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The Garden of Earthly Delights
My Mind Is My Best Friend And My Worst Enemy
Song Drabbles 
10th-May-2010 11:23 pm
Title: Song Drabbles
Pairings: OnKey, JongKey x3, SiChul, KyuMin x2
Rating: G - R
Genres: romance, humor, angst, light smut
a/n: it's finals week so this is all i've had time for (wrote most of them on the train), but i will get back to writing my normal one-shots/multi-shots soon.


Anna Nalick – Consider This

This is a Warning – OnKey – R – romance, smut (nothing detailed)

He never expected Jinki to fall for him. Of course he wasn’t complaining. But he just couldn’t fathom how on earth he ensnared the other man’s heart.
Jinki was sweet, genuine, and always had the best intentions. He was clumsy, a bit naïve, but he had the purest heart of anyone Key had ever met.
Key, on the other hand, was too blunt, too opinionated, and couldn’t say that he always put others before himself. Plus, he couldn’t exactly consider himself all that innocent.
He was comfortable with himself, but he worried sometimes that he wasn’t the type of person that the older boy should be dating.
But somehow Jinki loved him.

My mind is soaked in words
I've come to terms with all my insecurities
And purity's no friend of mine

Truthfully, he sometimes tested the other, wanting to know if Jinki really loved him; if he really knew what he had gotten himself into. Key would start fights just to gage the other’s reaction. He wasn’t proud of it, but he felt like he needed to. He had to make sure.
But Jinki was never mad; he always did whatever he could to make his boyfriend happy again.

Cause I'll start another fight
And you'll say it’s all alright

Even though Jinki was able to deal with Key’s mood swings -both real and pretend-, Key still couldn’t accept that Jinki would stay with him. He assumed (and feared, to be quite honest) that one day Jinki would get sick of it all; get sick of him, and just up and leave.

I'll wait for the day when you find I'm too much for you, baby

Sometimes he’d voice these thoughts to the other, but the older boy would just smile and take his hand, looking directly into his eyes with so much love that Key would sometimes have to look away. He’d tell Key that he loved him and that the thought of leaving him was absolutely unimaginable.
And then they’d make love, completely open to one another and Key would watch Jinki’s face to see if there was any falsity to his words.
But there never was.
And he’d tell Jinki to feel him- really feel him; see what he’d gotten himself into.
He’d tell him that this was who he was. And he wouldn’t change; couldn’t change.

So lay your hands over me
And feel what you only see
But don't bother wasting your time if you're trying to change me
This is a warning

Jinki would look into his eyes, momentarily stilling his movements, and he’d kiss Key, slowly and deeply so that he knew that he didn’t want to change him- that he loved him for exactly who he was.
And Key wouldn’t be able to argue with that. In fact, the kiss would leave him speechless.
So, they’d continue, eye contact never breaking even as they both fell over the edge and the world began to spin around them, they kept their eyes open, baring their souls to one another.
And at least for that moment, Key believed -let himself believe- that Jinki knew him and loved him and this wouldn’t end. Not ever.

Calling – Geri Halliwell

Steal the Night and Fly With Me – JongKey – PG-13 – romance

The moon shone down, bathing the two lovers in its pale blue light, illuminating the undeniable love reflected in their eyes.
They needed each other at that moment; completely and wholly- whispers of “I love you” just not enough.
So they surrendered, feeling the breeze brush over their skin as they melded together- soft moans becoming whispers in the wind.
They called out each other’s names as they felt the flame inside them envelop them with its heat until the night had its fill and released its grip, allowing the couple to fall into a sweet sleep, wrapped around each other.

Conquest – The White Stripes

Now You Know Who Made the Conquest – JongKey – R – smut (nothing detailed)

It wasn’t supposed to mean anything.
He was hot.
That was Jonghyun’s reasoning when he spotted the other casually sipping a cocktail across the high class bar.
He knew he needed claim that body for himself.
So, as Jonghyun expected they would, they ended up in his bed, tangled limbs, slick and sticky with sweat as they fought for themselves; searching out their own release with the desperation of a prisoner on death row eating their last meal.
And they both reached that place of nirvana at nearly the same euphoric moment; shivering, panting, and exhausted.
The next morning he wasn’t there- the sheets not even warm.
Jonghyun felt unfamiliar disappointment settle in his heart.
And with a frustrated growl, he realized that he never even got the other’s name.

Dirty Wings – Megan Slankard

Under These Dirty Skies – KyuMin – PG – angst, romance, fluff

He’d always wanted to get out. He’d always felt stuck where he was. Yet he was still there, working full-time at a record store in the same damn small town he grew up in.
But one day Kyuhyun felt the hope ignite in his heart that he hadn’t felt in weeks, months, maybe years when a customer- a boy with a pretty face and eyes that were wide and innocent and beautiful- flashed him a smile.
A sincere smile.
And that gesture alone was enough for him to feel as though he was shaking the sleep from his dirty wings- neglected for so long- feeling for the first time in a long time that maybe he could still fly.

Why – Devil Doll

I See Something In You That You Don't See In Me – onesided!SiChul – PG – angst, humor

Heechul didn’t accept defeat. Ever. Why should he?
When he’d first seen the other man, he knew he had to have him. He was perhaps the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on.
Then he got to know him. And he, Kim Heechul, fell in love. It was ridiculous. That wasn’t supposed to happen. People were supposed to fall in love with him- not the other way around.
But the other man wouldn’t even consider a relationship- he was convinced that two men shouldn’t be together, although Heechul was pretty sure that he was gay. That is, if he ever opened his mind to the possibility.
But that logistical fact didn’t even matter. Heechul had caused plenty of straight guys to bend their personal rules, so to speak.
But he couldn’t get Siwon.
And it was driving him insane.

