbers that she'd erased, “But there should be three hydrogen, not four.”

Zitao turned her head to the left to look at Chanyeol. “Thanks,” she told him with a smile and he grinned back, right eye disappearing in the way that Zitao found completely endearing.

And not even Baekhyun's loud complaining dampened the way her heart swelled when he leaned down to kiss her.

-Oh my god, het!ChanTao are disgustingly sweet. I was not prepared for this when I started writing OTL Anyway, here's my other (late) Valentine's day "drabble."
-Title taken from the Sky Ferreira song Boys.
-Comments bring me as much joy as watching Kris attempt to do hip thrusts that involve neither hips nor thrusting.

tao panda
26th-Feb-2014 11:54 am (UTC)
chantao <3
i'm glad you liked it!
girl!sekai is totes gross. but not. and def not as gross as chantao. poor baek XD
thanks for reading and commenting!
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