Little Maggots – The Matches

May Your Organs Fail Before Your Dreams Fail You – JongKey – PG – romance, humor

Key was cynical. He knew that.
And he found that he had the ability to be unhappy in virtually any situation.
Of course, it went both ways so he could be happy in any situation as well…but he preferred complaining, much to the other members’ annoyance.
He often said that he thought that people would be happier if they died before they realized what a waste their life had been.
Taemin told him that was a horrible thing to say and that he wished that the older boy would refrain from sharing such thoughts.
Onew couldn’t come up with a response to such a statement except expressing his disagreement.
Minho scolded him, telling him it was morbid and that he had better be thankful for his life.
Jonghyun kissed him, deeply and passionately, and told him that the only way to remedy that problem was to make life worth living so he couldn’t consider it a waste.
Key liked this idea.
And he stopped complaining so much.

Counting Down The Days – Natalie Imbruglia

When Our Souls Are Apart – KyuMin – G – romance, fluff

He needed the other much more than he ever wanted to admit. When asked by the other members, he’d say he was fine- often punctuating the sentiment with a snarky remark.
He didn’t want to seem weak. So he smiled and performed and played his video games when he had time, trying to act as normal as he could.
But when he was curled up under his blankets late at night, his phone pressed tightly against his ear as he heard the soothing words the other uttered over the line, he finally let the tears fall.
He knew that Sungmin could hear the tears through the phone because he’d utter I love you over and over until Kyuhyun could speak without his voice wavering. And he’d say I love you back, but only once because he didn’t know how to express the deep feelings he felt for the other any better than that. But Sungmin understood.
And when they hung up, Kyuhyun would immediately feel the hole in his heart gaping a little wider. But he knew that they’d be together again soon and that the other would be waiting patiently for his return.
So he’d eventually fall asleep, the face of his lover behind his closed eyes.

sungmin it's you 2
11th-May-2010 04:45 am (UTC) - SPOT!!!
<3 sichul ---so sad :( poor princess
11th-May-2010 05:01 am (UTC) - Re: SPOT!!!
don't worry. i'm sure Siwon will come around. that bit just wouldn't fit in a drabble. haha.
thanks for reading and commenting!
3rd-Jun-2011 01:25 am (UTC) - Re: SPOT!!!
please please oh please write a siwon and heechul fic! pretty please with a cherry on t.o.p?
11th-May-2010 04:46 am (UTC)
*spot and go to read*
11th-May-2010 04:49 am (UTC)
wow that the first time i'm second in commenting i think *pretty proud of myself* :-) really cute drabble again my fav was Under These Dirty Skies. i think i'm gonna have to save somewere your last phrase to put it on my wall. ^_^
hope your exam going well
*kiss and hug you to wish you luck*
11th-May-2010 05:06 am (UTC)
aw! thank you! *hugs back*
and i am proud of you too :)
i'm so glad that you liked that line! and even though that line was my own, i have to give Megan Slankard most of the credit b/c it was her song that inspired me. you should listen to it. it's very pretty, although bitter sweet.
thanks so much for reading and commenting, love!
11th-May-2010 04:50 am (UTC)
<3 sichul, too, don't worry, heechul, siwon will come around:D
11th-May-2010 05:03 am (UTC)
he will. i'm sure of it! lol. if i included that part it wouldn't have been a drabble anymore. and it wouldn't have gone with the song either. haha.
thanks for reading and commenting!
11th-May-2010 06:47 am (UTC)
i'm not going to lie, i only read onkey!
/runs away
sigh, is my bias showing too much?! =X

but but, aw kibum!
jinki loves you just the way you are,
but please, just don't overdo it.

thank you for sharing. ^^
11th-May-2010 03:26 pm (UTC)
i understand. my biases are always really obvious. lol.
but i'm glad that you liked the OnKey. tbh, it was my first time writing that pairing, so i'm glad that it came out alright.
thanks so much for reading and commenting!
26th-Jan-2011 07:10 am (UTC) - Drabbles
I found your first OnKey!!!!
These are lovely...so lovely.
26th-Jan-2011 07:33 am (UTC) - Re: Drabbles
XD you did indeed!
i'm glad that you enjoyed them!
thanks for reading and commenting!
5th-Apr-2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
i know i'm incredibly late but i just love the onkey one
so so so good
and idk if it's just me, but this:
And then they’d make love, completely open to one another and Key would watch Jinki’s face to see if there was any falsity to his words.
But there never was.
And he’d tell Jinki to feel him- really feel him; see what he’d gotten himself into.

this is just beautiful. really beautiful. ;u;

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5th-Apr-2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
aw thank you so much!
i'm so glad that you liked it! i was really proud of it :)
and that was my favorite line too!
thanks for reading and commenting!
26th-Jun-2012 09:24 am (UTC)
So, have you planned to write 'May Your Organs Fail Before Your Dreams Fail You'?? ^^ It's a good story I think XD

Palli palli palli I'll wait for this fic~~~ XD
26th-Jun-2012 08:46 pm (UTC)
thank you!
i don't have any plans on expanding it so i think it'll just stay as this little drabble.
but i'm glad you liked it!
thanks fr reading and commenting!
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